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  1. Not exactly a two-wedge setup, but I play 52, 28, 62 and have for years. The top of the bag has changed a bit over time, but right now I've landed on 8* driver, 14* 3-wood, 18* 3-iron, 21.5* 4-iron, then 5-pw (pw is 47*). The 3 and 4 irons are both adjustable Cobra driving irons and have worked well for me. I hit the 4 so well for so long that I dropped by 5-wood in favor of a 3-iron in the same model as the 4. Point is...plenty of room at the top for some tinkering if you don't have a 62...
  2. A little late but definitely in - a Taylormade Spider fan here but ready to make a change if it works!
  3. +1 Do yourself a favor and get a Heavenwood that you can ratchet down to your desired 5-wood loft (or as close as it will go). Will become the most reliable club in your bag after about 2 rounds. Point and shoot.
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