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  1. Also a radar. The long drive set would be preferred but would also consider the standard set.
  2. Wondering if anyone has any idea what the maximum length of driver that Taylormade will custom build? I'm debating ordering a SIM - although I already have a HZRDUS HULK that plays ~45.5"... I have been toying with getting into long driver and want to have a 47-48" shaft to toy around with. I was thinking about getting an 8* head and setting to loft to -2* to have it play around 6*. Any info or opinions on potentially downsides to this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to bump this for interest sake (I created a topic in the Launch Monitors forum as well, but did haven't received any info yet)... Does anyone know the maximum ball speeds the following monitors can measure (approximately)? PRGRMEVOSC300Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I am in the market for a relatively cheap launch monitor which I would primarily use for wedge work and playing around with driver setups. My concern is that my driver ball speed is fairly high (currently around 190-195mph) with a standard length driver and I plan on experimenting with some long drive setups this season as well. So I guess my question is this: is there any relatively cheap (under $800) launch monitor setups that will give me somewhat reliable data? I have heard the MEVO isn't great at picking up drivers, and I'm scared that as my ball speed increasing, the devic
  5. Hey guys. Excuse my ignorance. I have very little expertise in this field and am looking for some insight/advice. My driver loft is roughly 7-8* degrees, and I'm currently (and have been for the past 15ish years) playing a 13* degree Titleist PT (the original) 3 wood. I also have a 16* 1 iron. The distance gap between the 3 wood and 1 iron is a bit tight. So, essentially, I'm looking to have the 3 wood play closer to 11.5-12* degree. Is bending the face open a legitimate way to achieve this or is it a waste of time? Thanks in advance.
  6. Awesome, thanks guys! Any ideas on what I should be looking for in terms of ideal launch angle and spin rate?
  7. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I actually got on a launch monitor tonight and had a chance to compare the M5 and M5 Tour head-to-head, and honestly, as someone who struggles to find the center of the club face, my preference has shifted towards the M5 (although I still prefer the shape of the M5 Tour). To be completely honest, I have been out of the loop as far as equipment goes for quite a few years now, so please excuse my ignorance... I'm asking for any help/advice/insight in terms of recommendations. I have settled on the Tour Issue 8* M5 head, which I will likely buy through Will Pe
  8. Hey everyone, I'm sure this is a likely "yes" or "no" question that someone with more knowledge than myself can quickly answer.. I'm looking at buying a M5 at some point before Spring (in central Canada, so winter is just beginning). My question is quite simple: I really like (prefer) the shape of the M5 Tour as opposed to the M5. However, I want it in 8 degrees, if at all possible. All tour issued 8 degree M5s that I have came across are the M5 (as opposed to the M5 Tour), does a 8* degree M5 Tour exist or am I SOL? Thanks in advance!
  9. And nobody is "blaming" them for that. It is simply time to seriously deal with the technology that allows it. Nobody has any concern, about their athleticism. Well, when it comes to Merion, and lots of intercollegiate golf courses, and The Old Course and indeed the entire rota of Open courses; yeah, it is time to draw a line. I just came here to tell you: although you certainly seem to be trying, your punctuation is atrocious.
  10. more price drops... take 3 articles of clothing for $70, 5 for $100 or all 7 for $125
  11. Price drops. Take all 7 articles of clothing for $200. Make offers, this stuff needs to go asap.
  12. Without getting into too much detail, an unfortunate situation arose where I basically have to sell all of my golf gear to raise some cash. If my prices are out of line, or you don’t agree, just PM me with an offer. Everything needs to go as soon as possible. All prices include shipping within continental North America. 1. Skycaddie SGXw – very good condition, still has plastic protector over screen.. Bought brand new in the spring, used sparingly this summer as the course I play at has GPS built into the carts. Only blemish is the rubber protector that covers the USB port fell off, doesn
  13. pictures dont appear to be working. could someone/a mod PM me.. i have no idea what im doing wrong when attaching
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