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  1. Snakes leave an S pattern, this looks like it would have to be two snakes doing a synchronized routine across the green...
  2. If we do accept that limiting distance is our collective goal then limiting club length to 46 inches right now is one of the few things that can be done without causing a huge commotion. Very few will be slightly inconvenienced compared to trying to impose the same limit at some point in the future like they did with the anchoring ban. This is based on supposing that 48 inch drivers might become a thing and provide a real problem for our 'collective goal'. LOL I have been on both sides of this one but I think that the changing the limit to 46 inches is actually a reasonable idea and I am in favor of doing it. Of course if the majority of golfers think otherwise then I am good with leaving the maximum length at 48 inches. In the end I really don't think that most golfers care one way or another. Now if they really want to do something about 'our collective goal' then it would be better to limit maximum club length to 41 or 42 inches. This would give an even larger advantage to athletic golfers than exists currently. This would also be awesome for OEMs as everyone would have to get new drivers and a lot of fairway clubs! Think of the advertising potential for a shorter driver that is actually proven to go farther for the average golfer then the old longer driver did! LOL I have actually played a 48 inch driver and also a 41 inch driver fairly recently and I scored about the same with both of them. I tended to swing really hard with the short one though...
  3. My question is why are you posting on wrx with such a low IQ?
  4. Agreed! LOL if Stricker had said 'this is my decision' folks would have raised the roof yelling about him being a dictator and not consulting the other coaches and players. Of course it is a 'we' decision after all it is the Ryder Cup team! In the end it is all a lottery as nobody knows which golfers are going to play well and which ones are going to be not so good for any particular week. LOL in 2010 the Giants signed Cody Ross off of waivers to keep San Diego from getting him and he got hot at the right time and took them to a World Series win. Nobody could have predicted that!
  5. Well, the change to limit the max length to 46 inches will not make the slightest bit of difference to current tour pros who don't use drivers that long anyway. I guess that it would have an effect on long drive competitors possibly giving an advantage to stronger faster folks. I believe that the main purpose is to limit the future where 48 inch drivers might become feasible for tour players.
  6. I think that Stricker is a fine choice for captain. LOL if the US players play well or the Euros stink it up then Strick will be a great captain and will get a lot of compliments on the job he did and the decisions that he made. And if the US players stink it and get crushed then he will be a terrible captain who made one bad decision after another. In the end I don't think that the captain of the Ryder cup team makes much difference one way or the other. On the other hand it may be a long wait to get another captain like Ben Hogan:
  7. It gets worse for me as when I am putting well I move my head towards the target on my backswing and away from the target on my through swing. I use a sort of shoulder rocking method and I think that the center of my swing is in my chest somewhere. LOL I had an instructor 'correct' that fault a few years ago and I have never really recovered completely from that effort. I also stand up straight while putting to take pressure off of my back which is something that I have done for many years going back to when I used a long putter. LOL I am a complete mess but a decent putter for my level... Go figure! Anyway everything that I do is done in an effort to be able to make short putts. I have a tendency to yip slightly on short putts and I am constantly battling to keep my unusual set of putting mechanics where I need them to be. When it is working I roll short putts fairly true but when something goes off I will miss a lot of them. It is kind of a cycle I will start putting really well and then get lazy and not practice enough until I have a really bad putting round which will then get me motivated to practice and figure out what bad habit I have slipped into and then get back on track. Okay, I am playing this morning and I believe that it is time to go practice my putting stroke!
  8. LOL I watch the putter head swing back and thru on most putts. I developed this habit many years ago because I was trying to correct a really bad inside out move. Sort of like Jason Dufner when he is missing short putts. Anyway instructors say that watching the putter head swing back and through is a really bad idea but I don't really know why as it seems to work well for me.
  9. Shaft droop tends to move the contact point out towards the toe I believe. Since the COG of the clubhead is basically trying to line up with the shaft it seems to me that lot of stuff could be happening like the shaft oscillating a bit around the center point? Maybe with certain shafts certain players could get more or less droop on different swings depending on human variability in the swing? Perhaps another reason why consistency is good in a golf swing...
  10. This discussion has gotten rather interesting for me. I have played around with getting the lead wrist cupped at the top and then bowed on the downswing for years. I tried again after reading the recent additions here with the fairly neutral lead hand grip I have adopted recently and the feeling is familiar as when I am hitting my wedges well I tend to do this movement 'naturally'. I have always had a hard time getting the same movement to the longer clubs most likely because I tend to hood the club keeping the wrist bowed from setup to the top. By setting up with my hands centered instead of way forward pressed and then keeping the same relationship or cupped position of the lead wrist to the top I seem to be able to reproduce the move on the way through with the longer clubs. I am excited to give this a chance while playing as so far it works well in practice. LOL there is a fairly good chance that it will work really well first time out today but the real test will be if it works tomorrow or next week for that matter!
  11. Well, there is a simple geometry component to dynamic lie angle. The farther you stand from the ball the flatter or more toe up you will tend to be at impact. LOL I am pretty much standard lie angle now but was 4 degrees upright at one time. I stood really close to the ball back then. Over the years I have hit clubs from about 8 degrees upright to 4 degrees flat by changing distance from the ball. LOL I have a bit of a history of doing crazy equipment and swing experiments...
  12. I am a righty and I placed the ball on the path after dropping it twice and watching it roll more then one club length from the nearest point of relief. After placing the ball on the path the nearest point of relief was close but on the right side of the path. LOL I do stand fairly close to the ball which probably helped. Also the gopher hole was very close to the path and because of the shape of the hole and where my ball was I determined the NPR to be on the path side of the gopher hole. Pretty lucky there I guess! It was rather unusual situation I think.
  13. The other day my ball was in a gopher hole left of the fairway and just left of a cart path. I found the nearest point of relief and then took one club length and dropped on the cart path. After that I took relief from the cart path which put me in the fairway and gave me a much better angle to the green. Based on my understanding of what has been mentioned in this thread I acted in accordance with the rules? Thanks!
  14. I wasted a good part of my life on the SA forum. Still exists: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/sagfmoderator/single-axis-golf-forum-f72052/ Not much going on there!
  15. LOL when I first started posting on the golf web forum back in the previous century 'Natural Golf' and 'Heard Super Swing' were hot topics of discussion! Also Tom Sanders 'Big Grip Golf', I have books and or videos for all of those! Hmmm, also a lot of 'The Golfing Machine' and 'Swing the Clubhead' discussion. I wonder if anybody here remembers that forum?
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