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  1. How is he being a ****** for requesting that amount of money for it? If you went to your lawyer who charges $100 an hour and asked if they could help you out on a case for the entire day off-site do you think they should only charge you $100 or $200? "But they are my lawyer and should have some goodwill!" Guess what, that person is a lawyer to probably about 50 other people and would need to take off the entire day just to help you out, and lose out on potentially 6/8/10 hours of work.
  2. I agree that you don't need to win to be comfortable, but you can't just go in the next sentence after that and say win a major. If you win a major you're very very good. The 2 examples you gave is of one guy who has 17 professional wins, was ranked #1 in the world, and has 5 Top-5 finishes in majors. The other guy also has 17 wins, one of them being The Players, and has 4 Top-5 major finishes. Maybe could have picked some better examples of guys who haven't won and live a comfortable life lol
  3. 1. You don't have to be very good 2. Be good enough to win a major Pick one
  4. I spent this evening doing some research on this. The only conclusion I can come up with is that this is a key indicator that he will be retiring from professional golf in the near future. All of the clues add up, and this is a major piece to the puzzle
  5. I specifically waited for it to over. Didn't want to interrupt the actual event with this hypothetical!
  6. I said in 2017 that he would never win another major (Check profile for proof). Its been over 6 years now. He is a great player and will win a lot more golf tournaments no doubt, but I don't think he ever finds that Major Magic again.
  7. Just for reference, The reigning US Amateur Champ could not break 80 this week at The Masters.
  8. I can agree that Tiger had more speed than everyone else, but there was plenty of times he swung as hard as he could. Could probably find a couple in almost every round he plays. Si Woo Kim just broke his putter today because he 3-putted and was in like T5 or T6 place. But he doesn't want to win. When Spieth talks to himself after every shot he whines and needs to shut up, but when Tiger does it its just "He is passionate and wants to win!!" I assume we also just don't see the true side of all the players thoughts. It not like they would come right out to the cameras and start MF'ing people an
  9. 8 majors is more than halfway to Tiger. I agree there is no other like Tiger but I but don't agree with some of your points. "They all just swing hard and chase stats": Tiger was known for swinging hard, almost out of his shoes and hitting it way longer than everyone else when he first came on tour. Also, isn't he the guy who has been chasing Jack's record stat of 18 majors? "Not trying to be great": I'm sure some of them are content with just making a living out there, and playing halfway decent become a multi-millionaire, but you cannot say that there is not one singl
  10. Any updates on Sunridge? Been seeing GolfNow times from them.
  11. I haven't called anyone in this thread any names. Please do not accuse me of that. JT played in 1 PGA tour event in '09, 1 in '12, and 2 in '13. I wrote in my reply that we should be looking at his full time tour career. He got his PGA Tour card in 2015. If we want to go from when a player first played in a PGA Tour event then I guess Jack Nicklaus didn't even get one win until his 6th season on tour! Arnold Palmer didn't win one tournament until his 7th year on tour. As far as the original purpose of the thread, I believe that the state of golf is in a very good spot. There are
  12. Please define how they are "Soft" lol. They want to go out there every week and win. Nobody is teeing it up on Thursday and thinking "Man, I will be really happy for a Top-25 this week! That would be awesome!"
  13. Why do you have to troll? Can you give any proof that they would rather be on instagram/tik tok than playing golf? Bryson the other night after the 3rd round stayed out on the putting green past dark. Next day drives right up to Ponte Vedra and is on the range working on making his swing better. These guys practice more than the far majority of pro golfers from Jack/Arnie or whatever era you want to name.
  14. I don't understand why you would WD from bad course conditions? Everyone is playing the tournament on the same course. Not everywhere you play is going to be perfect all the time, and you shouldn't expect it to be. I hate to say it, but this is a pretty soft excuse.
  15. I don't understand how only marking your ball once will help pace of play? The root cause in that scenario was that the kid was not a good golfer and 4-putted. I'm not a scientist but I would bet that kids who line up their putts will on average make more putts then those who do not in the long run. Yea, Andy from the OP can tap in a 10 inch putt without lining up, I get that. But you're saying that if I have 50ft and lag it to 4ft I can't mark it again? Makes 0 sense, and saves 0 time. Just play ready golf.
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