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  1. Anyone know much about Gott golf being purchased? I got the email a few weeks ago…what’s the word on Pattinson? I see Rich Lash is fitting there as well now, did he leave Bear Creek? Don’t know much about him either but I played a round with him once. He fits Edel clubs as well if I remember right.
  2. Cheers to 2022! 1. Stay at a single digit and not creep back up like I did at one point last year...would like to end up in the 7-8 range this year (ended the season at a 9). Need to improve penalties off the tee big time. Driving is both my strength and weakness which creates quite the issues sometimes. Other than that I need to get really dialed in with my 30-80 yard shots. Also going to try to play a lot more rounds with my hickory clubs. I've been playing a lot with my son recently and it's just so fun playing with them, plus it's a good reason to move up in yardage and play from where my son plays. 2. New wedges but that's about it, happy with my irons and woods. Maybe a new hybrid if something wows me but it will take a lot to get the trusty King F7 out of the bag. 3. I'll do the CG men's club again and am really thinking about the yearly membership there. Don't think a private club is in the works. 4. Going to Pinehurst in March! Playing 1, 2, and 4 plus the cradle, then going across the street to play Mid Pines, Pine Needles, and Southern Pines. Going out to Kohler again in May to play Whistling and Irish again, plus probably the Blackwolf courses but we will see. Both trips will be with the hickory clubs.
  3. I did a putter fitting with Gott. Step one is figuring out which putter type matches your stroke best (mallet vs blade). Once you get that figured out and pick a head, he puts you on the Quintic to dial in length, loft, lie, etc. Don't think he carries any Scotty though. I ended up with a Toulon and love it. It was my first new putter in 18 years and I'm hoping I keep the Toulon for a same amount of time
  4. I'm surprised they can sell that many memberships. I've definitely soured on GVR over the years though so maybe it's just me. Between the high rates, the construction all around the course (and the number of homes going in), and less than stellar conditions the last few times I've played there, it has really fallen off my roster of regular courses to play outside of CommonGround (where I play most of my golf). Between CG, Walnut Creek, Riverdale, and Murphy Creek, I really don't need to play GVR. I'll still probably play it once or twice a year but that's about it.
  5. Do they let you walk TPC now? Pre Covid I thought you had to take a cart. During Covid I think they let people walk due to not wanting people to share carts. Maybe that change stuck but I know when they first opened it was required to take a cart. Agree with Dancin though, when I did walk it the elevation isn’t bad but there’s some long stretches between holes in addition to some of the holes just being long.
  6. If you can find a member to make a tee time for you it is significantly cheaper than the rack rate. I love the course but yeah, if I have to pay the full guest rate it's a once a season type place for me.
  7. I want to get new wedges for next year. Would like to get fit outside for them. I want to wait for the SM9s to come out as well before going for a fitting...so earliest would likely be February/March of next year from what I've seen. I'm looking to replace my 54 and 58. I rarely if ever use those for full shots so would like to test them closer to the green if possible hitting partial shots, bunker shots, chips, etc. Any ideas of best place to do it? Club Champion can't do outside, Gott doesn't carry Titleist I don't think...True Spec may be the best bet? I think I'd have to wait until next May then because the Castle Pines location closes for the winter if I remember right. Just curious if anyone has other ideas for a place to play around outside with a bunch of different wedges. Actually wouldn't even need a bunch, I'm really just looking to test the SM9 with the Mizuno T22s and the new TaylorMade wedges. I'd be open to others but those 3 are currently on my short list.
  8. I played a round with Troyer after all that went down. From what he said it definitely wasn't about the money and there's little to no chance CG is losing money. It was simply a personality difference between him and the head of CGA....doesn't sound like it was anything more. He'd also been there for a long time so I think at some point people are just ready for a change.
  9. CGC really is fantastic. Such a fun course to play. Maybe I'm in the minority but I wish more courses would get rid of carts and go walking only. I know they won't because of revenue and the flack they would probably catch....but if a place like CommonGround went walking only I'd be so happy
  10. Ping Hoofer for sure. Had it a couple years now and love it.
  11. Ha! Mostly dumb luck and a very understanding wife! I work for myself and so I can play during the week, which is when I play most of my rounds. It's nice being able to control my own schedule. Getting to play the courses really is mostly luck, I'm fortunate to have some close friends who love golf as much as I do and have some connections or are members at places so I can get on. Otherwise it's just a right place/right time type thing. I also don't mind spending money to play nice places, golf is definitely my main hobby and so that's where most of my entertainment budget goes. My two best friends, who were my college roommates, are also big golfers and we live across the country so doing a yearly golf trip or two is how we connect. We try to find fun places to go each year....Pinehurst next year! So I guess flexibility, a little bit of spending money, and good golf friends is the secret :)
  12. Hit me up if you need someone to play any of those courses....I play them often. I'm not a low cap but I do like to gamble and I'll shoot the occasional 75...followed by a 95
  13. I've lived here since 2004 and I still sometimes get courses confused Colorado Golf Club just think exclusive and highly rated (#4 in the state per Golf Digest). Closer to Cherry Hills and Castle Pines than other places. Coore/Crenshaw design, hosted the Solheim Cup a few years back. I'm actually playing there again Wednesday Not sure that'll help remember it but it's on a slightly different level than CC of Colorado haha. I'm sure it's a fine place but I've never played it. The Bear courses....I got nothing. Bear Creek is the men's only place, Palmer design. Bear Dance is the semi-public course (they have memberships but also have public tee times) that's home of the Colorado PGA and has the famous (?) par 4 with bunkers shaped like a bear claw. Then there's Black Bear which is the sister course of Blackstone and are both part of Club Corp. Like I said I sometimes have to pause to remember which is which myself.
  14. I know, for some reason the jets don't bother me at all, it's the smaller planes whizzing overhead at Meridian that I cannot get over. It's probably more the combo of office park + planes, whereas Murphy to me is much more open (outside of a couple holes like 10 and 13-15 where the homes are closer). I think I agree on office park versus in a random neighborhood. I used to love GVR but have gotten very sour on that course, a large part of which I think is due to all the homes that are being built around the holes. Which is why CommonGround is my favorite, don't have to worry about any of that stuff
  15. Welcome! Just my random quick thoughts on these that I've played from your list... TPC Colorado - love this course, well worth playing at least once a year (it's a bit pricey unless you know a member who can get you the guest rate), very fun course and always in fantastic shape Castle Pines - which one? Assuming the Golf Club (as opposed to the Country Cub); haven't played it but have some close friends that have an all rave about it Broadmoor - insane greens, the history of the place really adds to the experience ; if you are married/have a girlfriend, spend a night or two, send her to the spa, go enjoy golf. The hotel and the grounds there are top notch. It'll be pricey but it's worth the splurge in my opinion. They have some stay and play deals too you may be able to find. Hiwan - really fun track, old school with some trees and lots of elevation and doglegs; greens are also very tricky, similar to Broadmoor's Cherry Hills - speaks for itself, playing the course is an experience; clubhouse is being rebuilt now so if you get on in the next year or two (not sure when it's supposed to be done) you'll miss some of the experience of the men's locker room and the rest of the clubhouse but playing the course alone is worth it Colorado Golf Club - really hard course that has a spectacular layout, amazing conditions, very nice facilities, old school mentality (no phones, no hats inside, etc); love this course Bear Dance - typical mountain course, fun to play, not sure I need to go more than once or twice a year but always happy to play it at least a time or two Inverness - old school layout with trees and narrow fairways, course is fine, nothing special but fun to play if you have a chance Curious: Fossil Trace - I go back and forth on how I feel about it, but I think I like it; typical Engh design, lots of elevation change, random rocks to work around, but typically in very nice shape and certainly worth playing for the views and some of the holes Murphy Creek - one of my absolute favorite courses, spectacular links layout and a very challenging course (especially if the wind is howling, which is often) Indian Peaks - it's fine, nice enough course, I don't like courses with lots of homes on them and this has that but the views are nice and the layout is just fine Walnut Creek - another favorite of mine, fantastic conditions, links style, challenging and fun layout Red Sky Ranch - a surreal experience, mountain golf at its best (both courses) Bear Creek - meh, had a bad experience the one time I played there; course is definitely hard, greens were pretty crazy too (saw multiple putts go off the green if you were above the hole); would probably give it another chance one day Common Ground - the course I play the most, I love CG so much - links course, fun greens that usually roll fast, really fun course to play that can be very challenging depending on setup and how long the native and rough is; around Open qualifier time they usually have it playing very hard Fox Hollow - underrated course in my opinion, great views, fun holes, good conditions Meridian - I hate how it's surrounded by office buildings and the planes flying overhead drive me crazy; if the course itself was lifted and dropped in the middle of a field it would be top 10 in my opinion, but I can't get over the buildings and planes; always in great shape though and the members there are generally some pretty damn good golfers but they have a lot of fun Haymaker - love this place, links style course in the mountains with some spectacular views, always play there when I'm in Steamboat Rollingstone Ranch - beautiful mountain golf course; lots of trees, water, elevation changes, unreal scenery.
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