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  1. Thanks for checking out my post. No trades at this time, just looking to offload some extra items. Always willing to listen to reasonable offers, but I think most prices are pretty fair. DM me for more info or if you want additional photos. 1-2- Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6x and 8x shafts- Both of these shafts come stock from Callaway. The 6x still has the adapter (right handed) on it (more than happy to remove it if you don't want it), the 8x came out of a Rogue 3 wood. If I had to rate them I would give them both a 9/10. SOLDOBRO each shipped to your door. 3. Next
  2. What's everyone's experience with the new spinner shaft? I traditionally have played s400 on my wedges, but wanted to know what the consensus was on this stock shaft?
  3. I would probably wish for a little easier search function, with the ability to filter between results better. An app would also be a huge plus.
  4. Yeah I ordered head only and it came with 8g/8g. I have a 14g and a few 2g laying around. I will try those combos out and see if there is much difference in ball flight and spin. I did notice that the sound/feel was pretty different than my Mavrik Sub zero.
  5. What are you guys doing as far as your weight configurations? Mine came with 2 8g weights, spec sticker said head was 195.4g. Original mav sub zero was 196, but came with a 14g and 2g weight in it? What combinations are you guys liking with your weights??
  6. Has anyone been able to purchase just the head? I have a ton of Callaway shafts already, don't really need to purchase the entire set up? Thanks
  7. Funny thing is I talked to Callaway corporate and they said they had no announcement as of this time as to a release for a Mavrik triple Diamond at this time....
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