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  1. We've all been there and I used to be super emotional and hot headed on the course but you are right life tends to put things in perspective over time...you hope. My job takes me away from golf for 9 months out of the year and so I have learned to really enjoy the game during good or bad times as it can always be worse for sure.
  2. Fantastic information. I completely agree that he doesn't need to make any equipment changes and I completely agree that strike is boss first and foremost as proven by your chart provided. You are a wealth of knowledge for sure!
  3. You are not bringing power up from the ground very efficiently and so even though your swing motion may have improved, your power production is still very inefficient. This appears to be a good position a the top of your backswing but you have shifted your weight to your back foot as evidence by the inside of your trail foot coming off the ground. There should be a pressure shift but not much of a weight shift as a weight shift moves your swing center and that is generally not good as you want it to be as stable as possible. You also early extend which means that you are no longer pressuring the ground so you will lose all ability to lever the ball as you are not in a good power position entering impact. I great feeling entering impact is that you are trying to twist the ground apart with your feet. You also did not strike this ball out of the middle and you struck it off the toe as the face is wide open post impact. That alone will cost you 20 yards of carry. A video to understand weight shift vs. pressure shift: A video to help you learn how to lever against the ground better and not early extend:
  4. I wasn't going off that factor alone I was just wondering what his was to see if his launch angle was too high or too low and maybe robbing him of some optimal carry and roll out. But the info you provided is fantastic and better points us in the right direction and gets straight to the point so much appreciated on that. I think I was going to get to the same answer but it would have taken longer whereas this chart just goes straight to the answer. Thanks. R to L
  5. They look nice...I'm sure they are as good as any Mizuno offering.
  6. What is your angle of descent? If it is optimal which I think is in the low to mid 40's (correct me if I'm wrong) then there is a version of the Mizuno RB Tour golf ball that may bump up your spin so that you can keep everything else the same as you appear to be producing some good numbers and I'm sure your carry numbers are good. If your angle of descent numbers are slightly off then you could adjust loft on your driver but you should be able to find a remedy pretty quickly to bump up your spin and keep the ball in the air a lil longer. Best of luck in your testing.
  7. I am aware...I have someone that has the ability and the tools but lefty blanks that are heavy enough for what I am trying to accomplish are tough to come by. Thanks for the link. R to L
  8. Fantastic...please pretty please tell me where you got those blanks if possible. I only need GW through 8 iron but would buy a whole set if I had too.
  9. Will be interesting to see how they get along out there especially if the wind is up. 17 is a great hole...that is a great course for that matter.
  10. Els Club Dubai, UAE Abu Dhabi GC Yas Links Abu Dhabi, UAE Doha GC, Qatar Creekmoor GC Raymore, Missouri
  11. My goodness...I am reading about these initiation fees and such and I am blown away that those prices are even feasible. I thought the 7k I paid in the middle east was pricey and now I realize that it was peanuts and in the middle east the course often have floodlights that allow play from 5:15 am until 10 pm or even midnight on some courses and the facilities and course conditions are second to none. 350k initiation fee for Riviera...are you kidding me! I guess if you got it like that it is all relative I suppose.
  12. 1. City, State? Lenexa, Kansas 2. Handicap? 5.2 3. Current Irons? Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons 4. How would the Launcher XL Halo irons help your game? I play similar irons currently and these would be an upgrade to a newer model.
  13. Agreed...if they work they work and even if they didn't last as long as other grips it is what it is if you have to change them out every couple seasons or even every year in my opinion.
  14. Budgetgolf.com and they are having a 15% off sale and free shipping at the moment. https://www.budgetgolf.com/golf-mens-pants/#!|page|1|opp|30
  15. Total weight and swing weight are the two most important factors of a golf club in my opinion as they speak to the mind's eye and help you feel the club moving in space around you. I gradually added weight to my driver in 10 gram increments until I found my perfect fit...which occurred after I had added some 50 grams. At first it didn't even register on the swingweight scale but now that I play Jumbomaxx grips it swingweights at F9 along with all of my other clubs but I absolutely love the sledge hammer feel as it is exactly the reason why I loved wooden bats over aluminum ones when I played baseball. Your club's distribution of weight should "trick" you into hitting the ball inline with the CoG. This will create trust and efficiency in a given club and it is paramount to playing your best. I don't even question it anymore as I now just accept that I have to manipulate the specs of a club to fit what I want to feel and now I can set up a club very quickly as I know exactly what I want to feel in a club and my feel is personal to me and is likely not for anyone else and that is fine. Going from D3 to D6.2 isn't really a dramatic change but give it time and see if the feel of the club head stays with you as I found that initially when I added weight it felt dramatic...but then a few months later I was losing the sense of the club head and had to add more and retest. Eventually you hit the sweet spot though and then I made note of that spec and can recreate it on future clubs.
  16. Okay so you gotta put up a swing of you actually hitting a ball because everyone's swing motion looks pretty good until you introduce the golf ball into the equation. Just looking at your swing motion though you shift your weight quite a bit which moves your swing's center and this is not very efficient. A better way to go about it is for your pressure to shift but for your swing center to still remain relatively centered. Here is video explanation:
  17. I did this exact same thing to a set of C Tapers years ago and actually had KBS request a pic of it as they were very intrigued and have never seen it before. Apparently the tip section of the C Tapers is very stiff and I was just stressing them too much as I swing about the same speed as you do. I did switch to the KB Tour shafts and have had no such issues as the tip section is softer and stands up to the punishment that I put on a shaft. Right when I saw the club head I knew exactly what had happened to you. It was funny for me because before I noticed it my distances would start to run into each other and it became pretty funny when PW, 9 and 8 iron were going the same distance! I know that hitting off of bad range mats sitting on concrete definitely made things worse, on my clubs and my body, so I don't hit off of mats anymore ever.
  18. This about sums it up why I would never sign up to hit it poorly!
  19. So you are holding a grudge from a disagreement that we had in a thread from months ago that you chose to bring up in a completely different thread?!! SMH...moving on. I will go back and check and see if I told you that "you had no idea what you were talking about" as that is not likely what I said and if I did then I will apologize for that in advance, but you were still incorrect and you are more than welcome to message me out of this thread and we can discuss further rather than hijack someone else's thread and veer off topic because I shot 10 over.
  20. 1. Miura LH Cavity Back 2. Taylormade TP RAC (Favorite Irons from when I played Righty) 3. 2005 Callaway X Tour Irons ( 2nd favorite Lefty Irons)
  21. Personally, it was my first round back after having not played golf in five months due to the nature of my work and my next round a couple days later was 5 over. Hitting great in my opinion means that I was levering the ball and in the correct position in relation to the ball. Scoring well is how well I lever it and manage my club face and you can have one without the other but if I am levering the ball I know that my club face control will tighten up as I play more. But if I am not levering the ball I know I am screwed on that day as I know I'm going to hit the ball all over the planet because I am uncertain about contact. That is the exact premise of this thread and the exact reason why I said that I prefer to hit it well. Also shooting 10 over is better than most that play the game will ever shoot and isn't a bad score at all and is nothing to be ashamed about. I'm a 5 handicap right and left handed (Righty to Lefty) so underwater speed knit that, do I qualify as a golfer in your eyes now? Also quit acting like you've never shot 10 over or worse. I've played with a former tour pro that had a bad day and shot 80. I also sat there and watched him shoot 7 under on 9 holes multiple times so a bad day doesn't make the golfer, and he is a better golfer than you will ever be by a long shot and I don't even care to look and see what your handicap is because I know it aint +7 because you wouldn't be in a forum talkin ish to people you don't even know if you were. You can hit it good or bad and still score good or bad on any given day as the margins in golf between good an bad are very slim.
  22. I completely get what you are saying and agree with you for the most part. I always keep my score mostly to document how many rounds of golf that I am getting in but I know that I can hit it good or bad and score good or bad on any given day but I also keep my stats to show the true reflection of how I am playing. I will say that from my experience the more important factor isn't actually keeping score or trying to protect it, it is the amount of golf that you play. For the better part of the last decade I only get to play golf for three months per year due to the nature of my work and I was super protective of my score and a very defensive player when I knew that I was only going to get to play 4 or 5 times and then it was back to work. Conversely I made huge strides in my game when I was in between jobs and got to play 179 rounds over the course of 6 months. I knew that I was going to play again tomorrow, or even later on that day, and that unleashed the "shot maker, baller, swinger, hitting machine" that you spoke and made me more in tune with the aggressive golfer instead of being so defensive. I then learned to blend aggression and defense within a given round and became better for it. I better understood that there is a process and that you have to go through it to find your best golfing self. You have to first try to hit that shot on the range, then try to hit it on the course, then in a money match, then in a tournament, knowing that you are likely to fail initially. You have to be willing to fail in the short term to learn what your limits are for the long term. I know that I can hit a green from 270 out and cover the water carry now because I showed myself that I can. That being said the path to get there involved doing it on the range, then being on course by myself and dropping 20 balls and failing over and over before it finally did it, to then doing it in the money match with the buddies, to doing it in the monthly medal tournament. The only time I don't keep score is when I am playing in a skins match because I know that the objective is not to shoot a score, but to win a given hole. This is a time where I truly let it fly and play more aggressive than I would ever actually play if I was keeping score. This is the time when I go for broke on every hole and it is actually quite liberating to play a round holding nothing back. The goal is to make birdies or better and if you take an X on a hole it doesn't matter. I also find that playing from a forward tee box (white or even red tees) also unleashes my aggression and it is also good for learning how to score and make birdies and look for opportunity to score. Good topic though and I agree with your premise for sure.
  23. Jumbomaxx XL Str8 grips. Fantastic fit for my bigger hands. I did get a set of the Ultralite str8 ones to try out also but won't even be able to test them until the spring but Jumbomaxx grips were a gamechanger for me.
  24. Great question. I am not opposed to playing any club that fits my game but of the major OEM's I have never bagged a Ping, Mizuno, or Titleist club and have only briefly played a set of Taylormade irons. I am a lefty and thus my options are always limited but I guess it boils down to timing as I like the Ping Blueprints and I also really like the Titleist TMB's and AP2's and the Mizuno woods and irons but am content with my current irons and woods. I am highly unlikely to ever play PXG clubs for some reason and I guess it is because I would play many other manufactures before I eventually go to their clubs.
  25. I was talking to my colleague in the office about this and initially he was thinking score until I put it into proper context then he did a complete 180. The more important context is are you standing at a crossroads and given the choice or are you unaware of the choice and are living one or the other. I say this because if you are aware and know that you couldn't shoot better numbers hitting it better then you would be in a better mental space knowing that your game and abilities are being maxed out and you would hang around the game longer. If you are unaware of the choice but living the hitting it bad scenario then you would never find satisfaction in the game because you would never feel like you are maxing your ability because you are stressing your short game to the max which is never good. Conversely if you are unaware and living the hitting it well scenario then you would always believe that you are right on the cusp for the sheer fact that you hit it consistently well day in and day out. You would be much more likely to keep playing the game and keep working and searching for improvement whereas if you constantly hit it bad I think eventually most would give up the game because of the mental and physical tax that is taken. It is called "grinding" for a reason.
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