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  1. You can't go wrong with another round on Pacific. I hate being that guy and saying anything negative about Bandon and the courses, but Sheep just didn't do it for me at all. In the afternoon the place was just congested and people going every which direction as things are very on top of each other. Now once things mature and change and the popularity dies down I will go back and play again to assess how I feel. As for now, I could go back to the resort and have zero interest to play the course. Your mileage may vary though, and as a single you will have no issue playing a second round there if
  2. Thursday March 11th- 8am Pacific Dunes---The course was in absolute perfect shape. Honestly this is the best that I have ever seen the greens on Pacific. They rolled true and quickish, very receptive to good shots. 2nd best greens on the property behind Trails in my opinion. I always have the debate about which course is my favorite. To me Pacific has more teeth than Bandon Dunes. I find Bandon Dunes to be the most playable, so if you aren't hitting it great there is some forgiveness. Pacific demands a little more from you in my opinion, so if you are hitting it well it really presents a
  3. Agreed, I never do it but I wouldn't go to great lengths trying to change things or worry too much about it. I walked 36 4 straight days and could have gone another few. Your feet will be tired at the end of the day no matter what, but if your stamina is good and you do some recovery I think you can walk as much as you want. I bought some Epsom salts at the dollar general in town and used the tub in our room to soak my body every morning as the hot tub was not available. I also brought my theragun and foam roller and used them religiously. Also I paid a lot of attention to my hydration each da
  4. Hey guys let me answer some of your questions before I post about our Thursday rounds. First off the mornings were chilly. I usually wear leggings and long sleeve as base layer so I didn't find it to be an issue. Seemed to warm up pretty quick as the sun came out. The biggest factor is the wind, if it's whipping then you will feel that cold 100x more than a calm morning with sun out. As far as outside alcohol on the property, should be a non issue. I actually think they may have small ice chests you can request (don't quote me on that) but our rooms in Chrome Lake all had refrigerators, and yo
  5. Yeah I feel you buddy. We probably had the best weather that I've ever had on any Bandon Trip. Didn't event think about rain gear at anytime other than our arrival day. Accuweather was pretty spot on for what we got during our trip. Course conditions were perfect, atmosphere was excellent even with the Covid restrictions.
  6. Guys feel free to ask any questions, I will probably get a new review up tomorrow morning for our rounds at Pacific and Sheep Ranch (afternoon).
  7. Wednesday 10th- 7AM- Sheep Ranch--- Our first full round of the week was the pacesetter round at Sheep Ranch. This was going to be me first round on the new course and I could have been more excited. I love all of the courses at Bandon, some more than others depending on the weather and how I'm hitting the ball. There is a full driving range at Sheep Ranch, so get there with plenty of time to warm up and get ready. The starter made sure to inform us of all of the accolades that Sheep had already received, and let us know that it is currently the most played of any of their courses. I don'
  8. Was absolutely stunning. We had amazing weather for out trip. I'm going to try and get my trip report posted as quickly as I can.
  9. I'm going to say that these were the best I have ever seen the greens while at Bandon. Trails had the best greens, followed by Pac, then Bandon, then Old Mac, and Sheep way behind in last place. I know trails held a college tournament the weekend before we got there so maybe that was part of it but they were firm and rolled perfect. Pacific was also very nice roll, but not overly fast. Bandon was very solid and had no issues there. Old Mac has fescue greens so they are much different than the others, probably slower and a touch bumpy but nothing unplayable. Sheep has new fescue greens that hav
  10. I've flown Southwest loads of times with my clubs. You can put anything that meets the weight requirement in your bag. Rain Gear should not be an issue at all. As far as dinning goes the resort has really done a great job in streamlining getting your food. The provide you with a QR code to access the menus and and place your order ahead. I always placed lunch orders on the 18th tee box at the corresponding restaurant for our next round. Worked out nicely as the food was ready when I got there and I didn't have to wait. They have some tents set up at the Gallery with heaters if you want to eat
  11. Ok guys I want to start posting my review on my latest trip to Bandon. Not sure if I will post the whole thing in one take, maybe do a couple days with each post. I realized that most of my pictures were actually videos, sorry if I didn't take enough of them. All the same let me get to it. I'm going to try to be honest in my evaluation of the courses, and the things that I liked and the things that I didn't care for as much. Also I'm going to try and give an update on the way things are currently being run on the resort. With that being said, lets dive in: Tuesday March 9th- This w
  12. Ok guys just got back yesterday from our trip, as always the experience at Bandon was unbelievable! I will do a more in depth course review here shortly. If you have any specific questions I can answer fire away, always more than happy to help you out.
  13. Sorry I haven't been able to post this last week, been trying to slam out a ton of work so that I don't have to think about any. Leaving for Bandon tomorrow morning at 530am and playing preserve at 315pm. This weeks weather looks pretty promising, so I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm optimistic.
  14. Which part of Sacramento?
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