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  1. I hate to break out to you... It's the Indian, not the arrow. My hi toes have been fantastic. I've gone with the 50, 54, and 58 now. Yardages are consistent and the 58 is great from thick rough and bunkers. The feel and sound are "thumpy" and solid. I don't think they spin as much as others on the market; however, it isn't so much that they won't perform.
  2. You can be a great teacher without being pga. The trick is convincing people to come to you, if your aren't pga certified. This is due to pga hammering the phrase, "go see your local pga pro for lessons."
  3. anyone else ever win that everyone seems to dislike or at least be as polarizing as Bryson?
  4. Sim max isn't fade biased according to golftec cg testing.
  5. The udi didn't disappoint today. I used it to tee off on 2 short par 4. It actually worked out perfect to where i needed to hit a draw on one and a fade on the other. It was easy to hit both. Flight is nice... not ballooning, but not too low either. I can't wait to see if it can hold some par 5 greens.
  6. I hit them today. I really liked the udi. I brought home a 2 udi. Hope to get on course with it tomorrow.
  7. Do you mean this cg chart from golftec? The sim max cg seems to be fairly centered. I think this shows that you can't determine the cg location by looking at a picture or by drawing a line on a picture. The fact that the weight sits slightly toe side didn't mean the cg is far bias.
  8. You obviously have no idea how this process works... and no idea the effect of mass shutdowns on production. Maybe it's because my company has to deal with the same delays and I understand more, but dude, chill out and be more understanding. This isn't normal and that's obvious.
  9. I'm honestly curious.... does that 2 grams in weight and 1/4 inch make that much difference?
  10. Without knowing the cg of the head, this picture is dumb. Maybe they are offsetting the weight of the hosel. Maybe that isn't even the center line... who knows?!
  11. That's easily one of the dumbest pictures on this site. The camera angle is off and who knows what is going on inside the head. The line isn't even in the center of the face. look at the words under the face... the line didn't go their the center of them.
  12. If you want draw bias, get the sim max draw type. Duhhhh. LOL
  13. Since the ts, I don't care for the toe shaping. The flatter faces make the toe seem more pointed and pronounced. This makes them appear to sit closed. These look like the previous ts... closed. Plus, that alignment aid is ugly. It's a hard pass for me.
  14. Odd... i haven't noticed anything off with the longer irons. And I'm pretty picky about offset as well, since I fight going left. They have offset, but it seems to blend nicely throughout the set. I think it's going to be a personal thing and not s hard and fast rule.
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