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  1. I’ve been waiting for this one for years! I use my 50th anniversary Anser and phantom x 5.5 and love both but this is the release that sparks interest!
  2. I experienced a similar dilemma. I had been gaming a Heppler Tyne 3, loved it, bought the 2021 Tyne 4 for fun, love the lag puts, despise the short put feel. On Father's Day, I saw a 34" , 5.5 at Roger Dunn Santa Ana, and impulsively bought it (of course I did!) knowing I could resell or return. Well, it is a nice compromise between the firm Tyne3 & softer Tyne4! Rolls it with a great feel on long and short IMHO. May drive to the gallery today and get a new Headcover...I hate Scottys, I love Scottys, I hate Scottys, and on and on.
  3. Z5 - It's the only iron that has made it over 10 rounds with out me "running home to Mama!" (Mama=G irons) Love the looks, feel and must be me, getting along with the Modus105,I am one club longer thru the set.
  4. 6 thru U I had equal performance with 710 & G425. For me, the G710 4 & 5 iron were easy, forgiving and long. I struggle with the 425 4&5 and when I play them I pull them for hybrid. Just don’t fit me…something I didn’t expect. (Replaced with full set ZX5s for now) 710s are hard to beat…that would be my vote.
  5. I’ve already returned mine after a few rounds. I’m just to used to my Garmin S62 and app. Seemed redundant to me. I just don’t need something else to leave at the course. It’s a nice unit, RFs are just not for me.
  6. "...the Duck of Death I says."
  7. Congrats on your ace! Way to resurrect a dead-thread!
  8. Agreed. I love the idea of the soft/firm face but took a Tyne4 outside and A/B'ed against my Heppler Tyne and did not like the feel of the 2021 as much. Since when is a "soft" putter the best ? I count on a certain sound/feel to repeat and gauge distances. Maybe most all of you "soft" putter fans just hit it closer to the pin than I do (20-40 footers!)!
  9. I have Odysseys, Pings and TM with inserts. My Heppler Tyne 3 rolls as pure (if not more so) as anything I have in my stable. I like the firm feel/sound and play it at 33.75" so the supposed "shaft flex" issue is just urban legend to me. I want another new putter this year but this one won't stop rolling so pure! I play fast Bermuda greens and 30 foot lags are no problem and clean ups are automatic.
  10. ...and in sunny Florida, the 60 and over 13 hcp crowd (me) are going all ZX5/Modus 105!
  11. Haha! I know but I have almost exclusivly played cast Pings to Titleist. So, I need to get over that and accept the battle scars! I sent my Gs in to have the lie changed and re-shafted but not sure they will make it back to the varsity bag now. Srixon made some G killers!
  12. As one of the original Ping G fanboys, the only complaint I have is bag chatter! So pretty, so fragile! Oh well, they perform great and feel better! Very Real.
  13. Been happily bagging the Heppler Tyne3 and it's proven to be an amazing putter for me. Rolled all the PING 2021's today, nice I thought, too soft for me, "move along...". The Harwood was never a consideration and there was a guy there who was not about to give it up and weighing the higher cost. He implored me to try it. It looks smaller at address than in pics. Made everything I aimed at. I aimed at other putters, the set up holes and peoples feet. Hit everything with an unreal stability. Hmmm, I will let the Heppler know it's on probation. The Ping Harwood is no joke. Back on to
  14. Good call! I am a card carrying member of the "G" fanboy club and the G425s may yet find a spot in one of my bags but Srixons have been overlooked for a couple of decades in the USA IMHO. I know, I had a beautiful set of I-403 irons in 2005 and nobody knew what they were or cared, until they swung them...the ZX5s are really, really good.
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