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  1. Wow, I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder....... these are hideous. Can't think of a worse-looking "player" iron that I have ever seen. They made the right decision, as those were NOT going to be well-received by the golfing public. lol TD
  2. Pretty surprised that nobody here has any information on a tour-issue Matrix shaft that is being played in the current version of the Adams tour-issue hybrids. Can't help but think that the lack of response is due to this topic being moved into a forum that is not easy to find and not even listed in the FORUM drop down menu. What is wrong with keeping a thread about a current, tour-issue shaft from a top manufacturer in the TOUR & PRE-RELEASE EQUIPMENT forum? Not trying to be snarky, just doesn't make much sense to me. The lack of responses to this topic (about a VERY popular shaft
  3. [quote name='2659edward' timestamp='1414976898' post='10388789'] Nice pick up! Kind of a buyer's market right now. Good deals can be had. [/quote] Yeah, $70 total for a brand-new, tour-issue Adams Super Pro in the loft I need, and it came with this shaft installed. I'm guessing I will probably put my standard Matrix hm3 95X shaft in it, but I'm interested to see what this shaft is all about. Hope someone out there has some more info on it. Thanks, TD
  4. Just picked up a tour-issue Adams Super Pro hybrid on Ebay with this shaft in it. Of course I couldn't find anything on the Matrix site, or anywhere for that matter. Does anyone have any information on this shaft? Thanks, TD
  5. When it is wet, I just wear soft spikes in the clubhouse to check in, and then change to a pair of shoes with these spikes at the first tee box. If you know how to walk, these are actually better for the greens than soft spikes. Very big difference, especially when it is wet. TD
  6. I'm in. Thanks to In The Hole Golf for a great giveaway. Tim SHOPPING CARTnow in your cart 1 items ACCOUNT LOGIN ORDER STATUS https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/59422502/?cmd=rating&site=59422502&type=indicator STORE OUTLET CUSTOMER SERVICE Brands Clubs Balls Bags Carts Training Aids GPS Systems Apparel Shoes Accessories Home > Callaway Golf > Callaway Irons Shopping Basket Item Qty. Item Price Total Price Callaway APEX Forged Iron Set - CAL-APEXFIS
  7. Not nearly as low-spin as several shafts out there (7m3, 8a4, etc). Those guys don't need spin-killers like I do. lol TD
  8. Great giveaway! Here is a link to the 8m3 that I use in my 3 & 5 woods. GREAT shaft. [url="http://matrixshafts.com/ozik.html"]http://matrixshafts.com/ozik.html[/url] Would love to put the Masters colors 6x in x-flex in my driver. Thanks, TD
  9. Looks like I need to check out this Rome shaft. Thanks guys. TD
  10. I have a Matrix 7m3 in the driver, 8m3 in the 3-wood, and hm3s in the hybrids. I was told at the beginning of 2013 that these were some of the lowest-spin, tour-issue shafts available. Looks like Matrix has introduced a couple lighter-weight models for 2014, and I'm guessing that the other high-end shaft companies have also. Can anyone with the knowledge tell me what the "latest-greatest", spin-killer shafts are in the various weights? Also, does anyone have an estimate of exactly HOW MUCH more spin the lighter-weight models are of the same shafts (Example - If the Matrix 7m3 spins a
  11. [quote name='playa' timestamp='1389217510' post='8424233'] I doubt too many elite tour players bag the i20. [/quote] Brilliant. Nothing gets by you I bet. lol
  12. [quote name='toc' timestamp='1388001729' post='8347653'] [quote name='ron lefthanded holmes' timestamp='1388000712' post='8347611'] [quote name='toc' timestamp='1387998716' post='8347511'] Heard that i25 irons are going back to the unchromed, dull finish. Thankfully [/quote] Thought it was mentioned by someone who had seen them its the same finish as the 55s, [/quote] This is from a friend in the golf industry in phx (used to work with him). He says he only saw a picture, not even reps have them in hand yet. [/quote] I've held the i25s, and they are the same finish as the i20s
  13. [quote name='MNoonan' timestamp='1387458080' post='8322309'] Its a real shame the PING trip thread couldn't have been a bigger FAIL. "Hey, lets start a thread about a super secret, even more secretive selection process, brag to all the guys that we got to go to Ping. But, then say we cant tell or show anything for a few months!" Grand Slam guys! Must be nice to be part of the boys club [/quote] lol As much as I like this site, it would be hard to do a worse job on that thread. It should be pretty clear that any "Ping Facility Tour" thread would be of great interest to the many Ping
  14. [quote name='rurella' timestamp='1386694571' post='8278303'] I thought the i25 iron was supposed to be a little larger than the i20, more i5 like? [/quote] That is about right. Same finish as the i20s. I was at Ping this week since I was in Scottsdale for a few days. The i25s are everywhere in the assembly area. Nice clean look, but of course not as "pretty" as the s55s (but certainly more forgiving). Glad to see they are making the matching U and L wedges with the i25 set. I always like my wedges to look exactly like my other irons. They didn't do that with the i15s, but did wit
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