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  1. PGA is a super hit or miss for me, brought a 3 wood in and they forgot to assemble after a week of it sitting there. I was over the pricing around here so I started assembling my own. If you have the space and materials, it’s actually pretty simple to do.
  2. Paradise up in Middleton has had their TrackMan rooms booked out daily. I booked for 2 weeks out just in case I get my irons in haha. Enjoy your set!
  3. Nice, seems like they’re slowly getting back on track to get these orders shipped. I purchased 2/10 through a dealer and he said he’s been seeing Srixon turnaround in 3 weeks generally. Hoping that stands true! Hopefully FedEx stays true to their tracking for you!
  4. When did you order? I’m hoping to see that FedEx email hit my inbox this week based on my order date.
  5. I'm hoping all goes as planned on getting a full set. Though I'm not playing any golf in the northeast for at least a month. Biggest hangup would be the availability at the time of order. Personally assuming the worst and expected to have them sometime in late March based on everyones current comments for orders.
  6. I ordered a ZX7 5-P with PX LZ 6.5s on 2/10. Guy I ordered through told me Srixon quoted him 2 weeks but said it may take up to 4. Also ordered a P770 4 iron in January with a expected date of 3/15. I had it in hand for the first week of February. Talked to Srixon today via chat and they stated 3-4 weeks has been the standard turnaround for custom ZX7. You can still order through a dealer but expected delays will continue.
  7. Seems like we’re pretty close numbers wise, I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform for me throughout the bag. Initial testing was about 1/2 to full club up in terms of yardage on my 919 tours. Have you had them on course yet? If so did you find they were easy to stick onto the greens with the high flight?
  8. Just out of curiosity, have any of you found that the ZX7 are giving you a few extra yards? When hitting the demo 7, my carry was 5-7 yards longer on average even though the loft is within 1* of my gamers. Interesting to see but I’m hoping to see my order in hand sometime in March. Excited to get dialed in before the season.
  9. I bought a 5-P sight unseen based on previous experiences with Srixon and my recent disappointments with Taylormade/PXG/Mizuno over the past year of tinkering. I bought the ZX7 in my standard specs from years past so hopefully they’re good to go. For those of you getting shipping notifications this past week, when did you order? I’m hoping to have mine in early March based on the timing of my order.
  10. Not sure if it was mentioned but the ZX7 is sold out on their site. Got my order in early last week so hopefully I don’t see too many delays! From what I’ve seen, these are going to be long term keepers in the bag.
  11. Looking to build up the bag. Interested in heads only for the below options. Don’t have to be new, but no major dings or any browning please! Thanks! Taylormade P750 Taylormade P760 Titleist 716 or 718 CB Callaway MB Raw
  12. All, Looking to get a few things off my work bench as we move into the club building season. 1. KBS Tour 130X shafts 5-7 - 1 time pulls from p770 - standard TMAG length -$30 shipped 2. Cobra CB 4 iron - raw finish - +1” over with MCC +4 - KBS CTaper 130X - $60 shipped
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD Headed up North! Thank you all for reaching out!
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