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  1. this seems like you are overthinking it... nobody consciously thinks recentering... it simply feels like you start transferring your weight back to the lead foot slightly before you get to the top of your swing.
  2. I'll eat crow now.. I originally didn't think the tsi3;was worth upgrading over the ts3. I'm glad in went ahead and took the plunge. I was fit into the tsi3, 9 degree, ad xc 6s. I finally got the tsi3 on course today. Wow... It's really is awesome. I think it'll go down an the best titleist has made. It was really windy, but I had no problem working it around the course... shaping left to right it right to left, high or low. Just a great well balanced driver.
  3. I was told that Callaway customs are hand painted... Not done on assembly line.
  4. Other than the face, they look almost identical to me.
  5. I agree with this 100%. The t100s has been really good for me.
  6. I use my driver like I normally would. Teeing lower makes me hit lower on the club face, adding spin.
  7. It's in the golf style section.. just FYI. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1782027-2021-club-cameron-releases/
  8. I love the D grind. I have it in 54 and 60. Very versatile!
  9. That, combined with the faster ball speed, could literally rip the world apart. . Seriously, that could be seriously long.
  10. Well.... I went back and picked up the tsi3 9* with AD XC today. As I've stated before, I didn't have any real gains over the ts3 performance wise (ball speed up, but slightly higher spin), but I just love the sound and look of the tsi3 so much. It really gives me confidence. Plus, I think with a little higher tee and I can knock some spin off. That lower spin combined with the higher ball speed miiiiiight give me as few more yards. Just in time for cold weather and winter mix for the next couple days....
  11. I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm going to try it again with another fitter. I just love the look and sound of it and can't get past the faster ball speeds.
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