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  1. Interesting you don't see many LPGA players hesitating to put multiple hybrids & high lofted clubs in their bags? Seems to work just fine for them, and dare I say few if any of us here could come close to duplicating their tour success.
  2. Believe Callaway decided to eliminate the adjustable hosel w/their Mavrik line because they believed it was costing them sales within their fairway line. Customers could easily change the settings on their Epic flash 3 wood to a strong 3 or even a 4 wood, or vice versa eliminating the need for another lofted club. Those options were obviously eliminated w/the explanation that the elimination of the adjustable hosel w/Mavrik saved weight to be relocated elsewhere within the head. Lame excuse IMO just to sell more clubs, but that's the golf business I guess
  3. Buddy of mine coming off back surgery and his current Epic Flash Sub Zero driver isn't going to cut it for quite awhile. Just to low spin for his swing speed currently. I'm trying to find him a higher spinning driver for the time being as almost everything newer is just to low spin. Not looking to spend a pile of cash, just something to get him thru his recovery period. I was thinking some older Ping G15, 20, 25 SF models would work, or Cally Looking for suggestions. Thanks as always.
  4. Heck, I got a backup bag to my backup bags back up bag.
  5. Well, for whatever it's worth, both Faldo & Baker-Finch advocate use of your highest lofted wedge w/a putting stroke when chipping near the green. Easier said than done for us mere mortals. I found that an old fashioned Northwestern bronze chipper w/no grooves & large cambered sole is pretty much the easiest club for my challenged chipping game. It'a just difficult at times to find a spot in the bag for it unless I know I will be playing a course w/short grass around the greens. Mix in the anticipated ribbing I ultimately get for having such a club in my bag, lol But, when I usually
  6. Second season w/Cally Mavrik Max Heavenwood. Problem solved
  7. If there is any lesson to be learned now, is that it's probably not a good idea to sell your old club(s) until you receive your new ones
  8. Was roaming around my local Golf Galaxy store Sat, when I was waiting to demo a few new fairway woods, when customer was getting fitted for a new set of Ping G425 irons, w/custom NS Pro Modus Tour 130 shafts and Winn DriTac LT grips. Nothing to extreme, 1 degree flat, standard length. Fitting took plenty of time which is pretty standard I guess. Final step came to place order, and Pro and sales rep told this customer to expect up to an 8 week delay in delivery. The poor guy just stood there w/this look of dis belief. After about 2-3 minutes of thinking about that fact, he cancelled his order a
  9. Check out Maltby TS-1/TS-2 line. Similar tech as far as I can tell. Still believe Maltby is designing majority of the Tommy Armour line.
  10. Old school, Cleveland Hibore XL 2 wood. At 16 degrees on a 44" shaft it's basically a mini driver. Good luck finding one in decent shape anywhere. Still see the occasional rare one on Ebay for upwards of $200. I was lucky enough to score one a a local golf shops used club section. Unmatched off the tee as a driver replacement if that's what you are looking for. One of the few clubs in my 'don't ever think about selling bag.' Easy 250 straight yards off the tee all day long.
  11. Maybe I missed it somewhere along the line, but has Roger Maltbie retired from NBC PGA tour coverage? Haven't seen him roaming the fairways early in the season.
  12. If you purchased it off Ebay, and the post didn't list the missing exhaust port, why wouldn't just return it? I purchased a nice used Titleist 913 [email protected] driver. When it arrived there were two nice sized dents along the heel side of the crown. The pics in the posting never showed a good view of that area, and the seller didn't list the damage. Long story short, after I submitted pics of the damage, buyer was forced by Ebay to give me a refund. Image they would do the same for you, unless the missing exhaust port was included in the description, and you still purchased it.
  13. Found some old Nike Sumo 2 hybrids, a 30* 6 & a 34* 7, laying around my local Play It Again Sports last fall. You know, that ugly square version. Really decent shape, priced at about $20. What the heck I thought, what's $20 for any used club that may perform. Did a quick check on Ebay, etc and say this damn hybrid at 34* was almost impossible to find, and when you did find one, it was typically beat to heck, and the asking price was north of $175.00. So, needless to say I grabbed it right there, and after about 2 practice shots at the range I just couldn't believe how damn easy it was to
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