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  1. Looks like another exciting mizuno release. The top line never bothered me playing the hmb but make no mistake about it, it’s a hollow body. The switch to mp20 brought back the mizuno feel for me, and just not that much less forgiving. Love the new look but gonna need a performance upgrade to get mp20 out the bag, and that’s a debate for another thread. Love the new look though.
  2. Salida, CO Salida golf club Pro v1x Alignment, putting and spin feedback with short game
  3. SOLD Mp20 HMB 5-PW with modus 105x shafts and gp mmc align grips. Standard L/L/1* upright. Matching serial # purchased direct from mizuno. Normal bag chatter and all faced in very good condition. The close up of the 6 iron shows a small ding/chip on the hosel, which hasn’t affected performance. Also have a 4 iron in very good condition that I could include for additional cost, planning on gaming it but might let it go.
  4. Thanks for the info guys! RS….appreciate you taking the time to write all that out man!
  5. It’s 2 iron/driving iron played with a super stuff hybrid shaft…it’s going to be somewhat chunky. That black finish is a beauty and I’m guessing it the finish wouldn’t wear too quick since it’s only used a few times a round.
  6. So silky noodler. I too will watch a ton. Man that tempo is smooth
  7. Hey all, have played the area a bunch but usually stay at the eureka in mesquite. Going vrbo route and staying near sand hollow. Looking for recommendations for post round beers, sports bars to watch football, hopefully with great/good food. I like eating at the sand hollow clubhouse, and have eaten at the bbq joint in hurricane. Any other locals and/or visitors recommend any other watering holes?? thanks
  8. I would say be prepared to focus on each shot., which is not easy. My post tourney analysis always leaves my thinking I should have remained focused and in the game after that one missed putt.
  9. Sounds like good idea to me. I’ve been more involved in swing process lately and I do really like the amg guys and what monte is preaching and my main take away from all that info is getting the club starting properly will limit the compensation occurring later on. This is why I’ve been so focused on getting things in proper position at left arm parallel. Regardless of how your get there, you can’t have too much tension and the above video sure helps
  10. Not hating animal, just surprised the uptick in cost. Enjoy the new irons!!
  11. $250/ club ….laughable man. $1750 for a set of hollow irons…ha ha
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