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  1. I placed an order for an i210 gap wedge back in early June. Was told then the heads were back ordered till mid July. I just got off the phone with Ping and now I’m told August 14 the heads should be coming in. So I’d be shocked if there’s going to be a new 2020 i iron. (And a little pissed haha). For anybody curious I was told if you ordered today you’d be quoted 4 weeks.
  2. S55s are the real deal. I honestly don’t see much of difference in forgiveness than my i20s. I bought a set to be a temporary option as I shopped for new irons but the s55 became the “new” irons. In fact I have another set on the way... (my first set is at Ping getting new shafts)
  3. Just an update, clubs are off to Ping, went with the modus 120x. Had a chance to demo the 120x vs 130x (fitter didn't have the 130 stiff) though it was with a Callaway club with range rocks and no launch monitor. Preferred the lower flight of the 120. The 130 appeared to go much higher even in the X. Im also not loving the 130 in my gap wedge. Its almost like its too smooth through the ball. Also hit the 120x in a mizuno jpx tour (again didn't have that shaft option in their Pings) with a launch monitor. 7 iron SS was 89-93 mph. Spin was a little high but Im attributing that to the more bladey
  4. > @C-rad said: > Where can i find some decent ping s55? I found a great clean set locally on offer up last month. People ship on there now as well. ( Slight brag here, but I got them for $150 w/ nippon modus shafts!) I purchased them to have something to play while I sold my i20s, as the plan was to buy new i210s by selling my old equipment. There will be no i210s. The s55s are staying in the bag.
  5. > @tatertot said: > > @matchavez said: > > Buy a *separate* s55 set and get them changed out. > > Second this ... I haven't found a set in better condition then the set I have.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I have decided to re shaft the s55, though still not sure on what shaft. To appease my curiosity I did order an i210 3 iron to go with my 4-pw s55. I ordered it with the 130. Kinda goofy that my testing of the 130 will be with a gap wedge and a 3 iron but whatever, better than a blind purchase. > @dmeeksDC said: > I would go 120 x stiff over any 130. I really do not like that shaft. It is for golfers with a very late release (Sergio Garcia) and there are not many of those. If the 120 feels whip like get a stiffer version. And that is all feel — it still play
  7. > @Tommyj said: > I wouldn't reshaft without going through a proper fitting or at least more complete testing of the Modus 130. The 130 is a great shaft with a very unique profile, but I don't think it works for a broad range of golfers. You need to get more information than just hitting it in a wedge, why not just reshaft one of your longer irons to see how it works? Unfortunately my shop doesn't have the 130 shaft for Ping to demo only the 105 ( I was hitting moon shots with the x flex). Perhaps they have it in a mizuno cart or something but it was super busy so I didn't bother a
  8. Thanks for the responses. In regards to the shaft I’ve had to change my swing and set up to get along with the 120. I’ve never got along with ‘whip’ like shafts. I have to set up with little shaft lean and really concentrate to swing smoother for the 120. I’ve always preferred to play the ball slighlty back to come down on it and really trap it. I’ve read this is what the 130 is suited for and then was able to pick up a gap wedge with 130. I know a short club isn’t the best a gauge but I can tell the 130 works better and just feels better in my hands.
  9. First post, forgive the length. I'm in the market for my first set of new irons. I've only played used irons, Ping eye2s starting in 2013, then onto i20s in late 2017. I've been planning on the i200/i210 as my first brand new set and first shaft fitting. Recently I came across a cheap set of s55's with the modus 120 stiff. I figured what the hell I can play these while I sell the i20s to add to the new iron fund, plus try out an upgraded shaft. I am loving the s55. My miss with the i20s was hitting shots fat, even good shots sometimes had huge divots. Strangely, I'm not having this problem wit
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