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  1. Look even better in person!!! Did not realize the darker contrast that the raws provide.
  2. CONFESSION… The “Raw” heads look SOOOOOOO much more sexy sitting behind the ball than the satin…kinda makes sense why all the guys on tour are playing them, definitely frame the ball much more.
  3. Prices should go up on these once they win GOLD!!! Still the most un-marketed players forged cavity back iron of the year...find it amusing that it was easier to order these from the UK than the U.S.
  4. For those who may still be looking…
  5. I guess it doesnt’ matter when you are Rahm or any of the other tour pros who can get new clubs everyday, if needed . Did we ever decipher if the Raw vs. Satin have any difference in feel???
  6. Are True Temper still manufactured in the U.S.? Is it a materials shortage or labor shortage or both?
  7. Seems as though shafts do not exist at the moment?? Any explanation why the shortage appears to be greater now than it was at the beginning of the year? Ordered a backup set of Apex TCB end of April w/ DG X100 Tour Issue … supposed to get July now being told September? Glad I ordered my first set when I did from the UK…only took 4 weeks back in March. Any idea who has stock & supply in the current market conditions?
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