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  1. Absolutely! I had been playing tsi3 since it came out. Even dabbled with sim 2. Max LS recently found its way in my bag. Definitely worth a try.
  2. bogeypro

    The 14th Club

    I just play 13 clubs...
  3. For me, the S is better out of sand than the m. More bounce makes the wedge not dig into the sand, but go through it easily. I can be aggressive with it and it won't dig. M tend to give me less room for error.
  4. A players iron shouldn't be hot. They should offer help on off-center hits. They do have better launch conditions, which give me better numbers.
  5. I've owned both the hmb and apex pro. I'm a a Mizuno junkie, but I prefer the apex pro. Better look at address (less offset, shorter blade). Better feel (I was never impressed with the hmb, feels nothing like a forged club). I had inconsistent distances with hmb (and I'm a scratch to + handicap).
  6. I don't care for the square edges on the to line. I would not game them.
  7. D grind is money. Most people don't use enough bounce...
  8. The S is what I play. Usually softer conditions and I'm fairly shallow as well. The M requires me to be too precise because it has less bounce. I feel the S is easier for me.
  9. Couldn't it also mean the difference between the center of the green and flying it?
  10. I don't watch the tour championship. I think it's a goofy format on a boring course.
  11. I just got mine yesterday. I did the update and went to the range yesterday evening and today. Yesterday was raining and today was beautiful clear weather. I made sure have the teeing area 6 -8 feet from the unit. At that distance, I could easily move a foot either way and still get readings. I just made sure I was aiming correctly at a target in the distance. I did find that if you are too close to the unit, it doesn't seem to like that. I found the unit to be with distances. I was verifying with range finder, as well. I have only played with the driving range, but so far it seems great. If hitting off mats, make sure the unit is level with the mat and not below it. Also, it didn't do the best when hitting from a covered bay into the rainy driving range. It was ok, but I'd get some weird numbers on wedges. I give it a solid A. Very user friendly and meets my expectations. I don't expect 30k trackman, but it works great for most everything I need.
  12. did you make sure it's updated to latest software? I updated mine and no issues since...
  13. I've played 52/58 most of my adult life. Currently, top of my bag is 4 iron (24 degrees) Hybrid (20 or 21) 3 wood Driver I only carry 13 clubs, usually...
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