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  1. I'm glad you guys beat me to these as I don't need them but was about to buy them!
  2. I tend to agree. It amazes me how easily Pros give up their swing motion that got them to that point. I get it the quest for better but anyone doing a major swing overhaul at the pro level is likely not making a good decision.
  3. You went from All American to small American with that scorecard!!
  4. I personally find the amount of bounce to be more important that the sole grind but then again I simply want as much bounce as possible because on most wedge shots the objective is not to strike ball first like on a normal shot so I want at much help as possible in all situations and want my wedges as resistant as possible to dig into the turf. Bounce is your friend in all situations so I want as much as I can get.
  5. I will hit any of my clubs out of the desert...even putter!! A golf club is a golf club and meant to be hit off of those types of lies so I just roll with it. Of course I don't beat my clubs off of rocks but I don't sweat your basic sandy lies with small pebbles and such. That being said I will say that the metal that is used on the Cleveland 588 Altitude irons is amazing because I have been beating them off desert lies in Kuwait for 6 or 7 years now and they show very little if any damage on them and I have hit more then my fair share of shots from the desert no doubt!!
  6. There is no such thing as proper setup fundamental because there are many different variations of grip, stance, posture and those minor differences are what allowed Butch or Ledbetter to exist in the first place. Foundational principles are things that are fact for everyone, everyday, forever so you cannot create a "method" because there is no varying from a foundational principle because impact can only be interpreted in one way. Tiger was obviously successful but there is also no way to really measure how any of the information he received may have actually been to his detriment. Adam Scot
  7. Custom orthotics really helped me but you just have to get out there and try on different shoes as that is a touchy subject especially if you have existing issues with your feet.
  8. There is no reason to guess at the solution. A hook is a club face that is closed too much in relation to the path and starts on the target line then draws off of it. If your path is 3* to the right then your clubface needs to be slightly less than that at impact and you will hit a draw that finishes on the target line. You need to correct your club face orientation to make the ball start right of target and then draw back or you need to change your club path to reduce the amount of tilt of the spin axis and reduce the curvature of the shot. You have to figure out your plan of attack and ad
  9. I noticed it but that isn't the fundamental reason that you are hitting a pull hook. Your lead leg is also not collapsing in your backswing...it is flexing as the trail leg extends so that the hips can rotate. This is what is supposed to happen.
  10. I am certain that UAE in July and August is one of the worst places on Earth to be in in regards to high temps and humidity. 120 - 125 degrees and 90% or better humidity. No evaporation is happening whatsoever so it is impossible to cool off. I still love it there for the rest of the year and especially in the winter when it is in the 70's with low humidity. Just gotta sweat it out in the summer months so it is what it is. Kuwait is the highest temps that I have ever played in as it gets right up near 130* but it is dry most of the year and so long as you cover up your skin you can just p
  11. True...if I remember correctly on one side of the of the bunker allowed you to putt around it and it was a pretty small bunker. and pretty shallow.
  12. That's what I thought this post was about initially also. One of the courses on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina that I played had a bunker in the middle of the 18th green also and that was the first time I had ever seen that before and I have never seen it again anywhere else. That would kind of suck hit the green...but not hit the green!!
  13. I don't care what Butch Harmon thinks if his advice isn't consistent with the math of things because that is all that matters since impact is not subject to interpretation. The fact is that his swing motion is not the root issue. At some point along his swing arc the club is presented at his target line....the problem is that the ball wasn't present at that location...period. Therefore before any changes are made to the swing motion, which should be a last resort, changes should be made to where the ball is in relation to him in attempt to find leverage and purity of strike, and then a recal
  14. You just proved my point for me basically because if that where the case then the easiest thing the gaining company could do is simply request to see and analyze the specs of a club that is known to work for that player and then work off of that baseline with the new sticks because the objective is to transfer previous success as seamlessly as possible to the new sticks. So at a minimum the new sticks should be exact specs of old sticks and then from then onwards see if they can produce a performance gain by refining the specs with your brand. The KJ Choi story isn't as amazing
  15. I played a hole in Winchester, Virginia at a course called Rock Harbor on the Boulder course and there was a 715 yard par 5 and it was an awesome hole. It does look like a ski slope for sure but I hit a 415 yard drive and still had three bills left! It was a great hole though and that course had the best front nine that I have ever played.
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