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  1. I am looking at these two as my replacement bag. I do not have any place near me to check them out in person. I read reviews and comments from online, but can someone compare them if you had any experience with both of them? Really appreciate any information. Thank you
  2. Was looking at driver and hybrid...but $60 shipping was making me reconsider....Clubs are great deal though
  3. I am currently looking at Odyssey Stroke Lab Black and Triple Track. I did search online to see what is the main difference between the two other than the triple track line on top. My experience with Odyssey is limited at White Hot or O Work models. What are your thoughts on SL Black or Triple Track? CPO is having a nice sale on these and I am considering Ten, Ten S, or 2Ball models. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Green: Footjoy size small Black: Footjoy size medium White: Peter Millar size medium All 3 for $60 Shipped USPS Priority
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