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  1. Hi guys! Wonder what aftermarket shaft has given you best numbers in the new Ping G425 Max. I’d like to hear what have you tried and what shaft has taken the spot in the big dog maximizing/optimizing launch and spin. I may find something to try for my 108 swing speed basing on your experience. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! Both heads been out for a bit now, I want to hear what you have to say if you have put one against the other, add the standard SIM and 425 LST to the mix if you can. Been a Taylormade guy forever but kinda want to give Ping a try if performance is on par or even better. I know this is subjective but I'd like to hear your thoughts regardless. I've read and heard everything: Ping heads are heavy, slow, bad sound. Taylormade is more of the same, etc. etc. Hopefully I can get some sound comparisons here Thanks
  3. Hi guys! Wonder if anyone has played a little bit with the CG shifter or back weight in the G425 LST. stock weight is 17 grams I believe, I read Cameron Champ changed the stock back weight for a twenty something gram weight. I am thinking of putting the g425 max back weight (27 grams) in the LST like Champ and see what happens. Has anyone tried this? What performance change can I expect from doing this?
  4. Damn! I Just don't know if I should go 60X or 50TX in the 1K coming from Ventus Black 6X, my Ventus black launches in a mid penetrating flight but I need to give it all on every swing
  5. Has anyone more info about Ventus Black 6X vs 1K 60X?
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has compared these two shafts. I currently have the LZ 6.0 in my irons but kinda want to give the $ Taper stiff a try. How do they compare in feel and performance? Which do you prefer?
  7. Hi guys! I’m currently playing the GD Tour AD IZ 6X in my G425 Max Driver. Love this combo! Now that the HD been out for a while, I’d like to know if anyone’s compared these two shafts. The whole specs of the new HD sound awesome, I know I should try and compare both but I can’t do that as of now. So if anyone has compared both and the HD performed better than the IZ, I would definitely get one. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone compared the standard apex 21 to the 19? I own the 19 and love them, would make the switch if there's actual better performance and feel. I hate the strong lofts, Apex 21 pro would be perfect but I don't know if I could hit them, can't try any model where I live so I need some advice from any of you who has hit them... My apex 19, 7 iron is my 180 yard club, I don't like that, sometimes it would fly 190, others 170. I want help in an iron but not to the point where I am not sure the distance its gonna give me
  9. @Fujikura Golf what other shaft in your line up would be as close in specs, feel and flight as the Speeder TR 661 stiff? the new G425 doesn't offer it as an aftermarket option so I am trying to get something identical for my build
  10. Hi, guys! As the title says, has anyone compared Callaway Apex CF19 to PXG GEN3 XP? I have the CF19 and can get a good deal on the XP, thing is, lots of chatter about CF21 coming on January so I am on the fence here. Should I wait for the 21s? Are the XP way better than the 19s and possible the 21s when they come out? If anybody here has compared these models and could give me some good info would be very appreciated! It is a lot of difference in money so I want to make a good decision. And, no, I won't be able to hit the PXG unless I buy them. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi guys, as the title says, has anyone compared these two shafts? I’d like to have a good idea of how these two match against each other, let’s say $ Taper stiff vs Project X LZ 6.0 Thanks!
  12. Has anyone compared S taper vs LZ?
  13. I was gaming P790 and just got Gen 3 P. I don’t know man, PXG is supposed to be the best irons around but for the money, I’m scratching my head as of now, the profile is huge, I can’t believe it’s the “players” model P790 looks better to my eyes, feel is kind of the same between both sets, I may even say P790s feel even better. I don’t know, i may have made a really wrong purchase here... anyone feels the same?
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