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  1. I like to see him golfing with titanium and I would love to see him drive a par four at Augusta or maybe hit driver and chip shot on a par five. Just me I guess...
  2. Well, you and several others here are doing the right thing! Enjoy your family life as you only get one chance! Family is important and golf is just a silly game. Hmmm, I need to get off the internet and go work on my backswing for a while...
  3. To my knowledge MAT is not covered by health insurance. Hopefully this will change in the future!
  4. The reason that Finau made it to the show is that he shortened his swing and cut back on his distance keeping his ball in play. He is still very long even with the abbreviated swing but I doubt that he can swing any faster and still score. It will be interesting to see what happens if he does try to hit it farther!
  5. 145 rounds so far this year. I lost 30 or so due to Covid. I retired in February and previous years when I was working I would usually play right around 100 rounds. The course that I play is much busier then it was in years past.
  6. I always help to look for lost balls of anyone I am golfing with, friends, enemies, opponents, competitors and whomever. It would never occur to me not to except for the case of someone who has clearly given up and is spewing golf balls in every direction. A couple of times in club tournaments I have been a bit embarrassed by low handicappers with really good eyes finding my ball for me in the rough all day. In those cases I would apologize and make sure to buy those guys a beer after the round. My vision is not the greatest at the moment and I always make sure that if there anyone with go
  7. I have the books and fooled around with the swing for a while, worked okay but just did not seem to be any better then many of the other methods I have tried. LOL and I have tried a lot of methods!
  8. I used double sided tape on all of the grips that I did and I never noticed any problem. What sort of issue is there with double sided tape?
  9. I have played Poppy Ridge several times and enjoyed it a great deal, very nice setup. On the Santa Cruz Monterey side there other possibly lower priced courses besides Pasatiempo and the others mentioned above: De Laveaga Seascape Pajaro Valley Spring Hills Laguna Seca Old Del Monte Pacific Grove Monterey Pines Poppy Hills
  10. I don't believe that you are responsible for adding your score up. You are only responsible for having the correct score for each hole. Adding wrong is not a problem to my knowledge!
  11. This bag is in great condition, I played maybe 10 rounds or so with it. I am not going to ship it so you would need to meet me in the SF South Bay from San Jose area or farther south to Monterey. $150.
  12. Nice work! I did a fair number of leather grips back in the day and I would say that they definitely transfer the feel of the shot through the hands like nothing else. Also when they wear out the leather is great for wrapping handles on garden equipment and the like...
  13. Bobby Locke was an extremely deliberate player and he took a very long time to read putts looking at many different angles and also studying the hole. Jack Nicklaus took forever over a putt, he said that he would not make the stroke until he was quite certain that he was going to make the putt. Sometimes that certainty took a while.
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