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  1. Yes, how dare kids go to college and play golf and realize they probably aren't going to make it big on tour, but they still enjoy the game and team aspect and love to compete and get better. It is totally not right for them to be focused on their schoolwork which is what is going to help them out in 4 quick years from now. They should probably throw their clubs out and never play again!
  2. Wouldn't you want to just hit it as far and as straight as you can regardless of setup? But going off your thinking, wouldn't it make more sense to be like Bryson on the longer par 4's so you have a shorter shot in? The short par 4's are already short.
  3. Running one or two First Tee event a year, while very commendable, is nowhere close to the guys working in the golf shop, teaching, and running their clubs for 40-60 hours a week. C'mon man, you need to come up with more than that. I'm sure he is a great guy.
  4. Have you ever tried any indoor activities? Maybe you and the rest of the group can try knitting or chess
  5. https://operation36.golf/junior-golf-development-model/ This company, Operation 36, has had 10+ years of data and research into making junior golfers achieve success. They believe in starting every kid from 25 yards out from the hole no matter what age, and then progressively moving back https://www.participationcoaching.com/scale/ This website gives more of a scale reference in juniors playing tees further up. If a similar video existed for golf, we can imagine what it would look like – Tour Players playing on a ridiculously long holes (1000 yards PAR 4’s), maybe even using long and heavy clubs. It would probably look the same as 8 year olds playing from ladies’ tees." It's actually quite comical that this quote is almost bang on with the exact discussion of this thread and title of it as well, lol
  6. Maybe I misread the point of your post, but I don't feel like I did. I read your post. I typed out and quoted exactly what you said about "Mental scorekeeping purposes". What are mental scorekeeping purposes? Because in my mind, it seems like you are just making it a par 7 and when a kid makes an 8 on that hole, they say they got a bogey. Instead of a Quad if it was a par 4. Again, I have to go back to it just being ironic that you are upset about people "Nerfing" junior golf when you are doing the exact same thing in that instance. I also have a tough time believing that there are a ton of 8 year olds shooting 65, never mind a consistent basis, but even more than once or at all. No reply back on my comparison to kids playing on MLB fields, and shooting NBA distance 3's as well. If they are playing the forward tee maybe its more like a 300 foot fence and a college 3-point line. But still, why do we have kids move up and play from there, but we can't apply the same rule in golf? On your comment about me ranting about "Everyone is a winner", you initially brought it up. Maybe didn't outright say it, but it is strongly inferred. "Love the improvements in equipment - hate the direction they’re trying to take the game. It’s almost as bad as half-ice 4-on-4 hockey for 9 year olds with no rules and “no scores”" (ha! Every kid knows)… Yes, you are correct, you never said the back tees. I should have clarified better. When I said back tees, in my mind I was thinking: back tees of the fairway, which would be the forward/ladies like you said. Apologies. The number of junior golfers has also remained at the same level today as it was in 1995 (3 million). In the early 2000's, Junior golfers rose to a peak of 4 million due to the Tiger Boom. So I would argue that junior golf is in a better place now than it was back then because there is no ultra dominant face of golf anymore like Tiger at the forefront, and there still is the same number of kids playing. Another positive of that is over 1/3rd of them now are girls who play golf. All according to National Golf Foundation. It goes without saying that any parent needs to do what they believe is best for their child, but all I'm saying is that there are multiple successful golf companies that teach junior golf starting as close to the green as possible (U.S. Kids/Operation 36), and back 20-30 years ago, we thought at the time that having kids play the forward tee was the best way to teach them. We obtain new information over time and things change. If nobody ever made a change, we would all live in caves. https://www.ngf.org/news/2016/05/the-changing-face-of-junior-golf/
  7. So should we have 8-10 year old kids playing on an MLB size field? And they should probably move the 3-point line back to the NBA length too for youth basketball! I am sorry, but I disagree. No kid is going to learn to hit "every shot in the bag" when they have to go driver, 3-wood, 3-wood, wedge on every hole. Wouldn't you agree that they learn the game better by trying to get up & down for par? Or having the pressure of a birdie putt? Or having to choose between 6 iron and 7-iron on a par 3? And what isn't to like about them being able to shoot a score in the 70's/80's? It can't be that much fun to go out and shoot 120-130 every time! Your entire post is about how kids have it too easy nowadays and this isn't how you learned to play the game and they should play from the back tees to learn, and junior golf gives off a "Everyone is a winner" mentality, but then you literally say "Make the holes par 7's for mental scorekeeping, then 6's". Do you not see the irony in that?! Come on man, lol!
  8. Agree to disagree but you're shifting the goalpost. As you know, there is a major difference in teaching how to hit a draw than teaching everyone the same swing. I would guarantee you that for every touring professional some of the 'big guys' teach (Top 50 teachers/coaches), they have taught/teach 10X the amount of high-handicappers and old guys wanting to hit a draw. Just out of curiosity, what do you think the bread & butter type of lesson is for a good instructor in your eyes? What are the same type of lessons they are getting that puts money in their pocket all day every day?
  9. Lol, do you realize that is the bread & butter of every single full swing instructor there is? I can understand them not being a long-term solution and don't want to invest the time just to change.
  10. Why wouldn't you send your kid to them? Too expensive? Not a good instructor?
  11. I agree with that. If the work ethic isn't there, it doesn't matter how much money is thrown at it. I'm just hopeful I suppose. 5 years is probably a good stretch. 10 years might be enough time for some noticeable change
  12. I would argue that in the USA, there are not enough opportunities/avenues for women to play golf professionally. They lack major amounts of support needed to make it to the next level once they leave college golf. 1. For women, there is the LPGA, the Symetra Tour, and after that, only TWO mini-tours for them to play on. Even if they win every single event of one of these mini-tours, they are pretty close to breaking even on their money for the season. Compare that to the men in USA, where there is the PGA, the Korn Ferry, and then TWENTY PLUS mini-tours for them to play on. Obviously, this needs a change in some capacity. Because right now, if you do not come from a family who can spend the amount necessary to go out and chase this dream of playing on the LPGA tour, it is very tough for any American woman. This leads me into my next point.. 2. American women do not receive anywhere close to the same level of sponsorship/financial support compared to their Asian peers. Young women trying to make it as a professional golfer that come from Asia have a lot easier time getting sponsorship/financial support. If you have money, you can afford to just go out and play your game and not worry about the financial side of things. This is a big proponent of stress for many young women in America trying to play golf for a living. Additionally, a lot of people in this thread need to go outside to their nearest golf course and take a look around because there are some antiquated views in here that need to stop immediately. "They are too worried about their fashion" Hey guys, this isn't the 50's any longer, these girls can play and will take your money with ease. These girls want to win. What's wrong with them wanting to look good as well? I guess you go to work everyday looking like a slob so they should too? Or does your wife pick out your clothes for you? "They just want participation trophies!" Who is the one giving the participation trophies out? Because unless the kids are the coach of the team or run the organization, its not them. Look inward. Kids and young adults know who won and lost, and aren't out there asking for participation trophies when they play. If you think this, then you haven't been around many young people recently. There is something to be said about different cultures and how they operate, I truly believe that is a contributing factor. But that's not to say that Asian women are innately better at golf than American women. It comes down to a lot of different factors at play, and I think within the next 5-10 years, you will see a big switch happening where American women will become more prevalent on the LPGA.
  13. You must have been voted most clever in high school. I might not have hit all 3, but ill take 2 out of 3 so far every day of the week. I think Rory has maybe a 3-4 year window to really win one more and after that, his chances drop off even more
  14. I don't understand? Not sure where I moved the goalpost at all in this one?
  15. Don't be upset because I was able to stare into the crystal ball regarding Rory!
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