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  1. So long story short, my golf season came to an abrupt end last week when on the 5th hole I hit a drive and the pain in my back dropped me to my knees. Over the next few hours (after I went home) I could barely walk. Went to the ER, they gave me some muscle relaxers and NSAID. After a week it is still bothering me. Not close to what it was before but I don’t want a lingering injury to creep up next year. With that being said, I’m starting to look for PT to go to however I wasn’t sure if I should look for a golf specific PT (like one with TPI certification) or just a general sports medicine PT. I’m a 1.3 handicap and I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked to get down to. Thanks in advance for your thoughts (no prayers, that won’t help my back or swing...lol)
  2. City and State (US Only): Cleveland, OH Handicap: 1.3 (down from a 2.7 on the last revision) Current Irons: TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB with Tour Concept x1 shafts with GP align +4 grips. Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: thin topline and clean look. I cannot stand to look at irons with huge toplines If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Are you kidding? yes! even if I'm not playing I'll post updates
  3. > @GoIrish17 said: > Meanwhile, ignore lists are being updated. Ever wonder how many ignore lists you’re on? I am wondering now.
  4. I’ve gotten these offers before on the Bay. I take them as an attempt to take my information. Right or wrong, I also decline and then report them. If they’re legit, no worries. If they are scammers, then whammy
  5. The customer service is nothing short of amazing. I cannot say enough about them. Search the posts in here and you’ll see the same thoughts echoed. More companies need to take what SS is doing an replicate it.
  6. > @AThompson_3 said: > That’s not a fake. That’s someone who experimented with this putter before doing work on something else most likely. All of the reasons you listed as fakes are all modifications that can be made to a putter with. That was originally just the satin head that someone painted black (that’s why it chips so easily and doesn’t resemble the wear that a factory black Scotty would). They also drilled a sight line (a hack job no doubt but no one faking this putter is going with a sight dot), the sound slot and face milling were 100% hack jobs (again anyone going through the effort to fake this putter isn’t going to mill a sound slot). The circle t weights were purchased on eBay. The headweight is off because of all the weight lost from milling the sound slot and the face. All of the stampings look correct. Real putter. It’s fake. If you zoom in on the lettering on the face you can see the face milling was done prior to the words.
  7. > @"Adam C" said: > Club is definitely jacked up but not sure it's fake. Super fake.
  8. Face milling is off. Dots on the face aren’t correctly drilled. The alignment dot, Sound slot and weights are clearly aftermarket. However I believe with 99% it’s fake
  9. Yes. Fake. I’ve got the same shaft (real) and I can tell you the lettering on yours is off.
  10. > @KaTooM said: > Wow! That insert is extremely clean...you can even see some milling! Although old and uncared for (oiled) that putter looks like it's barely been used. > > I'm with everyone else...$180 is a very aggessive and fair asking price. If you can get it for $100 then congratulations on a super score! $150 is a more realistic offer that the seller prolly won't hesitate to accept...and still a good deal. > > Just wondering...do you plan to game it or have it refinished? Or both? Just wanted something extra. Really was looking for something to refinish myself however after the comments I may just send it for refinish
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