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  1. Just one item up today and that is a Titleist Tsi3 8 Degree driver with Stiff White Tensei Shaft. Driver is stock length and only been play two rounds. Looking for $425 Shipped CONUS
  2. PXG Proto 0811x only played 9 holes. Shafted with a Ventus Black 7x plays 45.5 inches. Includes headcover and Wrench. $605 Shipped OBO Scotty Special Select Newport 2 only played 27 Holes so in great shape as well. Headcover included, Grip is a brown Gripmaster Stitchback. Loft is 3 Degrees, Lie is 70 and playing length is 35 in. Looking for $305 Shipped Conus
  3. Few things up for sale today to help fund some new clubs for this year. All prices are Shipped CONUS. No Trades Please Callaway Rogue Subzero 9.0 Degree Driver- EvenFlow Black 75 Gram 6.5 X driver head is in great shape Perfect from address. Will come with headcover and Wrench Sold Accra Tour Z RPG M5 (XStiff) 462- Callaway Tip Plays 45 inches in Rogue. Shaft is in Mint condition. One of the best feeling shafts I have ever played Sold Shipped Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser Copper Finish Putter plays at 35" is in great shape and will come with headcover. $Sold Shipped Tyson Lamb Star Struck Headcover- $125 Shipped Bettinardi Social Headcover- $90 Shipped Bettinardi Social Players Towel Never used- $70 Shipped
  4. OnOff Kuro 2015 4- PW set . Clubs are OUTSTANDING and in Great shape. KBS V-Tour stiff shafts, 38.5” 5 iron with mcc plus 4 midsize grips. Standard Lie. Just grabbed these off the BST but the shafts just wont work for me Just looking to get what I have in these. $410 shipped conus. Next up is a Toulon San Diego 35" putter. Gamed for about half a season but still in great shape. Blue gripmaster stitchback grip Will come with stock headcover. Putter is 71 lie, 3 degrees loft. Looking for $200 shipped conus.
  5. Have a bunch of stuff up for sale. All is OBO shipped on CONUS. I will ship internationally but buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. First up is an GBB Epic Sub Zero 9.0degree. Head is in great shape however there are some small paint chips on the toe. Cannot see from address but they are there. Topline clean. No headcover Shafted with a HZRDUS Black 6.5 playing length of 45". Looking for $SOLD Tour Edge Exotics EX 10 Beta. Shafted with a FUJI Atmos blue 8x. In great shape Looking for $SOLD Next up is a Vokey SM6 set 50 F grind and 54 S grind. Steel Grey finish. These were gamed about half a year but have a ton of life left Pictures show condition. Looking for $90 Shipped for both wedges as a set. Titleist F2 13.5 degree fairway. Shafted with a D+ 80 Stiff. Used very little and in great shape. Will include Headcover and extra weight. $SOLD Next up is a Tour Issue Rouge Black 110 MSI 70TX Shaft with Callaway Tip. The ferule is rising a bit however it does not affect play ability. Plays 44.5 in Callaway Epic $SOLD Next up is a Fuji Atmos Blue 7X with Callaway Tip. Plays 44.5 in Callaway Epic and is in great shape. $SOLD Next up is a Tour Issue Black Mamba 60 TX with taylormade tip. The shaft is spinning in the tip so it DOES need to be reset before playing it. Otherwise shaft is in great shape and plays at 45" in TM M3 Because it needs to be reset steal this one for $SOLD Limited Edition Bridgestone Masters Putter Cover. This has never been gamed and in MINT condition. $95 shipped
  6. The new masters edition leather piretti headcovers from EP have magnet closures. They are outstanding. I believe that's that only ones from EP I have ever seen. All the SWAG covers I have seen have magnetic enclosures as well. Also just because you use the same vendor does not indicate the same quality of product. This is true in not only golf but pretty much any industry.
  7. Agree with all of this. There are some details in these heads that set them apart. I’m sure most are not even looking at the head though just the price and basic shape. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it always amazes me how many people seem to wish new brands fail. It happens with every new brand. It’s fair to compare for sure but I would think most would want more competition and options in the golf space. It only gives us more options to truly get what we want for the price we are comfortable at. Speaking of price I think looking at the detailed milling on these the price is a bargain. Again everyone has an opinion and it may be different than mine which is fine but all of the custom makers being listed around the same price to me don’t have refined looking shapes/heads. Again some people are into that and while I have an appreciation for it I actually prefer a cleaner looking head And think it is worth substantially more when a head looks “done”. Not every brand will be for everyone but I still scratch my head why people seem to root against brands rather than embracing everything across the golf marketplace.
  8. Can you define "serious waves"? Are they going to challenge Cameron, Odyssey and Taylor Made? Or will they look to challenge someone like Bettinardi? Go to a PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy and let me know where they fit in? Will they take space from someone like Evnroll or will they have real space on the floor? Some of the stuff looks interesting, but who are they targeting? Will 40 year olds with money to spend buy "Swag?" Or are they appealing to millenials who don't really have as much discretionary income? Waves to me mean they will fill a spot in the putter market place and allow for golfers to have another high quality option when searching for a putter. For me it is less about this company vs that company and more about having another option as a consumer. As far as the rest I won’t speculate so I guess we all need to tune into the release and after to see what they come up with.
  9. Can’t wait for the SWAG release April 1. I think this company is going to make some serious waves based on what I have heard and who is behind the company. I expect big things and can’t wait to be gaming one of their putters shortly.
  10. M3 460 9.5 loft. There is an idiot mark on this but cannot be seen from address. The head has been hotmelted to 202 grams. Shafted with an Oban Purple 75 05 flex plays to 45". Going to discount this because of the mark looking for SOLD Shipped Conus OBO Does come with headcover and wrench Next is an M1 440 9.5 degree with a Fuji Pro Tour Spec 73 X flex shaft. Plays to 45" Driver head is in great shape does not include a cover or wrench looking for $SOLD Conus OBO
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