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  1. You should be near a On Course golf shop....most are at your club golf pros shop.
  2. Keep fighting boys....Ryder cup staying with Europe
  3. Never play golf when ya pissed off
  4. No short cuts in golf. There are the basics, then its practice practice practice. A lot of english words used to teach golf has screwed many an amateur golfer. Certain words should never be used or heard. Turn, pull, push, steep, shallow blah blah blah. 80% of a golf swing is set-up. See a good teacher.
  5. All in the eye of the beholder. Some men like em fat, some men like em skinny. They all need loving.
  6. You still want one? eBay item number: 184955097549
  7. As mentioned difference is bend profile which translates to differing flight. I play the whites. AMT Red is the lightest weight and highest trajectory/spin option in the AMT range. AMT Black is the middle weight option in the AMT range and delivers a mid-high trajectory and spin. AMT Tour White is a tour-weighted option that features the lowest trajectory and spin in the AMT range.
  8. Fowler will be at Taylormade next year...no?
  9. Who knows. Ask Tiger why he had his Titleist clubs made in Japan, or ask Nike why they had Miura make them some forged blades.
  10. If they're the Miura made Nike, then yes.
  11. Winning gives him a ticket to The Open. Check out his bag.
  12. “The planning is all done, the platform is built, the financial backing is in place. Now, this will only happen with the support of the players, the sponsors and broadcasters, and the fans.” I for one will like it. Different formats played all over the world. Americans hating the concept forget their hero Arnold Palmer, was a leader in the PGA Tour breaking from the PGA of America in 1968. Looks like that is all good now Ned Kelly once said "Such is Life". Furthermore, it is not just the Saudis behind this. There are over 60 multinationals/partners ready to go. The golf course to be "used" are selected and ready to go. So i say, bring it on. Cheers.
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