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  1. The course is going to be right across the road from the current SV entrance. Saw the email and some computer generated pictures they were sending to potential members and it looks like it will be incredible!
  2. Go to southern dunes. Best public course in the Orlando area.
  3. Dubsdread on Mondays and Fridays. I think wekiva has a game 5 days a week. Wednesday there is a game at Debary.
  4. Definitely didn't lose the greens. They were starting to get some different bermuda creeping in that eventually would of taken over the surfaces.
  5. The new greens are really good! Almost looks like a synthetic turf. If anyone was there last winter season the grass they used on red and blue was tested out on the chipping green by the range. Was suppose to only do blue this summer but with covid decided to just do them both.
  6. We always used a box cutter at the club I worked at. That way you can follow the outside edge perfectly. Didn't take much time either
  7. What kind of putting green is that?? Looks really pure!
  8. Don't play magnolia. Least fun course on the grounds of Disney. People just like it because it was a tour course. It's very boring. Palm is the one you should play. Nice variety of holes
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