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  1. Haha! I know but I have almost exclusivly played cast Pings to Titleist. So, I need to get over that and accept the battle scars! I sent my Gs in to have the lie changed and re-shafted but not sure they will make it back to the varsity bag now. Srixon made some G killers!
  2. As one of the original Ping G fanboys, the only complaint I have is bag chatter! So pretty, so fragile! Oh well, they perform great and feel better! Very Real.
  3. Been happily bagging the Heppler Tyne3 and it's proven to be an amazing putter for me. Rolled all the PING 2021's today, nice I thought, too soft for me, "move along...". The Harwood was never a consideration and there was a guy there who was not about to give it up and weighing the higher cost. He implored me to try it. It looks smaller at address than in pics. Made everything I aimed at. I aimed at other putters, the set up holes and peoples feet. Hit everything with an unreal stability. Hmmm, I will let the Heppler know it's on probation. The Ping Harwood is no joke. Back on to
  4. Good call! I am a card carrying member of the "G" fanboy club and the G425s may yet find a spot in one of my bags but Srixons have been overlooked for a couple of decades in the USA IMHO. I know, I had a beautiful set of I-403 irons in 2005 and nobody knew what they were or cared, until they swung them...the ZX5s are really, really good.
  5. Agreed. In the simulator, for myself, the G425 would be the winner. When I took both out on the course, the softer feeling ZX5 turf interaction and comparable dispersion, won the spot in my bag. Depending on your swing type, the V-Sole is nothing short of amazing. I’ve gone from a straight picker to a very slight divot. When I get a bit heavy the sole slides thru the turf pretty well and minimal damage is done yardage wise.
  6. I just ordered the new Nikon Coolshot Pro II directly from Nikon. What is the difference from the Coolshot Pro? Only difference I see is that it works better in the fog and the original does not? Anyone know?
  7. Killer track! Love the greens!
  8. It was actually Darren Clarke! His Bell Ranger, not kidding. He was working with his coach. Super cool to see him. Great day there wasn't it?!
  9. I took a few ZX5 demo irons out this weekend and they felt incredible! I was able to A/B them on the Fox Club Saturday, against my Ping G425s. It was a slow day there, no one behind me, and played both, played two balls most of the day. Stock steel, regs. Both are strong performers! The ZX5 irons have one degree more loft but the shaft/head combo allowed me to gain 5/10 yards over the G's, depending on my strike, with a slightly, slightly lower trajectory. Drop and stop seven from 150 is all I ask. It delivers and damn if I can't shape a baby draw/fade easier now! The Srixon impact is m
  10. Any woman golfer would be wise to pick these up! My wife uses this exact driver and three metal and it has measurably improved her game and her joy of hitting the ball! Somebody treat their wife here! GLWS
  11. A couple of weeks ago I played with a guy who used a Bushnell XE and me with my S62 and "Plays like" enabled. Damn close all day and we would compare every hole. Granted, a rangefinder is way more versatile at finding various hazard distances way more quickly! He also he used a older Garmin Watch as well ( no need with his rangefinder but hey, we all have weird stuff we do).
  12. PING Heppler Tyne 3. For me the feedback this head provides is perfect. Love the adjustable shaft and is a game changer for me. Rollin' the ball as if I knew what I was doin'
  13. True that! But, I remember, we paid $6 per month for cable in 1975 Seattle, we had the privilege of no commercials for bowling, tennis, volleyball, celebrity tug of wars and any other sports they could fill the air with, along with some decent college and pro games. I for one loved it because ....that is all we had. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and better than on air local tv.
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