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  1. But it isn't necessarily a smart business decision because they will never gain market share over the major OEMs but they had a niche where they were getting away with selling $700 dollar drivers and $500 dollar irons and they should have probably kept it that way. It's a great marketing strategy for him to act like he is doing the customer a favor by charging what the clubs already should have been priced at all along but he sold you a dream that his clubs were ground breaking, and now that it is known that they are not, he reverts back to prices that will hopefully get people to buy. He is already a billionaire, he could have sold the clubs for less from the beginning if he was intending on "giving back to the customer." He might have actually been better off under cutting the price of the OEMs in the beginning and getting the clubs in the hands of as many people as possible instead of making them appear to be super exclusive. Imagine if your were seeing the first gen clubs in the way they looked, which I thought were really nice, and they were a couple hundred bucks less than OEM models how many would have bought them. You will never see a Ferrari with and MSRP of 100k because they are not trying to be Volkswagen group or Toyota and sell millions of vehicles....they are going to sell less vehicles at high prices because they want to remain exclusive. Ferrari would sell millions of cars at 100k but their margin would be less. I wish PXG all the best but they are very unlikely to ever be in any of the Major OEMs class in regards to revenue because they are off to too big of a lead and are too well established. Just like no company will ever overtake the Pro V1 in market share because they are too far out in front and there simply isn't a likely innovation that would be a big enough catalyst to overtake the Pro V1. Upon reflection I am not sure whether PXG is doing right or wrong!! We shall see how it plays out !!
  2. But they have discounted the price of all their clubs and blurred the lines between the two. Why would I buy the "cheap" driver when I can get the "expensive" one for $100 more and even it doesn't out perform anything that any of the other OEMs put out. They tried to act as if their clubs were super premium and that being said you can't then slash the price of your "premium" clubs or you are basically admitting that you were just all talk and your clubs don't back that up. You will never see Pro V1's discounted though we all know that the ball is mostly unchanged beyond minor tweaks that will then be marketed as ground breaking. PXG talked that talk and they should have stayed up in that upper price stratosphere with $700 dollar drivers and such to create a bigger difference between the "premium" line and the "bargain" ones in my opinion.
  3. I feel like it is a poor business model as they tried to act like they were the Ferrari of golf clubs by trying to create prestige and charge a premium for it. Now that it is known that their clubs are no better than anyone else's they allow their clubs to be deeply discounted, which to me says that their clubs where never worth what they were charging in the first place. You will never seen a new Ferrari deeply discounted from the dealer. They don't need to grab market share if they are selling clubs at such a premium. If you are charging double or triple what other companies do, then you only need to sell 1/3 or 1/2 of what the others do because the productions costs are going to be in the same range as everyone else. I think the better way to go would have been to keep PXG premium and then create a "more retail" friendly line similar to Tour Edge and Tour Edge Exotics. They could have then pushed out older models under a different name and sold them for less as that R&D is already done. The customer then thinks they are winning and the company is still making good profit. The people who ponied up the money for "premium" PXG can still feel like they have have clubs that others can't afford while those that buy the lower priced version feel like they are stealing them and both consumers are satisfied. If people slaughter companies for putting out too many clubs because it "kills their club's resale value" then how do you think they will react when the clubs that they were paying $500 apiece for are now $100. Those customers that were paying such a premium will now likely look elsewhere on their next purchase. Just my two cents R to L.
  4. Golf is hard...we all have about a 15 to 20 shot range that we will operate within on any given day. Sure when you are playing well that window will be much tighter and of course we always latch onto our best scores and think that should always be the standard. I always pay attention to my scores right after a long layoff to see if that score is dropping because I want to know if my average is likely to shift downward. I know that after getting my bearings I'll be back to shooting in the mid 70's to mid 80's but if I can lower my high range then my low range is likely lower also.
  5. Played with a former Swedish tour pro before and she would play off scratch and play matches against us from the blue tees so we would move one forward and she would move two back to give me a chance!! Me being about an 8 at the time she would beat me by a couple strokes as the distance made some holes very tough for her to get on the green in regulation. But my friend who was playing off of 1 would beat her every time they played. She was a pretty women and loved to play the game. Also had a friend that and I watched his wife go from hitting her first shots to becoming the club champion within about a 3 year span. That would be amazing to watch your woman go through a transformation like that especially if you were equally passionate about the game. She was out there everyday practicing and playing and it was amazing to watch her improve so fast and talking with her she was so passionate about the game. She would beat her husband regularly and it was so funny the banter they would have and she would remind him that "her name is on the wall in the clubhouse forever!" That would be really fun to tee it up with your girl and she loves the game and can really play. That would be pretty cool in my opinion.
  6. Oh I truly get it as I am a high swing speed player that hits it about as far as Rory and have definitely been through those moments when I can't seem to keep the ball on the planet!! Of course the easy way out is to blame the equipment. But you know when he wasn't blaming his equipment...the day he put whatever shaft in his club and everyone noticed it... and he was likely interviewed talking about how it is so much better than what he played previously and his numbers and such were better. The shaft didn't change...he is just going through a funk and isn't hitting it as well as he can. Sure its his prerogative to play whatever he choses but it's not the shaft, it's him. Next year the next big thing shaft will come out and he will be playing that and the cycle will repeat and we all know it! This game will drive you mad!
  7. Agreed...if a shot could be hit with a 60 degree hit it with a 55* or a 52* and you will lower your launch because less speed will be required to get the prescribed distance and there is less loft on the club and there ya go.
  8. Well they should...better is better and you would know it right away. If not you are simply hoping that it is better. Once you found better all previous gear should be rendered useless. If you are playing a new club and then revert back to something you played previously, the new gear simply wasn't better than the previous generation. I get it if you have gained or lost performance the need for a refit but this doesn't appear to be the situation with Rory.
  9. C3i and Smart Sole wedges...the thicker sole and the more bounce the merrier for me. I wasn't expecting them to work so well but they were game changer for my style of short game. I've had a Two Ball tank putter in the bag for years and haven't ever putted with a putter that works better for me and I will have that putter for the rest of my golfing days. Even when I'm not putting well I know it isn't "her" fault because I have made so many putts with it.
  10. Because we want to believe that equipment will override putting in the work. Even pros that do put in the work still fall for the schtick but they get the gear for free so it's no skin of their back to search for lightning in a bottle. I am thankful that I truly learned what fits me and fit my clubs to that standard and I hit my clubs til I literally cave the face in on them because I have created a standard as such that a club has to actually be better than what I currently play instead of the hope that it will be. I can't believe that OEM's are so brave as to continue to increase the price of golf clubs and the consumers continue to fall for it. At this point no set of irons should cost over a couple hundred bucks. A dozen golf balls should cost no more than 15 or 20 bucks max at this point really but most fall for it time after time and until we wise up as consumers they will continue to take advantage of it.
  11. I play as far back as possible while I still can... as I rather enjoy the challenge while I still have my distance. One day it will be taken away and I will be forced to move forward and I'm cool with that. I am the opposite of most in that I'd rather shoot a bigger number playing a course from the tips at this stage rather than shoot a lower number from a forward teebox. The one factor that will usually push me forward a teebox is wind or playing with a group that the majority is playing forward on a course that I have played before. If it I am on vacation or playing a bucket list course I am playing the tips as I don't know when or if I will ever get to play it again and I want to play it all while I still can.
  12. At that level the poorest putter is still better than any of us can even fathom. You have to realize the difference between the best putter and the worst among them is probably only a couple putts per round but it is magnified because the margins are so slim. I don't think we truly realize how good they really are. I have a buddy that was tryin to get his European tour card back and he is the best putter I have ever witnessed as I've seen him shoot 7 under on nine holes on multiple occasions. I couldn't believe how steady he was and how many putts he made over the 50 rounds that I played with him as it was uncanny. And to think that a Euro or PGA tour guy is putting better than him is hard to even comprehend....but they do. A pro putting 1 or 2 putts per round better than him is like a scratch handicap putting 10 or more putts per round better than a 2 handicap. Those guys are really good.
  13. "On a straight faced shot you are not using much bounce" and that is because the natural build of the club with the butt end being in front of the club face, and getting progressively less as you move from wedge toward fairway wood, means that there will be a certain amount of downward attack angle on the shot and it isn't necessary to handle drag or have the hands far forward to create this effect. If you are hitting a square faced shot with 14 degrees of bounce you will hit down the shot some amount between 5 and 10 degrees likely and that is reduced from bounce angle stamped on the club to produce an effective bounce usable for the shot. The club is not presenting 14 degrees of bounce in the square faced playing position at impact and that can be derived from looking at the hosel in this photo: The hosel being in this position (90*) is not the position that a straight faced shot would be struck (maybe a flop shot but it will still likely have some forward shaft lean). Any club being hit off the ground will have a downward AoA and thus there will be forward shaft lean so the shaft will not be at a 90* angle to the ground at impact. Even a fairway wood in which the shaft is inline with the face will still have some amount of forward shaft lean. That in combination with a downward angle of attack means that the club will now dig into the turf if the AoA exceeds the bounce angle, because the leading edge can get below the ground instead of gliding over the top of it. You can easily hit 14 degrees of bounce off of hardpan...you can even open the face if need be so long as the leading edge is below the equator of the ball at impact. Using the bounce from a tight lie is actually easier in my opinion because the club will skid along the ground instead of trying to dig into it. Camber is providing more leading edge bounce even on square faced shots by rounding and raising the leading edge in an attempt to make the club even more resistant to digging into the turf: In either case it is not mandatory for the club to dig into the turf even from the tightest lie and you just need the leading edge to be lower than the equator of the ball. If I wasn't clear on something please let me know.
  14. Custom Footjoy shoes allow you to pick a different size for each foot.
  15. But on a straight faced shot you are not using much bounce unless the wedge has leading edge bounce on it like a V Sole or something. You also do not use bounce on hardpan lies or tight lies and that is why I say the more the merrier in regards to bounce. Bounce isn't brought into play until you start opening the face so it wouldn't be used on the shots where you state that it would struggle because you don't hit shots from hardpan or really tight lies by opening the face. Even if you are hitting a shot off of a tight lie or off the cart path there is no need for the club to dig as you will just be using the loft of the club because the ground will zero out your angle of attack which isn't a bad thing. I can't think of one situation where a low bounce wedge is necessary or has an advantage over a high bounce wedge. And if you are using a wedge that has a lower bounce angle than your angle of attack then in my opinion you are doing your short game a disservice.
  16. Bounce is your friend and there are very few situations where it is not. The more the better in my opinion....that's why I play C3i wedges which might have 30 something degrees of bounce on them when they are laid wide open and I love them. I am always blown away when I see a tour pro rip up a beaver pelt on a 60 yard wedge shot. You mean to tell me they don't even have more bounce than their angle of attack. That makes no sense and takes all the forgiveness out of the wedge. You are not supposed to have ball first contact with your wedges like on a normal iron shot. You are supposed to strike the ground prior to the ball and engage the bounce. That much bounce on a 60 degree wedge has plenty of uses actually and being that I am high swing speed player I actually prefer high loft and high bounce out of bunkers. I wedge should not dig on a 60 yard wedge shot but to each his/her own.
  17. I was in your same boat, now I'm in there alone, as my best ever score right handed is 2 over and left handed it is 1 over. I've had the game to do it...but it seems to be quite a hurdle to get into that club. I've had it to 3 under on multiple occasions but didn't close the deal. Only a very small percentage of players will ever shoot under par so I will truly cherish the day when I get it done. Biggest congrats on your achievement!
  18. I just posted on this very subject a couple weeks ago: RIP to my Bushnell Rangefinder that gave me 7 glorious years of service but I dropped it for the first time and it struck the corner of the cart path and shattered beyond repair. I thought I was destined to have to spend 400 to 500 on a new one but I must give credit where credit is due. I wanted to try and find the cheapest rangefinder with slope and give it a try before I spent 4 or 5 times that much so I found this guy: $99.99 on Amazon and it works perfectly fine and I have no complaints at all. That being said, if I drop it on a cart path it is going to suffer the same fate as my Bushnell but I am really impressed with it thus far and it wasn't a waste of money and should be fine for years and years...if I don't drop it! Just wanted to push this out to the masses because I was pretty surprised that it actually works perfectly fine actually and has no real flaws and does everything that the more expensive models do.
  19. Yes they are Miuras...if they are real...but why are the logos missing?!
  20. I had a V Sole ground into my Miuras...checkmate!!
  21. This is a swing extender training aid that I modified that will simply not allow your trail arm to bend enough to over swing. You will have max width and have no choice but to shorten your back swing! I hated life at first but over time it worked amazing and I still use it to this day for maintenance purposes so to not fall back into old habits.
  22. What was done...can be undone...but not without focused effort! The thought of what I went through still traumatizes me to this day!! I will take a pic of the training aid that helped steepen my progress and you will immediately see why I was losing my sanity while using it. I didn't hit a ball without it on my arm for 3 straight months!
  23. Very true...I went through this process a few years ago and it is maddening at first and took months of focused effort and you have to be willing to accept a dip in performance in the hope that the change ends up better for you and will lead to improvement in the long term, which isn't guaranteed. I literally wore a blocker on my arm that would prevent my trail arm from bending very much at all and spent months getting used to the feeling of a restricted range of motion. I will have to take a picture of the training aid and how I modified it to exaggerate things even more. You then have to go through the hell of recalibrating your timing because at first your body will feel rushed because you will feel like you have so much less time to execute your swing motion. Over time though and with focused effort it can be done and it did end up being a benefit to my game.
  24. Multiple layers depending on the temp and how cold it is and will allow for removing one or two if necessary, mittens that are easy on easy off for in between holes, a hat that covers the ears is a must, and in the U.K. I know they call them a "snood" but something that covers the nose, mouth, and neck is mandatory for me also. I will also wear my rain pants with thermal compression layers underneath so that the wind doesn't cut through. I also wear my rain boots that keep my feet warm. Man...playing in the winter is a lot of work now that I think about it! Snood from Bunker Mentality Footjoy Specialty Boots (They are actually really light but very warm and comfortable as the wind doesn't cut through them at all) Sunice Thermal Pullovers are fantastic but have to shop around to find reasonable prices. Of course when layering up the fit of things is important so that you are warm but not restricted so making sure everything fits properly is paramount.
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