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  1. I literally don't care...read the putt like the U.S coverage tends to do or don't read it and just have casual conversation like the Euro coverage tends to do I just love golf. It really just doesn't matter as both are just trying to do their part as the athletes play the game to help you along the journey. Watching any sport on mute is horrible in my opinion as their is no emotion injected while watching it. Can you imagine watching the Ryder Cup on mute....that would be silly in my opinion.
  2. Love watching Barry hit a baseball. The best hitter ever in my opinion...so quick and powerful. As a former high level baseball player I will attest to their being many parallels between the golf swing and the baseball swing even though I may not appear so at first glance. One of the most important factors that must happen that is easily observed here is how he maintains lag tension. The easiest way to know that it was present is just how bent his trail arm is a he strikes the ball. This MUST be present in any sport ( golf, tennis, baseball, hockey) in order to lever the ball and generate max power and efficiency. It actually must be present on all shots from a putt to a 300 yard drive and that should be the first thing a golfer strives for is hitting the ball with leverage...then learn how to aim it.
  3. How does one damage the paint on the top of the club to such a degree? I mean you have to be completely disrespecting the club to do that much damage to a club and also the damage around the hosel. I mean sure it doesn't technically affect the playability but my goodness that club has lived a rough life in a short amount of time!
  4. I am thinkin a combo of AoA and strike as his launch is 10* but his spin is 4k so the strike must be below the CoG of the club leading to lower launch and high spin being that he hit down on it and likely hit it low on the face. It might be as easy as a tee height and AoA adjustment.
  5. That is because the looks of a club are not as important as it is made out to be. Also if you are literally looking at the club while you are preparing to hit a shot you should be reassessing your golf strategy. It is more important that a club speaks to your "mind's eye" than satisfy you visually. I play a combo set of Cleveland 588 altitude Irons (7 through 3 iron: And LH Miura Cavity back Irons (GW through 8 Iron): These irons couldn't be more polar opposite in regards to "visual appeal" but I have fitted them for my needs in regards to total weight, and swing weight and if I were blindfolded I couldn't tell the difference between the clubs because their specs match and they feel the exact same. The truest measure is if you can hit a club at really slow speeds with a full range of motion and still lever it repeatedly. I say this because if you are able to lever it at slow speed then the feeling of the club head will be magnified as it is put under force. If you lose track of the club head moving in space around you at any point then you should either move on to another club, or understand that there will be a total weight and or swing weight adjustment that will have to be made. The way that a club looks is literally dead last in importance in my opinion from my experience in setting up my golf clubs. When the mind's eye trusts where the club is in space the body will be able to reliably lever and aim the club and these to factors are infinitely more important than the visual look of the club. It doesn't matter if you can aim your a club at address...it matters that it is aligned under force and at impact. Visual looks of a club have nothing to do with what it does under force and that is why looks really just don't matter at all if we are being honest.
  6. Another option from the guys who have likely hit everything:
  7. I guess if I was trying to play multiple rounds in one day I would care about the time it took to play but I don't get it unless you are trying to squeeze a round in before work or something. We had a guy in our group that was always timing us and bitching and moaning about our round taking 4:30 to 5 hours (4 ball with about $100 bucks on the line per player) and then after the round was over it wasn't like he had somewhere to go...he would literally sit there and talk with us for an hour after the round was over and hit range balls. As someone who is caged in overseas for work 9 months of the year I don't care how long it takes to play because I am soaking in every second of it because I know that my days on the course are numbered before I have to go back to work. Sure I get it that there is rhythm to a round and that players should be ready to play when it is their turn but the time that it takes to play a round is of no concern to me at this stage of my golf life. Also anyone that becomes accustomed to playing rounds that fast is certainly going to suffer if they play tournaments because it is for sure going to be a 6 hour round and so that person would be losing their mind if a round takes 3 times longer.
  8. First step if you are hitting it too high and with too much spin is to simply lower the loft. I had to go down to a 5 degree long drive head to get the ball into my desired shot window and I still hit it in a medium high trajectory window. If you are looking for a more economical club head that I can vouch for are good I would go with an Alpha driver head as they are available in 6 degrees, aren't terribly expensive ($179 to $200), and are sold as a club head only. Matter of fact that is only loft that they have left: https://www.alphagolfclubs.com/collections/drivers/products/c830-2-plasma-driver Best of luck on your search.
  9. You will probably want to look at drivers in the 440 cc range that are also deep faced as this type of driver often has a smaller foot print.
  10. I literally laughed out loud when I read this!! Fantastic!! This thread has opened my eyes to the golf underworld that I haven't experienced in years because I have had the same two sets of irons form 10 and 7 years respectively and only change out woods after I have caved the face in on them because of thousands of strikes. I will say that for me the most important things for me was finding my total weight and swing weight preferences as this meant that I could basically spec up any club and make it suit my needs. I keep my two iron sets because they taught me so much about what I like in a club and so now I have a combo set of LH Miura cavity backs and Cleveland 588 Altitude irons and they can't be more polar opposites on the visual appeal scale but they are fit for me and suit my needs and if I was blindfolded I couldn't tell you the difference between the two because I have weighted them up to match my desired spec. I will also hotmelt a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid into submission also to make them work also! Before I learned about what I truly like in a golf club I would have been apart of the madness for sure and would have been running through sets of clubs like it's going out of style, but I have found golf equipment stability and only change when a club structurally fails but that is boring so you guys keep it going and reporting back as it was funny to read!
  11. What I mean is that the club weight can remain constant yet various swing weights can be accomplished.
  12. You can play whatever swing weight you prefer as this is basically a measure of how the weight is distributed along the club but the effort required to move it is the same regardless of the swing weight at any given total weight. Looks like you are finding your optimal fit though so congrats on that no doubt.
  13. Never even though to own my own golf cart...what was the experience like for you? What are the pros and cons would you say?
  14. Me either...I think the best way is to make them into a Youtube vid and then embed that.
  15. I used to be in this same boat until I broke it down and realized that it is no different than hitting any other club being hit off the ground, and if it is being hit off a tee then it is no different than any club being hit off of a tee. A common thing that I hear that I utterly reject is the thought that the fairway wood is to be swept off the turf. The fairway wood is to be hit down on just like an iron is off the ground it's just the build of the club with the shaft being inline with the club face means that the AoA will be shallow. The low point of the swing arc is still a few inches in front of the ball just like an iron when being hit off the ground. When being hit off of a tee you have the option to hit up or down on the shot and the low point should be adjusted accordingly and be a few inches in front of the ball if you intend to hit down on the ball and a few inches behind the ball if you intend to hit up on the ball. Where you set the low point is very important to know prior to hitting a given shot and once this concept is understood then hitting a fairway wood becomes no different than hitting any other club. This is coming from someone that used to despise hitting fairway woods! This is a video that I made for one of my friends that explains the basic concept of setting the low point: And this is me working through the concept. I literally touch the ground out in front of the ball where my low point is being set and try to stay stacked over that point. I feel like I am hammering down on the ball like an iron shot but the result is a shallow and very heavily levered golf shot. This was an important concept for me to learn and I went from hating fairway woods to loving them and making it a weapon in my bag. If I can do it then anybody can!!
  16. I have had my two ball tank in the bag for 7 years now and it will still be in the bag 10 years from now as it took me so long to put my trust in it and get it fitted right that I refuse to go through that process again unless that putter is head over heels better than what I have. I used to be scared to even change the grip as I thought it would mess up the putter. I now get it when I saw Jordan Speith with a grip on his putter that had been on there so long that you couldn't even tell that it was a super stroke grip anymore!! I keep my clubs until I beat the face off of them and this putter will be no different (gonna take a while to do that!)"
  17. Short game is easier to fix and over time the longer hitter will always have the advantage, though the better short game can win on any given day. It took Cantlay having one of the single best putting days in the history of golf to overcome DeChambeau's distance advantage. That simply isn't going to happen day in and day out and DeChambeau over time would have the advantage. With diligence and persistence you can develop a good short game but you are not going to find 40 yards of distance unless you unlock performance that you already had the capability to do which exactly what DeChambeau did to accomplish his distance gains. We are not all created equal and some people are faster than others and no matter how bad you want to be fast, there is a governor on just how fast and given athlete can be.
  18. Anything from Mini driver down to 6 iron depending on the hole's setup.
  19. For most people this means nothing as Iraq will never register on their golf radar but as someone that has spent 16 years in the region this is a big deal. I will play this course one day for the sheer fact that I have spent so much time here and I have always said that with the weather here they need to stop fighting and disagreeing and start building golf courses! Also for the record an American citizen can already travel to Erbil, Iraq and get a visa on arrival and the threat level is not as elevated as it is perceived to be via the media. Go ahead Iraq and keep progressing forward! https://www.golfcoursearchitecture.net/content/construction-continues-on-iraqs-first-golf-course
  20. I never understood how a club can be judged simply on looks alone without even hitting it first. I could care less how a club looks visually as long as it speaks to my "mind's eye" which is way more important than a club that is visually appealing but the athlete can't reliably square it up and lever it. When I saw the design I was thinking to myself " I bet they disguised the hosel so that the lil lump can't be seen at address and so I went and found a pic and sure enough: From address it looks like any other club so most are basically saying they don't like the way the clubs look while sitting in the bag. Also if you are looking at, and are distracted by the clubhead while you are preparing to hit a shot then you should rethink your golf strategy. If the CoG speaks to your mind's eye this is infinitely more important than the visual appearance of the club as this will allow you to create repeatable heavily levered shots and develop club face control which is the most important factor of a golf club in my opinion. In my opinion before you even hit a club the first thing you should do is close your eyes and swing it and see if you can truly feel the club's CoG moving around you in space. Then before you hit a full speed shot, hit a full range of motion shot....but do it as slowly as possible and see if you can lever the ball even at slow speed. If you do this then you should begin to ramp up the speed and if you lose the connection with the club head at any speed then move on to a different club or understand that you will have to adjust the club's playing characteristics (swing weight and total weight) to suit your needs. I play a combo a set of Miura LH cavity backs and Cleveland 588 altitude irons and they are literally polar opposites on the visual appeal scale yet I have fit them to my needs and if I was blind folded I literally could not tell you which is which as feel wise they feel the exact same because I matched their specs during the fitting process. Of course to each his/her own but I would imagine they knew when they released the clubs that they better perform because they weren't going to win any beauty contests!
  21. Yeah if you wear those with joggers then you are going to be a walking photo op!! In the winter I mainly wear my rain pants with thermals underneath because the wind doesn't cut through them so I'd lean that route if I was you and save the joggers for warmer weather!! I am picturing that right now and that would be hilarious!! The boots are fantastic and well worth it and they clean up so easy and the wind doesn't cut through them either but my feet are never burning up in them either. They can get away with it...but I doubt you can!!
  22. Agreed...First things first is learn how to hit each club with leverage and and speed and energize the ball. Then learn to put it on target while developing short game and putting as you go as they are not so important until your level of competency increases as early on way more shots will be lost prior to getting inside the short game and putting distance.
  23. Did you try a 5 wood or 4 wood at a 3 wood, or even 2 wood length say like 43 or 43.5 inches? That might be another option also that will work.
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