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  1. Good Evening Friends, I have two beautiful Piretti GSS putters up for sale, one with toe hang, one face balanced. Pictures tell the story in terms of condition- price includes shipping/insurance through USPS. Feel free to send offers, the worst I can do is laugh! First up: Piretti Tesora GSS Tri Sole. Was told this was from a Champion's Tour player, cannot confirm nor deny which one! Limited Tour Only head cover, Standard Piretti grip. Length is currently at 36" with extender-- grip can be saved and cut to either 35" or 34" if desired. Lie is 70* and loft i
  2. I've seen release date of Tuesday- any idea how quickly they end up on backorder/not available to order?
  3. ive seen release date of tuesday/wednesday- any idea how quickly they end up on backorder? trying to time a truespec fitting!
  4. Hello Friends, Up for sale is my Stability Tour shaft, .370 and 36". This was pulled from my Piretti by my club pro, has only been rolled a few times and is next to new. $170 shipped/insured.
  5. shaft/loft/lie does not matter, if not brand new as close to as possible. send pics and price! thanks
  6. found this through a google image search, look much better than the catalogue photo
  7. switched out of x100s into LZs last year and couldn't be happier, unreal feeling shaft
  8. He had both drivers in his bag, Sim2 100% there- you can watch @foreplaypod on instagram
  9. Pat Perez has a Sim 2 in the bag today playing against the Foreplay podcast (barstool sports)
  10. Had a pair of shoes with an issue this summer, Adidas was great to deal with and send me $150 gift card. Gift card can be used online and never expires- the amount is $150, i will sell for SOLD (20% discount)- not negotiating this price, will happily keep. Adidas is also running a 30% off sale right now for all their golf shoes, good time to buy! Thanks, Eric
  11. picked up an 800 fill down eddie bauer vest, to someone else's point here- if you walk, you'll never need more than a down vest, undearmour and light sweater.
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