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  1. I really like them! They do get slick fairly quick I found but feel awesome when fresh!
  2. Have a set of these to compare against my 745’s on the way! Hope they are similar — my 745’s are well loved.
  3. Wasn’t going to buy this thing, but caved. Order is in and now just the waiting game. Hearing rumbles of a winner here.
  4. Has anyone tried this combo with the 2” tipping as per TXG? Intrigued to say the least. Ventus purple takeover.
  5. Patiently waiting for these to pop up on kijiji calgary.....or just slide into my pms. Whichever works for you
  6. I’m thinking Titleist might’ve been hearing the no wrench complaint and starting throwing them in now. That’s a few that have had included lately.
  7. Well eventually, maybe? Bet on him so ya no chance.
  8. He’s winning this thing with it, it’s his time.
  9. Ordered 1/2” short with Tensei Raw 75. So not completely stock!
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