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  1. I'm the completed opposite...I wear two gloves and will never go back to playing gloveless.
  2. Oh that was my condensed explanation....the rabbit hole is really deep but I would have to start a completely different thread rather than go off on a tangent in someone else's thread !! I play golf right and left handed to a single 5 handicap and I play at 105 mph right handed and 125mph left handed and that taught me a ton as I switched from "Righty to Lefty" as my screen name states !! I don't think that tech is helping you out as much as you have learned how to get yourself in a better position in relation to the ball and lever it the more you play....that is golf in a nutshell. Equipment
  3. The Ecco Lux shoes are very similar look in my opinion but they are getting hard to find also:
  4. I stand corrected. As I read it you cannot add, remove, or alter lead tape on purpose during a round: As noted in Section 1a, with respect to adjustments for weight, the only exception to the conditions described in Section 1b(i) above is the addition or removal of lead tape. This is a practice which pre-dates the introduction of the adjustability rules and is permitted on ‘traditional’ grounds. The addition, removal or alteration of lead tape during a round is not permitted (see Rule 4.1a(3) of the Rules of Golf).
  5. Lead tape should NEVER be the permanent solution...especially if you play tournament golf because if it comes off and you knowingly or unknowingly continue to play you will be DQ'd. It will eventually come off. The heat in the middle east easily turns the adhesive to mush in the summer months if you put your clubs in the trunk driving to the course. Once you know how much you need permanent solutions should be used.
  6. I have only hit few slap shots in my life but have done plenty of split grip work hitting golf balls and was also a high level baseball player and will agree that hitting slap shots does a better job of training the body how to lever a golf ball then the baseball swing does. I think the most important difference is the split grip itself. Just because the hands are together on the club or baseball bat doesn't mean that they are working together. Quite the contrary actually and the hands are actually working in opposition to each other and the slap shot easily shows this and this is the key t
  7. My thoughts exactly...hotmelt is the way to go even if you have to drill a hole in the sole plate to access the inside of the club head.
  8. If Tiger is in contention then Tiger will be the dominant story but if not then all other storylines are equally interesting in my opinion.
  9. I just learned that all socks are not created equal in another thread so shoes can definitely play a role in performance!!
  10. I rather enjoy the long courses. Saadiyat Beach GC in Abu Dhabi plays at 7900 yards at sea level and I absolutely love the challenge. Usually courses that long will give you room off the tee box but I am also a long hitter and can still get home on par 5's that are over 600 yards and have an answer for 240 yard par 3's which is a must. I prefer not to play long courses from the tips in windy conditions but I have never played a course that was so long that it felt like a chore to play.
  11. I haven't hit the new "STAFF" ball yet but my experience came with the FG Tour and FG Tour X golf balls. A few years ago I tested them against every major tour ball on the market at the time from Bridgestone, Taylormade, Titleist, Srixon, Nike etc all at the same time and the FG Tour X ball (isn't made anymore) is the single best ball I have ever hit with a golf club and the FG Tour is a close second. I was astonished at how much more spin I was generating with the FG Tour X off of wedges yet how low the spin was off driver which fit what I needed. The final kicker is that Wilson
  12. But only for a limited time though!! Then they will go away again!! I might pick some up though for nostalgia purposes !!
  13. And their tour golf balls are just as good any...better in my opinion.
  14. If the driver that you currently game was properly fit....and by fit I mean club head, shaft, grip, total weight, and swing weight...then it is going to take years before another club comes out that will out perform it and warrant changing out the club. And when that time comes you should buy a brand new driver that is at least one year old at a deeply discounted price in my opinion. The only exception that I will make on this belief is when a fairway wood or hybrid suits my needs and that is only because I am a lefty and most clubs aren't offered in lefty. I still won't pay full retail but
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