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  1. there’s a lot going on there and I’m no coach but one thing I’ll toss out there since you were a baseball player. I was a baseball player, too, but also a shitty college QB. I got a piece of advice one time that was transformative. Do not think of hitting a golf ball as being at all the same as hitting a baseball. Hitting a golf ball has WAY more in common with THROWING a ball, mechanically speaking. From the weight transfer to the lag of the club behind the hands, you’ll conceptualize the golf swing much better by feeling throwing mechanics. Trying to feel a baseball swing will keep you swi
  2. I lived there for 4 years until last summer. For such a chill place (I love EI) the golf options are scarce. Star Hill is by far the closest and most accessible option. I played it almost exclusively. It’s 27 holes, pretty fun layout, drains well, and is usually in ok shape. In the last year I think they’ve made some significant upgrades to the clubhouse and opened a grill. That being said, it’s way overpriced for what it is because there’s no competition. There used to be a cheaper option nearby but it got wrecked by hurricane Florence and closed. if you’re willing to drive a half hour t
  3. Also, clips on the shoulder strap don't look the same either. I highly doubt your bag is authentic or adult size
  4. Not the reason for your post but if you're on the fence about a "real" Jones bag, I absolutely love mine. I prefer to walk and I'm attracted to the current culture of simplicity so this thing is perfect. The one big thick strap is more comfortable to me than my old backpack style bag, especially because this bag is so incredibly light. If walking is your thing, it's definitely worth the purchase, IMO.
  5. Does not look normal. This is my Jones original, and my clubs are an inch lengthened.
  6. My wife and I just joined a private club yesterday. We’re really excited about it. The course is great and really well taken care of and the social aspects and facilities (fitness center, resort pool, restaurant) are top notch. Plus the membership is pretty young and active in the club and golf. We just moved to the area and have 2 young children so we feel like this will be good for our kids and our sense of community. They do a ton of youth golf and youth community stuff. The rates are low for what they offer IMO and they gave us pretty decent bonus incentives and an initiation fee reduc
  7. I'm late to get on WRX and leave a comment but I'm one of the fellas that went on this trip with Crispy, and I'll second everything he said. The trip was awesome, the only real downer being that it was in the middle of the regional heat wave. 5 days of golf in 100 degree heat was tough, and definitely affected the replay/cradle/porch sitting potential in the afternoons. But the courses were pristine, everyone we met along the way was super friendly, and the food was outstanding. However, I probably left the trip more pumped up than any of the other guys because I'm moving to the triangle
  8. For a high handicapper, I'd pass on Tobacco Road if you've only got one course to play. There are so many blind shots and dead areas, it would probably be more frustrating than fun, especially considering you'd be passing up so many other amazing courses to play it. IMO, don't go to Pinehurst and skip #2. Even for a high handicapper, it's a must play and a great experience. It's tough but you probably won't lose a ball. The course is beautiful and you can't beat the history. If you're looking for the best value, I'd get off the resort and check out Mid Pines or Pine Needles. Both ar
  9. I just booked a weekend stay and play for late November for me and my dad. For the locals and others that play this course in the off season, what are the conditions typically like that time of year. I played both courses for the first time in May on a buddies trip (Tacrispy's crew a couple threads down from this one) and the courses were awesome.
  10. If anyone is interested, I put the Vice Pro Plus, MTB-black, and MTB-X into play over the course of several rounds the last couple weeks. I feel like they were all fairly comparable without big glaring differences, but the one that I liked the most was the MTB Black. I got similar distances with all three, though the Snells were consistently 5-10 yards longer than the Vice. I did not get much difference between the MTB-black and MTB-X, despite the recent testing done by other website(s). However, I felt like the MTB-X was a little looser with the driver than the black. Both Snells perf
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and ordered sample packs for both, even though the vice pack has several balls I'm unlikely to use. Figured I'd just put them in play and see how they work. I'm not a member anywhere so I can't really test them besides chipping and putting. Side note, got the Snell's today and it's pretty cool that Dean leaves a hand written note in the package like he does.
  12. I’m really interested in the potential value of the Snell MTB and Vice Pro balls and want to pull the trigger on one of them. But that value really only comes in to play with a big purchase, which I’m hesitant about since I’ve never played with either. As far as I can find, there isn’t a way I can buy a sample sleeve or something to try them out. I know Snell gets a ton of love and Vice seems to have fallen out of favor, but I’m wondering if anyone has played around with both and has some insight to share
  13. My wife and I are relocating to the Apex/Holly Springs area this summer and we're starting to look at homes to purchase. The 12 Oaks community seems to have a lot to offer from a day to day living standpoint, but I'm not easily finding a ton of information about the golf course. Anyone have an opinion? Decent layout, well maintained, active and friendly membership? thanks for the input
  14. Bones.

    TPC Tampa Bay??

    It's usually in great condition, but it's not much of a golf course in my opinion and way over priced. Where in Tampa are you going to be? Fox Hollow in Trinity is about 30 minutes away and a decent price. Innisbrook is 40 minutes, but pricey. World Woods is the best deal, but it's an hour away from TPA. I'll be near the airport. Not really looking to drive an hour, although if I find I have to the time to do that I'll probably go for SS.
  15. Bones.

    TPC Tampa Bay??

    I'll be in Tampa the later part of this week and was looking to play golf on Thursday. I'm not really feeling like I can make the drive to Streamsong, and I was looking at TPC Tampa. What kind of shape is it in? Worth the price tag right now? Are there better courses in the Tampa area that are better quality for the value?
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