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  1. Does the s grind seem comparable to the vokey f grind or k grind?
  2. It’s easy just need to have the right tools.
  3. Agree with the above. 120s for 50 and 115 or 125 for 54 and 58. I tried 115 for 50 and ended up way too soft for what is mainly a full shot club.
  4. Tsi2 16.5 with diamana tb. I don’t think I lost any distance with going from 15 to 16.5 but it’s much easier to hit off the deck.
  5. Better feel but didn’t really improve all that much scoring wise. However I did make the switch to graphite with lighter weight to make it easier on my body which it does. Don’t feel as sore after the round.
  6. 7 wood is much better for me, tsi2. If they made it in a 9 wood I’d get it also.
  7. That’s such a quick turnaround. I had to go through the retailer and it took 6 weeks
  8. Thank u for this. Had a random guy I got paired with give me grief when i was tightening the loose head back to the original setting. We weren’t even playing in a match against each other. Told me this is against USGA rules twice. Had to hold in telling him to call them and report me.
  9. Shouldn’t be an issue had mine replaced recently although it took 6 weeks
  10. It’s been said before but agree with drunks. Played with a drunk recently and actually was quite shocked/impressed with his game. The drunker he got the better he played. Dude was scratch level. He offered lessons to me after the round at a below market rate and says he needs to work multiple jobs to afford playing golf. I would have taken his offer if it weren’t the fact he was a complete drunk. Not helping himself grow his clientele by acting like a complete tool.
  11. Recently paired with randoms to round a 4some as a single and shot one of the best rounds I’ve had in awhile. No expectations to play well and pressure to gamble with the usual group. Guy and his wife I played who were newer to the game but kept up with pace asked me if it’s annoying getting paired with people like us. To which I responded with what do you mean by people like us. Loved every minute of it.
  12. I’ve had this happen before on an iron. I’m really conscious now going forward to the lie when playing so that if I’m any bunker or out in the junk, I’ll use a wedge instead of an iron since if I ding it I’ll more likely replace the club sooner. I may be in a bit of a disadvantage by doing so, but would rather lose a stroke or two instead of damaging an iron. I also avoid playing dog tracks where the course may be littered with rocks and stones everywhere.
  13. I like the 115 wedge shaft in SW/LW but not in the gap wedge since it’s still a club I use for full shots. The 115 is just too soft for that.
  14. Playing a destination course with top $ green fees only to shoot a terrible/miserable round
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