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  1. Keep your head down. Keep your lead arm straight. Keep your trail elbow in jammed against your side. Hmmm... Bend your knees! Hit down on the ball!
  2. Yes I believe that it was considered a deep face driver. Here is a look at it compared to my current Maltby driver: A bit of a family resemblance I think.
  3. I was cleaning out my garden shed when I ran into a bag of old clubs. I found a Maltby Driver that I stained, finished and put together I am guessing about 40 years ago. It think that I used a water based urethane based based on how the club feels and looks. The shaft is bit pitted but overall the whipping and head all seem to have held up pretty well. I did kind of an ugly job on the back screw installation. I believe that shaft is probably a TT Dynamic S flex, the swing weight is D2 and the length is 43.75" . I hit the driver on my skytrak and I was able to get a few out there over 200 yards. I hit it about as far as hit my 3 hybrid. The club feels really good though and shots seemed to go very straight. I did tend to launch it a little low but the spin on the few that I managed to get up in the air was pretty good. Back in the day I did hit a few 300 yard drives with it! LOL of course those were nailed on the screws at the old Riverside golf course with a howling tail wind and brick hard fairways, 100 plus yards of roll out... Custom Built Custom Fit! I am definitely going to take this old guy out to the course to hit a few shots! Heck I might play a round or two with it!
  4. I am pretty sure that I read all of those adds when the were fresh off the presses. I played fiber glass shafted irons at one time I think that they were called Shakespeare and also aluminum shafted woods at one point. Didn't make much difference to me shooting around 100 back then. I remember that the aluminum shafted woods tended to slice the ball a lot.
  5. It is interesting how the course that we play all the time effects our perception of putting. I bet that you have to slam your short putts to hold the line at your home course? LOL that is something that can test my nerve especially when I have a steep downhiller on any day and even more so when the greens are a bit more bumpy... I do often see balls bump offline on those days and the golfer will often blame their stroke when it really was not their fault. My course has greens that were designed in the 60's and are not really meant to be played at today's green speeds. There are very few pin placements with straight short putts all around the hole as recommended in the guidelines. LOL I a while back I heard a hot shot kid who was playing in some tournament out there complaining about the greens across a the fairway to a friend playing several holes behind him. The greens were fast (relatively) and rolling pretty true on this one day which is not always the case so I was curious what he did not like about them. It was a slow day and I ran into him later on and asked what the problem was and he mentioned that the ball broke too much around the hole which did not meet the guidelines for pin placements. He was a good enough putter to notice which not everyone is. LOL he also had a bad attitude towards the greens which is something he needs to work on but I did not mention that! The two or three footer that breaks a foot or more is pretty easy to see but the one that breaks a couple of inches can fool a person pretty easily.
  6. That's a good video! Bill Russell is one of the most intelligent athletes of all time maybe even number one. Centers who went up against him were at a disadvantage right from the opening jump. LOL well actually I would put Russell second only to Willie Mays...
  7. An argument can be made that no one has ever done more to popularize golf then Harry Vardon. His tours of the US where he dominated the competition were very instrumental in popularizing the game. He generated a tremendous amount of press coverage which resulted in many people taking up the game and many courses being built. My own list of must popular and influential golfers: Old Tom Morris Harry Vardon Bobby Jones Arnold Palmer Tiger Woods
  8. Nice work! LOL I often see poor putters miss a 3 foot putt and say 'I pushed it' when in fact they hit it straight but the ball broke out of the hole. Then they will repeat the putt pulling it slightly while thinking that they are hitting it straight. On the next straight putt they are then very likely to pull it and repeat the process. Watching the ball roll and seeing if it is moving left or right is very important. Also key is having a stroke that you trust and feel like you are rolling it well and on the line you choose. The other part of this is that perfectly hit putts don't always go in. If you think every putt that does not go in was mistake on your part you will drive yourself nuts! Much better to blame it on the bumpy green or a gravity anomaly or whatever and move on!
  9. I saw an interview with Red Auerbach and he claimed the Russel actually had better stats against Chamberlain when both of them were on the court. His claim was that Chamberlain's stats were inflated because he played the fourth quarter in the those games while Russel was on the bench enjoying another big win. Obviously Auerbach may have been a bit biased but there may well be something to his claim.
  10. I would like to know more about the furry things. Do you have an online reference by any chance?
  11. I would say the weight difference over the tour grip.
  12. Yeah the mower guys at my low budget course don't seem to like pulling and replacing stakes while mowing. Sometimes makes for some interesting penalty area boundaries
  13. For me the lighter grip feels better then heavier oversize grips that I have used in the past. Swing weight went from D1 to D8 on my six iron with the ultra light grips but as has been pointed out many times swing weight is not all the important and is mostly useful as a reference not a goal. Anyway it seems that I can feel the weight of the club head a little better with the ultra light grips which is something that I like. The feel at impact is certainly not what I got from the leather wrap grips that I used years ago but it is good. Good for me anyway and lot less harsh on badly struck shots... LOL I do tend to change things quite often but I think that I may stick with the these grips for some time.
  14. LOL, I did not mean to say that I would actually play with a pencil thin grip I just meant that I was thinking of how hard it would be to use one! Sometimes what comes off the keyboard is not what I was actually thinking... I am very happy with my jumbomax ultralight extra small grips and I recommend them over any of the other oversize grips that I have ever used.
  15. I have used a number of different Jumbomax grips over the years and have settled in to the ultra light extra small which seems to fit my hands well. There is nothing else like it on the market.
  16. Here is an explanation of shoulder turn vs. arm swing that might be informative: The flat shoulder turn and steep arm swing is a lot easier on my old body then what Padraig demonstrates in the video posted earlier in this thread.
  17. Yes, I believe that it can actually be harder to turn over the smaller grip if it is too small for the hand size making it difficult just to hold on to the club. I am thinking of trying to play golf with a pencil thin grip LOL.
  18. Flexibility without the muscle strength to support the range of motion is a recipe for injury. A lot of standard forced stretches can produce this condition. I recommend getting some muscle activation technique done. M.A.T. has been a life changer for me. I learned a number of isometric stretches that seem to help me a lot when I am not too lazy to do them...
  19. It was after the 25 minute mark when the student 'got it'.
  20. A few thoughts: Manuel taught by getting the student to move the club in the way that it should be moved. The focus was on the club movement not on the body parts. In this case he could not get the student to move the club correctly at the start of the downswing. Verbal instruction did not work and then the finger on the shaft at the top did not work. LOL the fact that these two things did not work for this particular student illustrate why a lot of written and video instruction does not work. The student thinks the lesson is learned when it is not applied correctly at all. Anyway to solve this problem Manuel put a cup down behind the ball which forced the student to move the club correctly at the top in order to miss the cup on the way to the ball. The students body self organized and started making the right movement in order to accomplish the goal. Accomplishing this fix by focusing on the correct movement of the body parts would be a nightmare in my opinion. Alas it seems that most golfers want a mechanical fix of specific body movements to solve whatever swing issue that they have. I see this all the time on internet instruction forums where a person asks a specific question like 'how can I stop pull hooking?' The student then will only listen to a narrow set of answers that meets their pre determined criteria for how to solve the problem. The magic swing fix! For instance 'just keep that right elbow in'! Unfortunate really...
  21. Currently I am using Jumbomax ultralight extra small on my clubs. LOL over the years I have tried pretty much every grip and size possible. I have played a lot with Jumbomax extra large and I have also built up grips to even larger size using various methods. I seem to have found the sweet spot with the ultralight extra small grips. The size seems perfect for my skinny hands and I really like the light weight, I believe that the clubhead feel is better during the swing for me. I can say that the grip size does not seem to effect my ball flight much and I can snap hook with any size grip, it is more a matter of comfort for me I think.
  22. Darts! Golf is golf, it is not tennis or baseball or fencing for that matter! Hmmm, not cricket or any kind of football either! Or hammering a nail! I have heard all of those sports / movements compared to the golf swing in some instruction or another over the years! Never fencing and darts though... I think that we need a new branch of golf instruction based on fencing and darts! Hmmmm, 'One precise thrust' perhaps? Oh wait what about billiards?
  23. I don't think that the size of the grip has anything to do with how far it can be physically rotated by the hands? For instance I can rotate a basketball the same amount that I can rotate a golf grip. The rotation will be slower though which is possibly what you are getting at?
  24. Interesting. I can hit any lie angle club centered (line straight up and down on line test or centered on lie board). I do it by adjusting how far I stand from the ball. Closer for upright lie angle and farther for flat lie angle. I wonder if you guys who can adjust without thinking about it are unconsciously adjusting distance from the ball in setup or if you are simply compensating with impact conditions? Also can you go from say 4 degrees flat to 4 degrees upright without making a distance from the ball adjustment?
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