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  1. I spoke to a Titliest rep many years ago and he said they did a lot of work on the sound of their drivers. The theory was that players connected the sound to good or bad contact and that dampening the sound felt like a better strike. Maybe it feels cleaner.
  2. According to a WITB from January, Jason Day is using an 85g shaft in the driver. The standard thinking is that lighter shafts are for bad backs but maybe the lighter shafts were causing problems with how he was trying to deliver the club to the ball.
  3. Nice post. People sometimes take disagreement as a personal attack. I know I can. But disagreement and discussion is healthy. The put downs and belittling are not necessary. It's also important to understand we don't know who is on the other keyboard. Computers are often a safe space for people with learning or social difficulties. The Venetos method is not for me but whose to say it's not for others. All the best with it.
  4. This is correct. I'm a big bloke with a body swing and off the shelf clubs feel like toothpicks. I can't make the ball go anywhere. The weight of the club is the most important thing in golf. It's to do with balance and has nothing to do with speed or muscle. I can't bench press very much but can move heavy furniture no problem. The sweet spot for me seems to be full length club with around 85g graphite. I have more trouble getting the irons right. Fitters always want to recommend half inch over but it's not the length helping me hit it better, it's the weight. The problem is I then have a 7 i
  5. THE 2002 AUSTRALIAN PGA CHAMPIONSHIP It was a bizarre scene at Coolum at 6.35pm on the final day of the Australian PGA Championship. The daylight had almost gone. Peter Lonard and Jarrod Moseley were still tied after one hole of sudden-death and they were given a choice on how the title should be decided. PGA Tour official Andrew Langford-Jones offered the alternatives - play another hole in near-darkness, return the following morning to settle things or share the championship. "That's your job, isn't it?" Lonard bluntly replied. "No, you've got to decide," Langford-Jones s
  6. Rabbits don't stretch when they see a fox.
  7. I notice 3 things with Nicklaus's trigger. He turns his head, he puts pressure down on the grip and he puts pressure back into his hips. The last 2 are very subtle. I think Hogan did the same. I think all 3 motions are connected to the feeling of the clubface striking the back of the ball. He says something similar in the article posted by @dlygrisse . "To release the club fully and freely, feel as if your upper body and chest are pointing toward the ball at impact." I also like how he doesn't want to use the term shift. "Pressure (I prefer that term to
  8. Muscle memory is a reference to strong, weak, short or long. They do store repetitive motion. Not just in individuals but over generations. Good Soccer players are often bow legged because they're trying to control the ball on the ground. Good Freestyle swimmers are often knock kneed because they're trying to rotate through the water. Some people have such a bias of biceps over triceps that they can't straighten their arms under pressure. Hitting golf balls 3 times a week won't physically undo what you do at work for 40 or 50 hours. Concepts can be changed but changing how the muscles wan
  9. Good players are bouncing the club off different parts of the hands at different times. The start of the swing has the fingers of the lead hand bouncing the club against the heel pad of the lead hand. The start of the downswing has the thumb of the lead hand, the inside of the thumb of the trail hand and the fingers of the trail hand bouncing the club off the fingers of the lead hand. Only we don't let go because once we have speed we still have to guide the club through the ball, but with only a light pressure so as not to slow the club down. So there are points where parts of our hands
  10. I think he looks a little bigger. His downswing is better too. He seemed happy after the game but I didn't think it was the most convincing 64, if there is such a thing.
  11. Budget would be a consideration but a lesson can be supervised practice, training session. This is something I think tennis does well. Some golfers are obsessed with "instruction" and always having to hear something new when the reality is that repetition is required.
  12. freowho

    Sony open

    I saw him play at Kingston Heath when he won his second Aus Open and he hit bullets. I think at some point he tried to hit bombs and was never the same. He might not have won the Masters but would have been a big chance at one of the Opens if he'd just kept hitting bullets.
  13. It probably looked like I was barracking for the video. Although we might again disagree on my next point. The only thing I think should be taught is how to apply forces to the club so the clubface hits the back of the ball with as much controlled speed as possible. Although, this simple action can take a lot of teaching. I think it's very nuanced. Anything after that is purely the result of a persons individual makeup. For example, Mickey wright had a natural forward posture away from golf so she hits the ball with a forward posture. Ben Hogan looks like Yul Brynner in the Ki
  14. I didn't agree with people saying you couldn't play golf that way when you clearly can and is sometimes the best way for some people to play golf, which is what you've just written. You might not want to agree with me but I agree with you.
  15. That's my point. So why are people dismissing the video as a way to play golf?
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