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  1. I think he looks a little bigger. His downswing is better too. He seemed happy after the game but I didn't think it was the most convincing 64, if there is such a thing.
  2. Budget would be a consideration but a lesson can be supervised practice, training session. This is something I think tennis does well. Some golfers are obsessed with "instruction" and always having to hear something new when the reality is that repetition is required.
  3. freowho

    Sony open

    I saw him play at Kingston Heath when he won his second Aus Open and he hit bullets. I think at some point he tried to hit bombs and was never the same. He might not have won the Masters but would have been a big chance at one of the Opens if he'd just kept hitting bullets.
  4. It probably looked like I was barracking for the video. Although we might again disagree on my next point. The only thing I think should be taught is how to apply forces to the club so the clubface hits the back of the ball with as much controlled speed as possible. Although, this simple action can take a lot of teaching. I think it's very nuanced. Anything after that is purely the result of a persons individual makeup. For example, Mickey wright had a natural forward posture away from golf so she hits the ball with a forward posture. Ben Hogan looks like Yul Brynner in the Ki
  5. I didn't agree with people saying you couldn't play golf that way when you clearly can and is sometimes the best way for some people to play golf, which is what you've just written. You might not want to agree with me but I agree with you.
  6. That's my point. So why are people dismissing the video as a way to play golf?
  7. It's terrible teaching to dismiss it as a way to play golf because many people are "built differently in terms of their stature/dimensions". Are you saying no one else in the world is built like Lee Trevino? Joaquin Niemann goes alright. Yes, many will struggle but some will thrive on it. Not every person would stop rotating. Maybe the guy in the video thinks everyone should swing like that. I don't agree everyone should swing like that. But I'm also not going to dismiss as a way to play golf when it's been proven by some to be a very good way to play golf. People keep looking for the secret b
  8. Now that you've given it some thought you'll be no good!!! It's like a publisher approaching a good player for a book deal and all of a sudden they have to explain something they never had to think about.
  9. You're quite stuck with your limited thoughts on how to play golf and are quite happy to belittle others. What he is explaining is Lee Trevino's golf swing. No early extension, no hitting behind the ball, open stance. 6 majors.
  10. Your path will only be inside if you are a slave to the alignment stick. If you went to a junior clinic and said I'll give $100 to the longest drive it would be the most natural move amongst the group.
  11. You only have to slide and early extend if you're a slave to the alignment stick.
  12. I'm surprised someone hasn't been given a government grant to find out! Imagine if Hockey gave golfers a better grounding to play golf then golf did. I've seen a young girl who couldn't hit it because she kept trying to scoop the ball. But give her a putter and she could out hit most of the other kids drivers. Every shot in golf is really just a putt.
  13. I'm not suggesting everyone will look the same. Some people rotate the lead arm into impact, some keep the back of the lead arm facing the target. The grip has to match the release patterns. But stronger grip doesn't mean the ball will go further and the lead hand doesn't need to leverage or tip the club. Nicklaus said he just placed his lead hand on the club differently if he wanted a fade or draw.
  14. I don't think the hit rate is relevant because the golf ball doesn't move but I think your other point is worth a discussion. Good players play the ball away from themselves, i.e. right hand golfer is playing to right field. But they turn their body so the ball goes down the middle. Many golfers think golf is a side on game and try to swing to left field, around their body or behind them as they look at the field of the play. If you play the ball away from yourself you don't have to try and get the hips deep, or clear them or shallow the club etc.
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