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  1. I now realize I worded my question quite poorly. During my fitting, there was no application of lead tape or different head weights. The SW came out to D9 for the "winner" of the fitting. I purchased that combination and it was built at D9. I'm asking about how they would have built my purchased driver to be D9 if the stock weights are used. Based on @taylorx300 and @shellbmb it sounds like it may be through the tungsten power route.
  2. Hi all, I got fitted at Club Champion back in February for a Cobra RadSpeed with the Speeder Evo7 661 X shaft. When all was said and done, the build came out to be D9. Should I ever part with this club and resell the head and shaft separately, I'm trying to determine where/how they add the extra weight. Seems like i recall reading that they typically install tip weights in the shaft, but I can't find a source for that now. Anyone know? Thanks On edit: Installed head weights are the standard combo of 12g and 2g
  3. Hi all, I recently got fit into a Cobra RAD with a Fuji Evo VII 661 X. The feel of the shaft is amazing and the driver is everything I could dream of. However, it was a pretty penny. I'm now in the market for a new 3W. Hit a Ping LST at a Golf Galaxy and love the way it sits behind the ball, but not a fan of the Ping Tour 75 shaft. I'm looking for something that will be comparable in feels/specs to the Evo, but not in price. Not a fan of anything counterbalanced. Something smooth and in the 70g range perhaps? Trying to narrow down a list of shafts to research and hopefully test. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone compared these two balls side by side? Too chilly in my area to experiment myself. I have been playing the Tour BX for the last 2 years and have been relatively pleased, but anything that may fly high and spin less catches my attention. I spin every club quite a lot and at 112mph driver speed I think I might be quick enough to see some benefit by switching.
  5. Huge fan of the P790 UDI I'm currently gaming. Originally had the stock HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 but hated the feel. Opted to match my irons with a Nippon Modus 120X at 0.75" shorter to match SW. It's a monster now. Never been a fan of fairway woods off the tee so this gets a lot of play when I just need to hit a fairway but it's pretty handy from the turf too. Carry is 240ish off the tee and around 225-230 off the deck depending on trajectory. Great gapping off the deck since my 1" short 3W carries 240-250 and my 4iron carries 215. Never thought I'd feel this confident in this part of the bag.
  6. Hi all, Last spring I bought a Cobra F9 10.5* (turned down to 9.5) with the Evenflow White T1100 60g 6.5 shaft. This was to replace a Titleist 915D3 9.5* with the Diamana White 70X. While 2019 was my best season of golf ever (made my club's tournament team, handicap down to 0.3, etc) the driving game has still left a lot to be desired. Driving as always been a weaker part of my game and probably doesn't squash my wish to tinker. I didn't get fit for the F9 (I know, I know...), but the initial honeymoon went well, Accuracy and Distance seemed on par with the 915D3. Didn't feel like an up-grade, more of a side-grade. My fairway-finder swing is fine with the current set up. However when I try to get after one and bomb it, it feels like the shaft makes it very hard to time and feel/control the face. Unless I hit it a little high on the toe, it feels short and spinny (even out of the true middle). My normal ball flight has always been a 5-10yd fade and the current setup has been sending several shots drawing/hooking left. Swing speed around 2 years ago was 113-114 and carry distance was ~270. That carry distance is basically the same today so I assume I'm still around 113-114mph. I've been looking at the Atmos TourSpec Black 7X and the 70g version of the Evenflow White to compete against the 60g Evenflow. I'm mainly looking at these since they can be picked up somewhat cheap from Cobra. Would either of these shafts be better than the other at generating even lower spin/launch? Would either of these shafts behave/feel similarly to the Diamana White 70X? Any other suggestions or ideas out there? Thanks!
  7. 45/50/54/58. I like to hit full shots with my wedges and I never felt comfortable taking a full swing with a 60+
  8. Search Ebay for an Adams Tight Lies 2 Titanium. Super easy to launch high off the turf. Had to buy a 13.5* since even the 15* was hitting moon balls
  9. > @golfinguru11 said: > > @"Boricua Golf" said: > > Graphite Design AD-DI 105x, is what I use in my hybrid, it simply works for me...good luck > > not tip stiff at all though, relative to something like a HZRDUS. especially in the 75-85g version I was interested in your comment because since the site [https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-di-hybrid-shafts/](https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-di-hybrid-shafts/ "https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-di-hybrid-shafts/") lists it as stiff in the tip section. Are you suggesting it's not tip stiff? Or just that it's not tip stiff in comparison to the HZRDUS Black? Do you think the Tour AD DI 85x would be too close to my current Speeder Evo 85x?
  10. Based on the suggestions in everyone's replies, should I assume that my initial ponderings of the Fujikura Pro 2.0 75g and the Kuro Kage 80X go in the opposite direction of what I was looking for?
  11. I have a Mizuno CLK Hybrid in the Fujikura Speeder Evolution HB 85X (I'm told this shaft is very similar to the Atmos Blue) I'm looking to replace the shaft with something still in the 75-85gram weight range. My favorite driver and 3W shafts are a little stiffer and/or heavier in the tip and also on the lighter side (65gram X in each). I'm wanting to apply similar logic to my hybrid. Any suggestions on what shafts fit what I'm looking for? I've been looking at the Fujikura Pro 2.0 75g and the Kuro Kage 80X simply because they're cheap on Ebay, however I'm not sure if they fit the profile I'm looking for. Thanks,
  12. Hi all, Thinking about swapping shafts between these two clubs where the shafts are 10g different. I'm curious if anyone knows the approximate head weight of both of these heads. I saw the post at [https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1674956/p790-udi-approx-head-weight/p1](https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1674956/p790-udi-approx-head-weight/p1"https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1674956/p790-udi-approx-head-weight/p1"), but I'm unable to view the attachment. Anyone have any insight here? Thanks,
  13. Hi all, Long time lurker here. I'm looking for what options are available for a 0335 tip wood/hybrid shaft. I'd prefer something that would be over 80grams, probably an X-flex, and it'd be cut to about 41". Bonus internet points for such a shaft under $150. I've done a fair share of googling but I was hoping to get a more comprehensive list from the people that would be in the know (instead of me wandering around the internet with reckless abandon). For background, I purchased a like-new Adams Tight Lies 3W on ebay for next to nothing. It's way too long for my comfort at 43.5", has a 55gram shaft, and it is about 3 degrees too upright by my estimation compared to woods/hybrids I typically play. I'd like to tinker with it by dropping a heavier shaft in it at 41" to not only shorten and beef up the weight, but to effectively "fix" the lie angle as well. It takes a 0335 shaft so I know my options are limited. Any thoughts or ideas here? Thanks!
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