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  1. Thanks for the replies and I'll take them in consideration One thing I've not done in a while is play worst ball with myself. Challenge Yourself With The Worst Ball Scramble – intothegrain.com Don't know if I'll be able to play it in the closing holes as it will be busy throughout the day but it's a good game. Puts you under a lot of pressure to not hit bad shots, and whilst that sounds negative you find the only way to consistently play well is to commit to every shot and not lose your focus.
  2. Right now I feel I need one round to break the trend as there's good golf there. One round to break the trend but the longer it goes the tougher it's getting I did see the split it into 3 holes strategy before today's round and briefly thought of it during but because it only made 1 shot difference I didn't find it useful. I briefly on 13 tried to make a game plan of birdieing 15 & 18 to get back to -3 but the negativity got to me and didn't make it past 13 & 14. It is a tough stretch with the last 6 holes all having a lot of water and places to lose the ball, it feels more about navigating your way through it rather playing freely. 13th has been the hole it usually starts, it's a hole that has never suited my eye. The approach shot has water back left/front right and with my bad shots being a strong pull and weak fade makes it a really nervy shot for me. It's the hole were the nerves and bogie train start. Cheers for the replies.
  3. In all of the time I've been playing golf I've never collapsed as hard or as often as I have done this year. We've all been there but how do you overcome it? Today I was -1 standing on the 13th tee and finished bogey, triple bogey, birdie, double bogey, bogey, par. I also eagled the 9th to go -3 only to immediately double bogey the next hole. I think this year there have been 5 occasions were I've stood on the 13th tee between -1 to +2 and none of them have been better than +5 in the end. Some good golf in all of them just to throw it away in spectacular fashion has been so frustrating. We'll all have collapsed at some point playing but how do you stay mentally strong in the closing stretch?
  4. Slazenger had the bright idea to put bald spots over their ball. The result was a ball that had no ability to fly in a straight line and made you dizzy trying to track its flight
  5. Personally golf grips with the logo front and centre bugs me. All your lower thumb feels is the writing on the logo when it's there.
  6. The putting aid Rodney Dangerfield uses in caddyshack
  7. Wanted to know peoples thoughts on the idea of manufacturers including an option of a steel shaft on their new fairway woods and hybrids? I think it would have been around 10 years since the last major manufacturer would have included the option and since then the club heads of fairway woods and hybrids have improved with distance and forgiveness increasing. The graphite shafts used definitely help gain further distance but I think that the old heavier steel shafted fairway woods have far better controllability. The distance and forgiveness of a modern head and the controllability of a steel shaft I'd like to see.
  8. The ball nobody has mentioned was the ball I used through 2016, the Mizuno mp-x. I fancied a change from the pro v1x and thought they were fantastic. The model was from 2015 so hoping they make a new model in 2017
  9. Thanks for the replies. I Haven't heard of that idea. I watched one of Shawn clements videos on it and if i'm correct my hip turn on the BS is ok (out of sync though) with right hip moving outward but in the DS my right hip moves inward instead of my left hip moving outward? I have been poor at clearing the club and that could be the reason. In the videos i put up my left foot isn't too bad in the follow through however I do have a tendency to slide it back and open my stance to allow for clearance which may because I'm moving towards the ball and not giving myself any room.
  10. Through 2016 my irons were the best part of my game and i think it was because I always took a club more and hit 3/4 swings, the worst part by far was the driver which would always have to be a full swing.
  11. Thanks for all your help. It's ironic your saying that my lower torso is great because I've always felt thats one of my problems. My swing is started by my hips and I end up making a full hip turn half way into my backswing. I've been trying to reduce the hip turn for a while so thanks for stopping me reducing it while I've still got the turn.Also 2016 was the year I finally reached a 4 handicap after spending 9 years off 5/6. Once I reached 4 I didn't play a competition for the rest of the season so I could brag about being off 4 through the winter :) .
  12. Hi there. Does anyone have any advice how to improve my swing in order to be more consistent. Watching the videos the posture of my whole body is poor at impact and my clubface is closed at the top. My hands are also high at impact which i'm not sure how big a problem it is although i'm 5"8inches and was fitted for upright clubs. My bad shots are a strong pull and a thinned fade/push. Thank you Driver Driver (slow motion) Driver front Iron Iron (slowmotion)
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