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  1. I don't hit any woods at the range but instead use early steel heads, the head size is the same (or even smaller) so for practice it's pretty much the same as hitting persimmon.
  2. I'm hoping to acquire a set shortly and will then be able to comment.
  3. Shaft length on my "W" stamped version is 34.25", I think that ties it up!
  4. I don't think the grip material is leather either, just doesn't feel like it. Does yours have the seam? While the reminder ridge runs exactly down the back of the grip, the seam is canted off to one side, about 25 degrees to the left of the top as you hold the club. My end cap is the same and the grip ferrule too, but without the patent number. When I first got it I assumed that the "W" signified wedge but now having seen yours, and with the "L" Rocket shaft, I'm leaning heavily to the letter being men's and women's. My wedge is also in excellent condition, although the stamping on the back of the head isn't very deep and I wondered if maybe it had been polished up, but the shaft and everything else suggest little use so perhaps it was just a weak stamping.
  5. I've got a ladies wedge the same as these, same grip too but it doesn't have a Patent stamp. The loft is 54 degrees. The head is marked "W" where yours are marked "M" and the shaft is a Rocket "L". The grip is a reminder type and has a seam running the length of it. whether for decoration or an actual seam I'm not sure. It has a Spalding butt cap too.
  6. My ideal set is: 48' 9 iron 52' PW 56' SW
  7. That's a beautiful and inviting looking tee shot, what a shame it's lost to us now. Mine was on the second par 3 (6th hole) often featured in my YouTube videos.
  8. Finally got one of golf's monkeys off my back today with my first hole in one, so now I'll bore you with all the details. Seniors Stableford competition, 140 yards into a light breeze, I hit a 6 iron (Ben Sayers "Silver Crest" circa 1984 for those interested) as pure as I've ever hit a club.It was right on line and I was hoping to see it land close and give me a chance for a 2 but the ball just disappeared from sight so I guessed I'd hit it too well and it was in the depression behind the green.Got down there and it wasn't to be seen so I started hunting round in the deep rough behind that but no joy and I gave it up as a lost ball, I did briefly think of checking the hole but the ball is never in the hole when you do that and I'd not seen it land so didn't bother. One of my playing partners then holed out and picked his ball out saying "there're two balls in here". My ball had gone straight in on the full, there was a quarter ball pitch mark in the side wall of the hole, I was proper pleased. (And I had a shot so it was a 5 pointer!)On the par 4 next hole I was about 10 yards short of the green in two but then pulled out the stops with my excellent short game and took five more to get down for a blob! Finished the round with 37 points (38 off full handicap).
  9. I don't own an Iron Master, and I know I'm going off topic slightly here but some of these Iron Masters put me in mind of a brass headed John Letters putter I have, probably 1950s in date and a very nice putter, I can guess why the Iron Masters are so respected.
  10. Using any type of stick would probably have been better than how I played today, one of the worst scoring rounds I can remember!
  11. I'm saying nothing. It turned up yesterday and will be in the bag for tomorrow's round, although it's going to be a frosty start so how realistic a test it'll be I don't know. Teeing off at 8.45 when the predicted temperature will be -2'C (28.5'F) so the greens will be frozen for sure.
  12. I've got just three "modern" clubs left, a driver a putter and a 3 wood. When I say "modern", they're all over 10 years old, but the only one I'll never let go is the 3 wood which is a Mizuno MP-001 with Grafalloy Blue S shaft, some of the purest shots I've ever hit have been with this club. But I've not hit it for over 3 years now so maybe I should take it out for a round and see if the magic is still there.
  13. If I was playing scratch golf then I'd worry about it, but most of us here are handicap golfers which means that our handicap will also reflect the gear we're playing, ie if we play with old gear it will be higher than if we competed with new GI gear. I'm early 60s (relatively young to most who've already posted) and play woods and blades only, a different set every week. My handicap is based on this so as I see it I should be just as competitive as if I were playing GI gear which would supposedly give me a lower handicap to compete from. As long as I enjoy hitting woods and blades I'll keep playing them, the handicap system will keep me competitive.
  14. Another Golden Goose just popped up on ebay that I'd not seen before. It's a promotional club for Arnold Clark, the Scottish Motor Dealer Group. It has the same shaft band as one of the ones I posted earlier, the pictures below are from the ebay post. Interesting that it has the JL logo and 1918 founding date. (I couldn't help myself and bought it after only a short amount of hesitation!)
  15. Hi Andrew, I see that you found the YouTube channel (thanks @Foozle for the recommendation!), I'd be interested in the clubs because as I mentioned previously a friend now owns the set featured in the YouTube video, and I'm one of the few people who makes space for Pyratone clubs, see the three videos on early steel shafted clubs if you're interested. Rather than discuss addresses etc here I'll drop you a PM.
  16. A friend tipped me off about these Petron Tour Custom irons, a brand that was missing from my collection apart from a couple of putters, a 1 iron and some early metal woods. I got them earlier in the week and they are a beautiful set, circa 1987 as far as I can tell. Petron were almost unique at the time in offering a full custom fitting service and one of the remaining secondary shaft bands on the clubs gives a lie angle so these were custom made for someone. Condition is excellent, a couple of the clubs look like they've barely been hit. I took them out for a round and they played very well, just a shame I didn't! I made up a full Petron bag to play and included the 1 iron. The 1 iron is stamped TPX TP200 but looking at it alongside the Tour Custom irons in the picture below, it could easily be the same head with a different stamping. And note the interesting 10W iron, a gap wedge in effect. The 10W, PW and SW have lofts stamped on them, 46, 51 and 56 degrees respectively.
  17. I've seen this model before. I'm pretty certain that, for a short period, Tony Jacklin had his own company selling golf clubs but who made them I'm not sure. They certainly have the look of an Australian Blade about them.
  18. I've got the same set of 2 to 10 irons with unusual purple ferrules I posted a while back, no SW though. I think I've played them once and they were decent but the grips are pretty poor on mine.
  19. They date to 1973. The logo was used by Dunlop for a few years on their better club lines. I think the "U" stood for Unified and signifies their three cornerstones for club design at the time; Dynamic Balance, Sychronised Shafts and Impact Centre Heads. It was first used on the MaxPower of 1969 but by 1977, it was no longer being used on their new models.
  20. I don't understand the continuous desire to make the game easier. Golf is a hard game and the difficulty is big part of its enjoyment for me. Making it easier with equipment advances has gnawed away at a lot of the skill elements of the game, while some seem to have disappeared altogether. A question I've put on golf forums to those golfers who advocate making it easy for weekend players is; How far would you go in this push to make golf easier? Would you play a driver that all but guaranteed you drove 350 (or 450, or 500) yards and hit the fairway every time? Would you use a putter that holed everything from 30 feet and under? Would you play irons that never sliced or hooked the ball? etc, etc. Strangely, nobody will commit to any limits or make any suggestions. Also if we wanted to make the game easier the simplest way would be to shorten the course, remove all the hazards and put the hole in the bottom of a bowl shaped green so all putts rolled down to it. But that would go against the manufacturing machine's drip feed of "improvements" which keep the average golfer buying unnecessary new gear every year.
  21. I can't compete with some of these whacky entrants but the following are on the unusual side. Gowers Brown Nylon headed woods. They actually play quite well and are great for winter use when you don't want your finest persimmons getting spoilt. A Ben Sayers Moon Shot putter, which I can only assume was created around the time of the space race and the Apollo landings.
  22. Good article but I agree with @Swingingk, there's no point in trying to push back to persimmon, or even laminated woods. Good tight grained persimmon wood became scarce back in the day and we don't want what good new growth there is being cut down to make the best new drivers, it would soon become scarce again. Even worse, we'd see our finest classic blocks rocketing in price and being cut and chopped about to make a club for today's tour players! There would have to be very strict rules on how laminates could be made to prevent manufacturers circumventing the object of the change and anyway, they aren't hard wearing like today's materials and even sealed blocks are prone to water penetration. I think we just need to bring back the characteristics that made persimmon woods such a large factor in the classic game, and separated the greats from the merely very good. That means a limit on head size and a limit on the coefficient of restitution. This should be achievable quite simply by setting a rule that the head must be made from a single piece of solid polymer with an insert within certain specifications. But manufacturers wouldn't like it as it would prevent them making outlandish claims for the latest "tech development" to give the hacker an extra 10 yards, so it'll never happen because the manufacturers hold such sway over the R&A and the USGA these days.
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