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  1. The appearance definitely takes some getting used to...I'll give you that. The physics principles that were kept in mind when designing the putter is what really sets it apart.
  2. For anybody that is willing to help, are there any suggestions for golf courses, whether public or private, in Columbia, South Carolina? Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Check out my store if you want to take a look at some simulators for unlimited practice! I am a big proponent of: when times get tough on the golf course, go back to the mental game. Start to pay more attention to visualizing yourself hitting great shots over and over again. What typically happens when the scores start to creep up a bit is that your most recent memory of golf shots include negative visualization. Make things simple again, picture yourself hitting great golf shots, and then you will be surprised by how quickly things turn around! Hope this helps!
  4. I personally am not a huge fan of these out on the golf course. I am a proponent of the traditions of golf, especially on tour. I would rather see the traditional classy style with a number of the tour players. - Shawn
  5. Bring from the great state of Wisconsin, I love the local crafts! MKE Brewing Lakefront Brewing Co Point Brewery New Glarus Brewery - Shawn
  6. Outstanding honor and tribute to the King last week. That was very bittersweet to watch.
  7. Shawn Foley

    L2 Putters

    I want to share with the community and see if anyone has tried out the new L2 MOI Maxx Putter. L2 Putters brings basic physics principles to the golf course with incredible technology. These putters are marketed to improve your alignment, distance control, accuracy, and overall consistency under pressure putting situations. Compared to conventional putters which are smaller, lighter, and produce a very small "sweet spot", L2 Putters provide much more stability to your putting stroke. I have always struggled personally with the stability of my blade putter and this putter has really helped to improve the consistency of the ball reacting off of the putter face. If anyone has tried these putters out, let me know. They are fantastic! - Shawn
  8. Congratulations to your junior golfer, these are very impressive scores! I am the owner of Rain or Shine Golf and former Division 1 collegiate golfer at Northern Illinois University. I can say with experience that the college golf coaches will most likely put very little emphasis on the handicap index of your player. If you were still concerned about it, you could also have the junior go back and post some recent scores by backdating to the date of the actual timing of the round being played. Make sure to really have him sell himself to these coaches. Sell the fact that he is developing and improving his game extremely quickly and this will give them a glimpse of the true potential of this player. Very rarely does a college golf coach recruit a player for immediate talent, the best will always put more of an emphasis on the players that seem very coachable and can be coached to a level well beyond their current abilities. If your junior is a fierce competitor and is shooting these scores even prior to collegiate level coaching, he will be very successful. If he does not receive many offers at first but is still passionate about playing college golf, don't give up! Some of my very successful teammates on my college golf team were transfers from community colleges who simply developed their game to the highest level a little after high school. - Shawn
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