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  1. That Oddy is a smooth roller and in great shape for its age. I've tried a number of other putters since picking mine up in '07 but always come back to it.
  2. I was fit for a TS1 the week it came out. Trying to fix a hook. Monster on the simulator but same old on the course. Thumbs up if you ever got "took" by the fitter.
  3. Certainly not the only one. Clubs have been given names since the very beginning. They may not be proper nouns but the spirit is there. Who is the first guy to call a 5 iron a mashie or a fairway wood a brassie? One of the first metal drivers was the TM "Pittsburgh Persimmon." I also distinctly remember my first driver as a lab being named "The Billy Club." Golf clubs have always had names. Mine are named after the feeling they give me. Wally Balls is the driver bc when I hit it it's Balls to the Walls. The flatstick is the crook or el bandito bc it steals strokes from me every round -- but by god if I don't love each and every club in the bag.
  4. Definitely not what I had in mind when the milled face rumors started a couple weeks ago. Not sure how I feel about it just yet. I'm most excited for the hybrids tbh .
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