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  1. The absolute last club I'd ever want in my bag. I'm just not that into rainbows.
  2. My son has the mp15... those numbers are smaller and thinner. They do look sharp, but i also like that the bigger font allows for some paint fill.
  3. I own set of MP20 MMC, MP20 HMB, and owned jpx 921 forged. My buddies play MP20 mb and jpx919 tour. I've played Mizuno for many many years.... The mp20 are near the top of the many mizunos that I've played. Personally, I don't want something as small as the blueprint. I want playability, feel, forgiveness, and tech. Mizuno checks all those boxes. And...I want chrome, not satin. If you wanted something smaller, go to the cobra Fowler irons or tiger irons from taylormade. They haven't lost their way... They just aren't a niche product. They're checking all the boxes for the greatest num
  4. When hitting range balls, with any driver, wipe it off first. No issues at all.
  5. Me! I played hzrdus smoke black in TS line. Tried the rdx in the tsi, but didn't care for it. It was softer and more loose than previous line. I love the XC. Smooth feel with stable feel through impact. I also like the AV raw white if you need a good stock low spin option...it's a better stock shaft then the rdx, imo.
  6. Why even shoot at that pin? The green feeds left. It was just a chunky fat pull.
  7. I think people like that charge on the back 9 with lead changes and drama. This just isn't the case this year. Hidecki just played so solid yesterday, after the rain, that it was just a little too difficult for people to catch him today with the course this firm and fast. That front 9 ate a lot of lunches today.
  8. Congrats to Hidecki. He's a great player. This has been one if the most boring master's ever. The course was set up like US Open (hard baked greens) and it was a par bogey fest, with a couple exceptions. Now, we get bored to death with us open and British. Here's looking forward to the tour championship.
  9. I've just recently gone to MMC... I really like them so far. I didn't think I'd like the amt your white, but they've been good so far.
  10. For me, I get White board performance with blue board feel. I was actually 6 yards more carry with mmt over ventus.
  11. The MD5 don't go as far with same loft. I got on trackman to figure out why...MD5 spin more and go higher than sm8. It made me go from 56 in sm8 to 54 in md5 and from 52 to 50. I'm not sure if it's the shafts or grooves. Now that I'm used to it, I like it.
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