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  1. Anyone how has played the P790s make the move to the new Callaway Pros? I’ve been playing the TMs since they came out and have been very pleased. I haven’t had any of the distance control/fliers that others have complained about. If I have any criticism it would be a little muted feel and the shape isn’t exactly my favorite. However, I’ve played well with them and have enjoyed the extra distance. While at the PGASS recently I was able to spend some time with the new Callaway Pros. I was very impressed with the feel, and the head shape really fits my eye. I haven’t hit them on grass so I’m not sure about turf interaction, which is very important to me. Has anyone moved from 790s to the Callaway Pros? Can you give me the pros to the Callaway vs 790s? Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. I played Ping i3 Blades for about 5 years and Callaway XR Pros for about 3 years....average for me is about 2 seasons.
  3. Am I the only one that would kill for a set of “Pro” or reduced offset G irons?! I really like how the new G410s look up to the 5/4 iron, then I just can’t handle that much offset. I know that’s a me problem, and yes I know the “I” version is probably better suited for me, but I’d love to have that option of low offset, but slightly larger club heads.
  4. I have a Callaway Epic SZ 3 Wood I’d be interested in trading you. It has stiff shaft and stock head cover. If interested send me a PM!
  5. For some reason I can’t send you a PM. I’ll take the TM bag if still available
  6. Mine would be Odyssey #7 Tank, 38”. It literally has made putting a strength of my game where it’s always been a streaky liability. I often try other putters but my friends only bet me when something other than the Tank is in the bag.
  7. I’m a lifelong Ping guy, but I’m totally under whelmed with the i500s. I bought the P790s then found out Ping was coming out with a similar version, and figured the P790s would be a short stay in my bag. I’ve demoed them three separate days against my P790s and each time I walk away wondering what the lure is over the Taylormades. Trust me, I want the Pings to work but it’s not even close to the 790s for me. Maybe if the 790s didn’t exist I’d consider them, but I can’t deny the scores and feel I get with the Taylormades. Btw, this is my first set of TM irons since the 07 Tour Preferred so I was surprised as anyone that they ended up, and have stayed in my bag.
  8. Hello All! I’m looking for a stand bag for walking/range but also will go on a cart and stay still, I’m done chasing my 5 year old Hoofer as it spins and tilts. It makes clubs tangle and difficult to insert. I see the new Hoofer has a cart strap slot but I’m not sure if that’s just to have unobstructed access to pockets or if it’s for stability on the cart. Although I’ve had great luck with Ping bags I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!
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