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  1. I highly recommend doing the non dominant swings also. I have been doing over speed training of one sort or another for a good number of years and it is my experience that the left handed swings are helpful...
  2. I have steelfiber i110 S flex shafts in my irons. I re-shafted my 3, 4 and 5 hybrid clubs with Aerotech HLS Graphite Hybrid Shafts which are 100 grams so they are 10 grams lighter then the iron shafts. I am happy with the setup. I can tell you that based on the testing I did the stock shafts in the hybrids did not work very well for me. Dispersion was not very good and they tended to hook a lot. My gapping seems pretty good between the 6 iron and 5 hybrid. I sort of tuned the length of the hybrids by building them a bit long and then trimming the length slowly until the perfo
  3. Interesting topic. Been around and around on this one in the past. I suspect that part of the reason that top players tend to have more shaft lean at impact is that they have more speed and their brains don't want to see the ball ballooning up in the air. Folks who can play a little bit and hit with more vertical shaft at impact maybe do so because they don't have enough speed to deloft the club. Of course the counter argument is that getting the hands in front at impact with a lot of lag produces more speed and better shots. I remember reading in 'The Big Miss' tha
  4. Geez... When I started lifting I was 19 years old and 6'3" 155 lbs or so. I think I could bench 100 lbs but I don't really remember. After a decade of hard work and probably 20 lbs of muscle gain my goal became to bench 200 lbs. I did some sort of Russian program I saw in a magazine and at the end of it I got 3 sets of 3 at 200 lbs and was really happy! Makes me happy now just remembering it... I had friends who could bench 200 lbs very quickly maybe from the day that they started lifting. I am so ashamed... I can say that weight lifting did change my life for the better, people treate
  5. Hmmm, I would probably enjoy being a teaching pro. Or I could be a clubmaker / fitter as I have done a bit of that over the years. Maybe a research engineer for an OEM.
  6. In the past I had trouble hooking hybrids that I picked up here and there with stock S flex shafts. I would generally losing them left, right and sometimes long. Anyway, I had a Callaway Rogue 4 hybrid that put an aerotech steelfiber HLS980 shaft in and it instantly became my favorite club. I added a 3 hybrid and then replaced my 5 iron with a 5 hybrid. I went back and forth with the 5 iron or 5 hybrid in the bag for a while but realized that the 5 hybrid works better. Anyway I have been pretty happy with the 3, 4 and 5 hybrids in my bag but lately I have been noticing that I am not hitti
  7. Would I be able to order one with my specs? 39.25" long 518 grams total weight 77 degree lie angle 12 degree toe hang Oversize round grip Thanks!
  8. The x factor is interesting. Here is a look at Bobby Jones who had a full hip turn without much X factor at the top but on the way through it is a different story: Big X factor as he starts his downswing. So to me trying to produce X factor at TOS is unnecessary and possibly (probably?) harmful. I think that letting things flow naturally is a good idea as opposed to creating an unnatural position at the top that has to be constantly trained. LOL based on my own experience that it is the way I see it! Of course on the other hand if setting a tight X factor at the top works well
  9. You are a good mog Barf! Per Homer Kelly's research presented in his book 'The Golfing Machine' there are billions of possible 'correct' combinations of swing mechanics. The trick is finding a combination that works well for any particular golfer!
  10. I have a friend who has recently switched to hybrids for all of his irons through the gap wedge. I think that he said he ordered a lob wedge also. Anyway he is hitting a lot more shots into the green that look like golf shots with hybrids. It it is a little odd to see him hitting a hybrid from 100 yards but if it works it works! I remember years ago I would see guys carrying all woods I think they went up to a 12 wood or something like that so the concept is nothing new really...
  11. Hey Barf, I have never seen a Mog who was not scratch or better... Mogs always come through with a clutch shot when it really counts also which is something that my wallet has noticed. One of my friends says that the tail is an automatic swing balancer and should be outlawed! Best thing about golfing with a mog though is that they will never fail to find a lost ball that is even remotely findable, I will nearly always finish with the same ball I started with as long as it is not under water or off the course property! As for swing methods I could list the several million that I
  12. I am reading the stack and tilt book at the moment. I have found it interesting and pretty well written. The instruction seems clear and fairly easy to grasp. LOL the overall formula of the book is one that I am very familiar with as I have been receiving golf instruction of one form or another for the last 54 years or so. Typically the formula runs something like this: Struggling tournament pro takes lessons but just can't succeed. Pro finds the answer through great struggle and often with help of a mentor of some sort. Pro is now sharing the secret which is the one correct
  13. Hmmm, okay the measurement of the forearm is from the bottom of the elbow to the base of the hand with the elbow bent? Then for the upper arm from the bottom of the elbow to the top of the shoulder with the elbow in the same bent position? If so it appears that my elbow to shoulder is about 2 or 3 inches longer than my elbow to wrist which indicates a tendency towards a flatter swing?
  14. One thing I am curious about is how you measured wrist to elbow and elbow to shoulder? Is there and explanation of the procedure somewhere? Or maybe you could describe it? I have seen stuff where the elbow is bent and the thumb is pointed at the shoulder but that method seemed kind of subjective to me... Thanks!
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