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  1. Good Evening, I have two just the Max left! Basically new Sim2 driver head for sale, no trades please! $300 shipped, reasonable offers entertained of course but based on my research the prices are very fair. Sim2 Max - 10.5 degrees Sim2 - 10.5 degrees SOLD
  2. made a profile to log on to golfwrx to say you won a size 7.5? interesting
  3. Perfect condition PuttOut Mat and Cup (mirror shown in photo not included). This is the size "medium" which is 8 feet long and 19 inches wide. Asking $85 shipped! Only trades would be 2 dozen 2021 tp5x white. Will vacuum before shipping- PuttOut bag is included! Happy to provide more pictures if needed, just send me a message!
  4. If you are that particular about the length of the wedges you would've asked before you purchased it. as others have said, that is not damaged, unfortunately quality control is always what we wish it was. after you got your refund you should've sent it back, asking for him to pay for shipping is an outrageous move in my opinion.
  5. S grind is 10* of bounce great price, if it wasn't chrome i'd buy it immediately!!
  6. Very cool, i'm based in NYC but am not surprised to hear that as we've been expanding our footprint in the empire state building.
  7. appreciate everyone's help on this!
  8. thanks Stuart, this was very helpful- i unscrewed the screw from the bottom and the entire adaptor came out. i can now put new shaft in. I was obviously confused, not realizing the adaptor goes all the way into the hosel. with the head snapping off i had assumed the adaptor was gone with it!
  9. you guessed wrong, i change shafts probably too often. the piece that goes into the hosel is also an adaptor? The adaptor on my shaft needs to screw into something, correct?
  10. yeah i can see how this is confusing- here are two other pictures (one of my three wood showing piece im referencing). 1C2BE590-B085-48B5-95A7-1C734DBDC95A.heic 95D65B80-0812-4BCF-8959-DEA7165EE759.heic
  11. hey folks- before i explain, i have my warranty claim in and am waiting to hear back. My driver head flew off this weekend along with the adaptor which i could not recover. I went to put in another shaft this morning and realized the female screw(def. not what its called ) inside hosel is gone. i'm sure TM will take care of me, but i have a tournament in one week and am wondering if this is an easy fix (assuming golf shop has part). Or, do you know the name of the part and if i can order it quickly? thanks everyone Thanks! Eric
  12. i'm in sales at LinkedIn here in New York, i support around 50 customers with their Talent Acquisition strategy (branding, employee engagement, retention, workforce planning) Love the thread!
  13. My mid 30s have approached and i am officially (and proudly) part of the Push Cart Mafia, i am taking no further questions at this time. The Vessel Sunday 2.0 is a fantastic bag, especially if you walk. It comfortably fits 14 clubs with midsize grips, rain gear, range finder (sweet magnetic pocket), etc. Single strap, but vessel sells a great backpack strap if you want to upgrade. With that said, i'm looking to get a larger bag that sits more snugly into my new sled. Since I need a price, let's go SOLDshipped. Trade Interests (will of course add cash if needed) Vessel Lite Stand or VLX (not interested in players series) Shapland stand Jones Utility Trouper Would entertain Sun Mountain so long as it doesnt have huge logos
  14. thanks for the heads up on the youtube videos, Sparty.
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