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  1. The 365g feels GREAT! Feels extremely soft on initial review and may be kicking the Evnroll ER3 out of the bag(which now feels firm).
  2. So, these are a “standard” set that you ordered from the U.K., store that was posed at the beginning of the thread?
  3. What’s the point of having a direct to consumer website if you can not operate it? Titleist seems to be the only company right now that can fulfill orders in a timely manner. Taylormade and Ping seem to have longer than normal lead times, and Srixon’s website always has issues and less than average customer service support for their web shop. They seem to prefer to push consumers to dealers, which makes no rational sense when they are still the manufacturer who has to fulfill the orders received.
  4. Srixon is currently NOT taking any custom orders on their drivers or irons due to high demand per the website!!! Looks like the ZX7 iron sets are “out of stock”.
  5. Maybe the 718 AP2 is cleaner looking on the back, but I do prefer the thinner top line and feel of the T100, which I believe is an improvement over the 718 AP2.
  6. The TCB certainly shows a thinner top line and more rounded vs. X-Forged...thinking they look a little too “rounded”. I think what is throwing me off based upon the photos is that they look more like a wedge in shape than an iron. Not sure how they are going to catchup to their peers: T100/T100s, JPX 921 Tour or P7MC all of which I think have a much “cleaner” look at address.
  7. this was off of turf = grass.
  8. I know...this was my first experience with obtaining data from Trackman during a lesson. Hopefully, once I get to a comfortable level of consistency with my game/swing of were I want it to be I can move on to fine tuning with a ball of my choice. Are there any current charts/data that provides spin, launch, ball/club speed based upon lofts, as there could be 3-4* of difference depending on clubs and manufacturers for any stated iron?
  9. So, I was hitting my new Titleist T100s w/Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100, soft stepped. Clubs are +1/2”, 2* upright. Callaway Range Balls. With my 7 iron I was averaging 165 carry w/ Ball Speed of 114.4 mph, Spin Rate of 4866 and Launch Angle of 18 with my grouping the other day on Trackman. I had couple in the low 170’s, but smooth swings were in the 165-167 consistently. Anyone care to elaborate on data provided above given the stronger lofted T100s 7-iron which is at 32*?
  10. https://www.golfwrx.com/648200/sam-burns-witb-2021-february/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Center_Top&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=main Another Callaway staffer with the Apex TCB in the bag, but no word or explanation on their release??? Not sure how this makes sense from a marketing perspective. As a consumer, I would be pissed (I know this happens with other brands, but...), if I just bought a new set of one of their 100 other newly released sets only to find out there are additional “new” sets possibly, yet to be released.
  11. Any idea how this compares or what it is compared to the standard double sided tape at the local golf shop? I’m thinking I may need to go 5 wraps of standard tape?
  12. I’ve recently have ordered some new Titleist irons/wedges with Golf Pride MCC+4 Align standard grips. The specifications when ordering has been +3 Wraps (3/64). I like the size and feel of these. My question is, how do I get the size to match on my woods? I’ve tried 3 wraps total with my woods but the grips come out extremely narrower/thin. Would like to stick with standard grip at 53g vs. midsize at 67g. Any idea what the magic recipe would be? Does the butt diameter of graphite shafts cause the grips to thin out more vs. irons?
  13. YEP,...they are called Bendable Building Sticks...you can pick and make any size, shape or color you want!!!
  14. Playing around with a VII and looking to compare it to an “old” IV that I still have.
  15. This is an example of how the K.I.S.S. Rule works (see photo): In the meantime, Callaway has: Apex, Apex DCB, Apex Pro and Apex MB; and APEC TCB??? / with the X-Forged being they step-child. 1). What is the Apex Pro trying to be? A P770? T100? Gender Neutral?... 2). The X-Forged seems like it’s all dressed up but wasn’t invited to the party? Why not make it flow/work with the Apex MB to cover the “tour/better” player category of a cavity back and muscle back (i.e. Titleist CB/MB Series).
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