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  1. Must be in fairly good condition
  2. Just looking to something to experience with something around 17-20 degrees... preferably Taylormade but willing to listen to whatever
  3. Let me know what you have (also the length please!)
  4. Apologies if this has already been covered, but could someone compare the spin numbers from the SIM vs the SIM2? Specifically, which is lower spin. I've done a bit of research but I've heard conflicted reports... @TaylorMade Golf Thanks!
  5. @TaylorMade Golf Would you be able to indulge us in the spin comparisons between the SIM and the SIM2? Does the SIM2 (not the Max) spin more, less, or similar to the SIM?
  6. It doesn't appear the pictures work. Converting them to PNGs now and will post the pics in this topic in the next few minutes...
  7. 1. Taylormade SIM 8*. Used for about 10 rounds. In good condition. SOLD 2. Very old Titleist 821 irons 3-9 iron. These were refinished in black oxide and were meant to rust, and as you can see, they have begun to rust pretty good. These are complete butter knives that are just laying around collecting dust that I figured I would throw up for sale and see if anyone would actually make use of them. $150 shipped. Heads only. IMG_1442.HEIC IMG_1441.HEIC IMG_1440.HEIC IMG_1439.HEIC IMG_1438.HEIC IMG_1437.HEIC IMG_1436.HEIC IMG_1435.HEIC IMG_1434.HEIC
  8. Wondering if anyone has any idea what the maximum length of driver that Taylormade will custom build? I'm debating ordering a SIM - although I already have a HZRDUS HULK that plays ~45.5"... I have been toying with getting into long driver and want to have a 47-48" shaft to toy around with. I was thinking about getting an 8* head and setting to loft to -2* to have it play around 6*. Any info or opinions on potentially downsides to this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I wanted to bump this for interest sake (I created a topic in the Launch Monitors forum as well, but did haven't received any info yet)... Does anyone know the maximum ball speeds the following monitors can measure (approximately)? PRGRMEVOSC300Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone. I am in the market for a relatively cheap launch monitor which I would primarily use for wedge work and playing around with driver setups. My concern is that my driver ball speed is fairly high (currently around 190-195mph) with a standard length driver and I plan on experimenting with some long drive setups this season as well. So I guess my question is this: is there any relatively cheap (under $800) launch monitor setups that will give me somewhat reliable data? I have heard the MEVO isn't great at picking up drivers, and I'm scared that as my ball speed increasing, the devic
  11. Hey guys. Excuse my ignorance. I have very little expertise in this field and am looking for some insight/advice. My driver loft is roughly 7-8* degrees, and I'm currently (and have been for the past 15ish years) playing a 13* degree Titleist PT (the original) 3 wood. I also have a 16* 1 iron. The distance gap between the 3 wood and 1 iron is a bit tight. So, essentially, I'm looking to have the 3 wood play closer to 11.5-12* degree. Is bending the face open a legitimate way to achieve this or is it a waste of time? Thanks in advance.
  12. Awesome, thanks guys! Any ideas on what I should be looking for in terms of ideal launch angle and spin rate?
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