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  1. “The planning is all done, the platform is built, the financial backing is in place. Now, this will only happen with the support of the players, the sponsors and broadcasters, and the fans.” I for one will like it. Different formats played all over the world. Americans hating the concept forget their hero Arnold Palmer, was a leader in the PGA Tour breaking from the PGA of America in 1968. Looks like that is all good now Ned Kelly once said "Such is Life". Furthermore, it is not just the Saudis behind this. There are over 60 multinationals/partners ready to go. The golf course
  2. Just one Sheik makes $1.2M a minute, 24/7... Yep, money ain't an issue for them.
  3. Burkey, a little guy if i remember, Won a couple down under. Decent game. Sad about the shoulder.
  4. A 4 capper couldn't beat a retired 59 year old pro
  5. Foley has done a good job on getting Ko back to some resemblance of her past.
  6. In the 70's.... Tony Penna driver, 3w. Swilken blades 1i-SW. Bullseye putter. All gifted.
  7. DeChambeau is changing the rules. https://golf.com/news/bryson-dechambeau-sawgrass-shortcut/ I love their reasoning..... “In the interest of safety for spectators and other personnel"..... lol
  8. The guy may never walk properly again and there are those who think he's going to make a comeback...boys, it's over. That ankle has been smashed. One of the greatest to walk the green grass is no more.
  9. The doctors were diplomatic when they said he has "multiple leg injuries".....I would guess golf on a professional note for him is over.
  10. ".......Like Reed, McIlroy had not seen his ball land, but upon looking at his lie, he questioned whether he was entitled to relief. McIlroy picked up his ball without calling in a rules official and decided on his own that the ball was embedded (which is allowed under the rules)." Now lets all hush and go eat our cereal.
  11. He won by 5 strokes, and more importantly Finau came second again
  12. Didn't Hovi played the standard set in Dubai due to the turf/sand there? His normal set would be stripping divots 2 foot long there.
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