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  1. After 3 rounds with my tsi 3 9 degree, it’s proven that windy, cold for me at least, not to cause any loss of distance or trajectory, and its longer than my G410&M5 every were. Now only played when cool out so far, so for it to be longer than my previous drivers on warmer, optimal days. Many have not seen the new driver at my club and were turned off by older louder titlest drivers, so when they couldn’t hear mine loud are really leaning towards that new driver. And like I’ve said before I’ve never really had a premium shaft before, I’ve had one’s a little better than the stock, but not r
  2. Like I was saying the other day 40 50° wind 10 to 15 miles an hour in her face normal day warm no wind on number nine with my 410 or my M5 probably 115 out I was like 90 to 100 yards out with the Titleist it was just so impressed and that was with a fade which was not hit that high
  3. I can say this, I always go 10.5 and softer tipped shafts for apex help. I got my TSi3 9 degree and a stouter shaft and I’m getting plenty of height, if that helps?
  4. Not me, pretty much same results for me as that video I pasted above by 2nd swing guys. Only difference, I never hit TSi2, so not sure how that would pan out for me. Now as I said the grip is too big for me right now, so once I go to regular grip I may see more left.
  5. Played my first full round of golf with the driver today. I definitely am having the new irons and driver re-gripped at club champion at no cost, midsize is just not my thing, also lie angles need changed on new irons, It was in the high 40’s to high 50’s this morning, 10-15 mph winds, Literally on one hole there was so much stuff blowing out of the trees I couldn’t even see my ball when I hit my tee shot! Matter of fact there was a slight disagreement on the hole, I hit my second shot and then I hit my third shot out of the trap next to the hole and made the putt for par, and of course what d
  6. Tomorrow will be my first day playing around of golf with it if I can consistently pound that thing left to right Ala DJ, once I get rid of the midsize grip and put on the regular size I’ll probably be able to turn it over to the left because I was able to turn it over on the range today but the consistent shot was straight to left or right and if that’s predictable that’s fine because that’s what I noticed on the reviews as well is even if you miss hit it your distance stay right up there
  7. not familiar with the stock offerings is that one of the stock ones
  8. What shaft did you actually get premium or the stock shaft
  9. ....can’t take it with you...2 drivers better than one
  10. I appreciate the feedback I joke but when I joke I’m almost serious I do have room for two clubs in my bag and if you watched a lot of the masters this weekend the suggestion was like hey nowadays the way these drivers are put one with a draw bias and a fader in your bag LOL might have to stick that TSI2 in my bag as well LOL
  11. I got my TSI3 9° the other day and I’ve had a chance to go to the range twice, today I tried a bunch of different settings, I can say this and also if you watch the guys from second swing review the two and the three side-by-side it appears the three is a more fade biased club than the two, so when I approached my fitter about let’s try the two with my same shaft I was fitted for this is what was told because I am either a straight ball to a Fader. Fitter-“ I’m actually pretty concerned with trying to switch to the 2. You swing down a few degrees which spins the ball more. The 3 has a dee
  12. Got a question for you guys and I can’t believe I never really asked if it was good or bad lol, but what do you consider acceptable Apex when you hit your driver when I play in the Pro-Am with the senior players they stress 100 and above maybe not too much higher than 130 for maximum distance and I got a feel when I was being fitted when I hit it 90 to 100 I don’t know if they wanted me to get that up a little higher or lower it seem like they thought I was hitting the ball way too high? They probably said something about I wasn’t listening LOL
  13. I was thinking if you had a ping 410 driver, Put it away for the winter, And moved to Denver in the spring with your new Titleist driver think you’re going to pick up distance LOL
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