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  1. Looking for a good 19-20* hybrids with a stiff shaft and good shape. Got a buddy looking. Nothing crazy expensive.
  2. Got a friend whos getting into golf. Needs a set of irons 4-PW with Stiff flex steel shaft. +.25 or +.5 on the shaft. Must be decent to good shape. Not trying to break the bank. Also needing a 3 wood 15* with stiff flex. Good shape needed and nothing too crazy on price. Thanks
  3. Callaway MD3 Miled 60* and 52* S-Grind. A you can see from pics this is a tour only raw finish. Used but in very good shape. They are already showing some rust. Sole, face and grooves are very good. DG Tour Only S-400. +.5 over std. $220 for both shipped UPS(lower48)
  4. I know A LOT about this topic. trust me. Just look at how the NCAA looked upon Larry Brown and his issues at SMU vs what happened to golf team. Larry has a lot deeper pockets than the SMU golf coach and basketball is a lot more important than golf
  5. Mint Jan Craig 460 cc driver Headcover. Has a "1": in black (which cost more) Only used for a couple of days. MINT. As you can see Red sleeve with 8 inch pom of equal colors of black white and silver. this takes a minimumj of 4 weeks from JC. Awesome cover. Just wished it would match my bag better. $50 shipped lower 48. Please email [email protected] for more info.
  6. Getting to volunteer at the masters is all about who you know. I know guys who have been on litter, scoring and marshalls for numerous years. there is also a pecking order when it comes to which hole you will get. Everyone wants #1 bc when the last group goes off around 3ish each day you are done and go watch golf. Vs someone who is on 18 is there til 7:30ish. Each hole usually has 2 soorers in the fw and 2 at the green. I know someone who is high up on the litter committee(insert joke) and he has a pass that he can ANYWHERE outside the ropes except the locker room. He also has a cart that he uses for the week. They have a volunteer play day. Tee times are assigned and they go from 8-4. It is packed full all day. Volunteers also get to play the par3 if they want.
  7. Champions should be perfect unless they get rain. Course does not take on water very well. Great course
  8. augusta, GA - No I have never played there 0.6 Handi never participated in a GOLFWRX testing Pro V1X or TM TP X Yes, Rule 35(old school i konw), Hex black Will post plenty of feedback and review and particpate in ongoing discussion THANKS
  9. USA USA USA USA I would love to have these to replace my Callaway X forged from 6 years ago. Kinda wore out!!! Thanks for a great giveaway
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