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  1. HaHa, Been here before my July 2005 signature says because I changed my handle and they took away my earlier join date, I have stepped away from golf, this site many times but it is a happy refuge from our 24 hour news cycle ('nuff said).We are "old timers" here. In that span I have had a lot of fun buying, selling, dreaming and regretting some of my bag moves! Anyway, Looking to order the G425 irons in a Powerspec (getting old sucks!)
  2. New Spider 🕷 just inspired me to buy one of the remaining Spider Chalk Center Shaft putters on the TM site. The 2021 look good but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Meh. Want a copper face
  3. PRGR - SUPER EGG Driver JDM LOVE! 480 cc High Repulsion face (non-conforming)10.5° Aldila Rogue, 45"- Stiff flex Excellent shape! A true stealth bomber! LONG with unreal forgiveness. $295 OBO shipped USA or trade for Spider X Navy or Chalk Slant neck
  4. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Excellent condition! 34" - all stock Stock Special Select grip $OLD
  5. TaylorMade Sim 10.5 Excellent shape! $old Possible trade for TM Spider Chalk or Navy slant neck
  6. Hmmmm...IMHO, I have been demoing the G425 Max 9* all week and compared to my G400 Max, I find it's noise pleasing. Although not as quiet as my Sim, much more muted than my XXIO X.
  7. Great putters! Played a Ti3 for years and really, should never never sold it.
  8. I’ve over 20 rounds and they still look great! I was worried too. But now know Ping righted the ship with this finish.
  9. We have both S40 and S62 now in our house (S60/62 are kinda similar imo) and have loved the S40 for years and as far as worth the upgrade goes, it’s worth it for the battery life and believe it or not, the course layout, on watch face comes in handy at new courses! Plus the S60 is a pretty good smart watch for notifications and fitness features.
  10. I cannot speak highly enough of this putter today. One of the best rounds of the year and I was making most every putt within ten feet. The sound/feel is, I believe where Ping is headed with their Heppler line. Acoustics that give confidence for repeated results. Loved the sound slot. Weight is spot on. Feel with the Pingman grip and stepped shaft is very lively. Making my Special Select NP2 feel dead in comparison and I have been loving that Scotty. So yes, worth four Benjamins. Plus the leather head cover (looks weird by itself) looks sweet in my L8 bag!
  11. For me, most definitely. Been playing Ping since the 70s and have always had Ping represented in my bag (even if it was only one club) and lived in PHX for many years. I resisted the initial $999 price. I actually ordered three times and cancelled. But $399 was hard to pass on. It’s new. It’s mine. From John’s hands to my bag (or den ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) yeh, expensive but It’s kinda’ cool for an old Ping fanboy. Looks great in my new L8 bag next to my G710s.
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