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  1. Sik Flo is an awesome putter and once you’re dialed in it’s hard for me to use one my other 20+ putters. I picked up one of these while my SC 5.5 is being customized at SC. Not sure the 5.5 will see the bag for awhile. GLWS
  2. I’m four rounds in with the T300 and love the feel as much if not better than the ZX5 they replaced but with a higher ball flight and dare I say, better than G series forgiveness. I’m a solid one club longer than either the G425 or ZX5. Still dialing in yardages and blown a few more greens than usual due to mis-clubbing with the extra ten yards. Flight and spin are perfect for me.
  3. Love the AP1 series...714s are the only irons that gave me two eagles from the fairway, in one round...of course I sold them...why would I keep something that works so well!
  4. Had some offers but a couple more days then off to the Bay or my bag…
  5. Well, had some offers prior to my moving back to Florida and just now got settled. It’s a pretty sweet looking putter. So, tempted to game !
  6. Finished moving! Small Batch Toulon SANTA MONICA PUTTER One of 25 crafted Brand new, Homage to Tiger’s putter 34” $old! pin 10/26
  7. Wow, your iron experience similar to mine. I regretted selling my SLDRs when I did. Enjoyed my Zx5s but was not 100% sold. Picked up a set of graphite T200 and after a couple of okay rounds I benched them for a set of 2021 T300, 4 thru G, R-AMT Red. These feel great! Better than the T200 to me. What I like best is what the Ping Gs and T300s do better than anything is, to fly straight at the flag whether I'm a little toey or on the heel. T200s think I actually want to “work “ the ball :-). They actually made the 300s better. Not longer. Better feel, flight and spin. Ridiculous Consistency. Any one want a near new set of T200, R ,tensei AM2 ?
  8. Steelhead

    2021 P790s

    On the turf, not much to split in sound.For me, the sound/feel is over after a few rounds. Only a demo thing IMHO. What shaft?, what ball?, off a mat?, inside?, outside? All makes it feel/sound different. I am just playing golf and hope I the ball lands where I am aiming. Went to a range yesterday near where I work and they have mats outside with horrible range rocks. Wanted to sell them on the spot. Went to a course range today, hit off the turf, and used balls that my wife gathers here in FL when we play. All kinds, every brand, I use them for range balls (people lose a lot of nice golf balls here!). T200s felt great, sounded great. P790? I could play those as well. Just nothing to split them IMO. Coke or Pepsi?
  9. Steelhead

    2021 P790s

    Even though I sold my P790s, I had a chance to play with them around the greens and they’re every bit as consistent as my Titleist T200s. I think the hot shots mostly gone from this model now. I was terrified of the 2019 P790s.
  10. Both have a similar “volume of sound” just different sounds to my ear. I prefer the deeper sound (forged guys here would call it “click”. T200 just feels/sounds better on the grass for me. Might be the Tensei shaft? Really, after a few rounds I would not mind either. Plastic on the back? Not my favorite but it’s likely hiding the amazing amount of tech built into this iron. I wanted to love the P790s but really, just wanted another Titleist in my bag and the 200s made it an easy choice. Just don’t demo with range balls off a mat .
  11. I like all three of these irons! Both the ZX5 (which I still have) and the P790 spin less and roll out slightly more than I want. Probably because it's three different shafts here,(ZX5/Modus 105, P790/DG 95VSS, and T200/Tensei AM2) and have narrowed it down to the T200/Tensei combo. Truly, I am splitting hairs here, as there is really no fault to be found with any of these players distance irons. Such a first world problem.
  12. It appears the opinions of T200 will depend greatly on what iron camp the player is coming from. I am coming from the ZX5 and 2021 P790 camp (Yes, had them for a few rounds and returned for the T200). Just played another round with them today in perfectly warm weather and decent fairways. IMHO the T200 has a unique feel that for me, is more enjoyable than either of the aforementioned irons. I did demo the T100s on grass and yes, buttery and tempting. But, the forgiveness of the T200 is great and I am not getting any younger. I feel that anyone can play these. I was concerned with the plastic on the cavity back but big whoop. At address it is one of my favorite and confidence inspiring irons. Nice high trajectory, great feedback, but with a unique sound/feel that I like. Best of all, being a pure Titleist, the number on the club consistently matches to the yardage I get (and expect). Bravo.
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