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  1. Nice summary! You did not mention Kikuyu grass which we have all over our course here in the Central Coast area of Nor Cal. The fringes are all Kikuyu and there is a lot in the fairways. Makes for interesting chipping and pitching situations. It does tend to get a bit brown in the winter but it seems to be a really tough grass otherwise. I think that Kikuyu is pretty similar to Bermuda?
  2. Well, at the moment I am an eight handicap who cannot break 90. I am averaging 5.1 penalty strokes per round and my short game is pretty bad. But my swing looks better then it has probably any time that I have seen it in the 55 years that I have been playing golf and I am hitting it pretty far. LOL maybe not wrx far but far for me. I am battling my tendency to tilt away from the target on the backswing with my arms running away and also my tendency to spin the shoulders and squat through the ball. Getting that little shift forward in transition with the shoulders closed so I can push is elusive but fun when I get it. Anyway I am writing this because I want to mention that the kettlebell drill really seems to help with these difficulties. I don't actually have a kettlebell but I do have a bowling ball that a friend gave me 40 years ago along with a Kmart bowling bag. This seems to make an adequate kettlebell and working with that setup doing the shift turn drills with a lot of focus on proper movement seems to help a lot with the issues I mentioned above especially my tendency to let my arms run away on the backswing. I am planning to continue doing the drills and videoing for some time and I am hopeful that it will not take too much longer to start shooting some decent scores. LOL I am going to have spend some time practicing short game shots again. Luckily my putting is holding up pretty well! I am also scheduled for cataract surgery next month which should allow me to see ball most of the time again which just might reduce the number of penalty shots!
  3. My thinking was not that Dr. Kwon is superior to any other golf teacher I was merely trying to say that I believe that he is financially secure and does not need to make money off of golf instruction. One other indication of this is that the swing evaluation sessions are paid for by the subject making a donation to the University.
  4. It seems that Dr. Kwon is often correcting students who are pulling with the lead arm and spinning the shoulders while sort of squatting through the ball. Is that something that you see in students swings? Also instead of the pull as I understand it he wants a push and throw sort of motion with the shift to the lead foot. Is that something that makes sense to you or do you possibly have different take on the part of it? Thanks!
  5. Interesting take. One other thing that I like about Dr. Kwon is that he is a professor which to me means that he is fairly successful in life. LOL it appears to me that he is not looking to get rich through golf instruction and he is putting everything out there on youtube that he can. In other words I don't see any sales pitch to subscribe to his insider sight or to buy the latest video and so on. The only question that I have is whether or not learning to move in the fashion being taught will actually improve a hack's swing and game. Also if the proper movement will actually improve the game then how long will it take? Or for that matter is it even possibly for a hack to learn the correct movement by watching the youtube stuff and trying to self teach the drills and so on? Hmmm....
  6. Progress report! I am working on the drills and videoing fairly often to see how badly I am doing them. LOL I am trying to get this swing to the golf course and I am playing the worst golf that I have played in a long time. I can't break 90. LOL Hooks or pushes off the tee and then a shanked iron shot. The next hole maybe a nice tee shot and the air mail the green with my approach shot. I have not a clue where the ball is going and I am really happy with how I am swinging. Makes no sense does it? LOL I really believe that this motion works. My progress is something like watching one of the lessons. Dr. Kwon corrects the basic stuff first and then will move on to something more advanced for a couple of swings and then the student will have to reminded of the first part of the movement again. I might work on getting the active backswing correct for instance but while doing that I will start spinning my shoulders instead of getting the shift and the push. LOL I have so many bad habits ingrained in my swing that making a fundamental change like this is taking a bit of time. The swings where I feel like I get it close to correct make it worth while though. I am hoping that maybe in a month or two I will start to get it working a little better. In the mean time it is kind of fun to hit and laugh. Better then crying!
  7. I am meeting with my laser surgeon this week to get the process started to do my left eye this year. I had the right eye done last year and went with the best correction for distance only. I am happy with the result as I ended up with just a touch of astigmatism which was pretty good considering the amount that my eyes had been corrected 15 years ago with PRK. LOL I cannot follow the ball right now and I am pretty sure that if everything goes well I will be able to see it again after the surgery. For me reading glasses are not a problem as I wore thick glasses all my life previous to PRK and being able to see distance without glasses is truly amazing and something that makes me very happy. Also I want the best possible vison in each eye in order to give me the best chance at having decent depth perception. LOL not trying to persuade you to do what I am doing just telling my story! I hope that your surgery goes well and you are really happy with the results!
  8. This sounds correct according to what I have heard in the past anyway. I have also heard that fast twitch muscles are only recruited during intense max effort exertions which means that fast twitch muscles are not used in a normal golf swing. I have no idea if this is true or not but I have heard it vehemently promoted as fact.
  9. If you have been doing the rope drill you might want to watch this video starting at the 1:10:40 mark. You want to be wrapping and not slapping!
  10. Gale Sayers. End of discussion as far as I am concerned. LOL
  11. I just can't help myself and have to post this... You get .00558 so if we are going to round to one digit it would be .6% LOL or .56% at two digits. I am headed out to play golf in the beautiful weather here in NorCal! Enjoy your day!
  12. One thing about monovision is that it will mess up depth perception. Because of my cataracts I essentially had monovision for a while and even when I had the proper prescription for my sun glasses the two different corrections made it hard to judge distance as everything looks smaller in the eye with the greater correction.
  13. The entire lesson is gold. It's only an hour and 46 minutes... My advice is to watch all of it!
  14. Yes, spine tilted towards the target. Same as AMG+. Pretty much every time that I look at any of the videos I see something that I missed previously. Usually I can only watch a few minutes before I feel the need to go and try something that I notice Dr. Kwon teaching the student.
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