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  1. Lol, classic! Yea, poor you had to play in perfect weather this week at Bandon.
  2. Great pics Edaw68. New rooms worth the price:)
  3. Pretty decent sale on GG rain jacket. https://proshop.golf.com/products/galvin-green-apollo-gore-tex?currency=USD&variant=32924889284713&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIKNBhAIEiwAu_ZLDgH8wiZtinCXGxfv0ZA8m0OLQ_5hNgPDVuhjgexLhiJXrEdFWuYPkxoCqiEQAvD_BwE
  4. Indeed. Played with Spud on Saturday and second how good the course played. Impressed with the green on 3. It always seems to be in the worst shape but looked really good Saturday. I don't think I've played worse at Langdon than I did on Saturday but I couldn't blame the conditions:)
  5. Playing partner of Spud3. Getting more stoked by the day. I'll tell you, I was pretty nervous 6 months ago about the physical challenge of this event. I appreciate that Spud put together a nice training schedule for us over the past several months putting in many holes of golf. Feeling better now about walking 30 miles next week but know it will be a killer:) Looks like weather is going to cooperate with little to no rain and a cool day for us. Hope the wind stays down.
  6. Very stoked to do this with Spud although incredibly nervous about the physical test the day will bring. I'm usually toast after our 36 hole days at Bandon. Knowing that completing that will be 'half way there' is motivating me to make significant changes today to insure I'm prepared. Looking to jump start a new work out routine and drop some poundage. Working from home has not helped me in any way to stay, or get, in shape. Used to just head to the gym but that's off the table for now. Anybody have some good home workout routines they want to share:)
  7. This was a fun watch from these guys that travel around and video blog their experience. I thought the production on this one was pretty good and great interviews with legends.
  8. This is what it's like playing every weekend with @DeNinny:) Walking the fairways, listening to the ravings of a blade lover spurned by the CB community. I know he'd have more tolerance for thinning a chip shot across the green than hearing a player tell him he can't play blades because they're too unforgiving.
  9. I took a day trip from Portland down to Pronghorn this weekend. My first time on the course. Went as a single just to get out of dodge for the day. Really enjoyed the course and the facility. No doubt everyone is correct about the condition of the course. Pristine. Showed up early for my 3pm twilight tee time. Spent time eating a $17 turkey wrap, hitting a bunch of range balls and putting. Bought a couple items in the pro shop. Was able to get out a little early and play the front nine with another single. My playing partner unfortunately had not played in some time and was spraying them way right off the tee. Easily lost at least one ball on every hole. The desert is unforgiving with scattered shots. Not sure if he was planning to only play nine or if he ran out of balls but he was gone after 9. Pace of play was fine as I was in no hurry. Played a couple of balls for the back 9. Good mix of hole designs. Truthfully was expecting a little more from the finishing hole. The ghost tree is cool but I expected the green to be surrounded by something dramatic. Very unassuming, especially when several other holes on the course have a bit of the Wow factor. A bit of a long day with the 7 total hours driving back and forth but I'd do it again. $175 rack rate right now but $100 for twilight.
  10. You were on fire @DeNinny. Unfortunately, I couldn't miss on the front nine and took a big lead. Was a great day out at Heron Lakes. Love my blade lessons from you each time we get together.
  11. Say hello to my little friends! Well, DeNinny was kind enough to part with these babies and have officially replaced my Cobra King Forged Tour's. I was never in love with the looks of the Cobra's but they felt great. They were the first set I ever got fitted for. I enjoy the priviledge of walking many courses with DeNinny as he waxes on about the greatness of Miura. Most of his science flies over my head as I'm more of a 'grip it and rip it' type of player. But he convinced me that I would love these guys if I gave them a try. After a round this weekend and an hour on the range, I have to admit, he was right. Not only do I absolutely love how they look in the bag and, especially, behind the ball, they also feel like no other club I've hit. I guess most surprisingly, is how well I am hitting the long irons. The blade really suites my eye. I had heard that many found the smaller head more intimidating, but for some reason, it just looks great and inviting to me. I haven't played them enough to see how different yardages I'm getting but I certainly don't think I've lost any distance with them. I didn't carry a 3i with my old set but I'm scorching my new 3i 220yrds. At least at the range:) We'll see if I can get it to translate on the course. I've spent hundreds of hours on the Bandon WRX threads as I've been making the trek for several years now. Looks like I've got a new thread to keep me busy over the summer.
  12. Was just looking at that deal today. Playing the South tomorrow at Reserve. Curious to hear what you think about being a member.
  13. This may be an interesting option for our NW rainy season and Bandon trip. I have used the HotHands hand warmers, but once they get wet, they stop working. If you are playing in heavy rain (often at Bandon), a wand warmer would be so nice. I most often have my rain golf gloves on and they just soak the hand warmer in my pocket. These Celestron Elements might be a good option as they say they are water resistant. I wonder if you have any experience using them with a wet glove.
  14. Put me on your list of potential partners!!!! Would love to be a part of this day.
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