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  1. > @soregongolfer said: > Well, where did you find them? I know what you are talking about because I collect pin flags. FLS Banners
  2. > @theboypinoy said: > > @golfer929 said: > > Found it... no thanks to any of you! > > You answered your question 18 minutes within posting ?? Didn't give much of a chance to others to answer. That's because I'm too quick. Fast as lightning.
  3. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, Quick question for you all today. I am inquiring about where I can purchase tube to garment flag converts. They are used for when people have flags that are 3 prongs and want to put them on the pins that are meant for tubes. If you can help me locate where I might be able to buy these, that would be very helpful! If I am in the wrong section of the forum please let me know as well.
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, Quick question for you all today. I am inquiring about where I can purchase tube to garment flag converts. They are used for when people have flags that are 3 prongs and want to put them on the pins that are meant for tubes. If you can help me locate where I might be able to buy these, that would be very helpful! If I am in the wrong section of the forum please let me know as well.
  5. Hawkeye, I disagree. The player would absolutely be able to hold the green. And if for some reason they couldn’t, they could run the ball up if needed. A 7-10 handicap isn’t a hack by any means.
  6. Thank you, Jeff! I agree 100% with you. If you putt them right on the edge of the green they would have a chance of going -40 I think. The greens are tough but they aren’t impossible by any means! I like your distances better and think that’s more realistic.
  7. This isn't your average thread folks so buckle up! What distance would a everyday golfer need to play from to win a PGA Tour event in any given week. Let's base it off a golfer who is around a 7-10, so can play the game a little bit, and someone who could be considered "An everyday golfer". I would say that in any given week the winning score is close to around -14 to -18, so I feel that if our Average Joe played the par 3's at 100 yards (400 total yards), the par 4's on an average of 300 yards (3000 total yards) and the par 5's at an average of 425 yards (1,700 total yards) they would have a legit chance to do this over a 4 round tournament. This totals out to 5100 yards. I chose these numbers because I feel that it gives them a chance to go for par 5's in 2 quite often, the par 4's they will mostly have wedges in hand every hole and the par 3's the same thing. What do you all think? Could this actually happen if our Joe was playing well? For those who think it would never happen in a million years: What distance do they need to play from? EDIT #2: I have realized how crazy this one might be... What if they played from the 150 yard marker on EVERY HOLE
  8. I don’t think it makes a difference either way. If you hit the center of the pin and it pops out, it also would have if it hit the back of the cup. Only thing that could closely resemble at a advantage is the visual aid. At the end of the day, this game changes over time, I don’t want to hear about “Back in the day” and “The true way to play”, because your grandfathers grandfather was saying the same thing!
  9. You need to start tracking those W's, baby!
  10. I’m here to defend my post! Hope you all are doing well and enjoyed the weekend. For those of you saying they wouldn’t even be on tour back then because there was no lower tour then, this is under the circumstance that they were given full status for the year on the PGA Tour. I make this claim because of the depth of fields back then versus today. Today’s player is better than almost all of the pro’s back then in terms of physical nature and a better technical swing. As far as mentally goes, once the Web player sees that he can compete and thrive on the tour back then he would start to dominate, it wouldn’t take too long before he realizes it and has a great mindset. It’s not that they don’t have that same mindset now, it is just much harder to do because of the depth of the field. If you are saying he couldn’t make it on tour back then you are basically saying that over time athletes don’t get better. It’s like saying the 1965 Lakers could beat the Lakers of today. Obviously they would have no chance.
  11. A top 50 player on the Web.com player today would be able to have great success and be a "dominate" player on the PGA Tour back in the 60's-80's. Even if you made them use the clubs used back in that time frame. I say this because the Web player has a better understanding of how to properly train both physically and mentally. There would be an adjustment period, but I have no doubts that this player would win several majors and tour events. Discuss? Yes, The Golden Bear, was in his prime back then but he wasn't unstoppable. The Web player could and would outduel him more than you think.
  12. This is exactly why I said he will he never win another major! Guy can't get it done on Sundays's
  13. If your kid was a good player, you would only need 1 set :D
  14. I do find it funny when people post info on a forum looking for guidance or insight, and just categorically refute what is offered. Tiger, are you seeking help, or do you just want to prove you are correct? He not offering advice at all. Everyone has limitations when teaching people and some players. All instructors have limitations and the best ones will not be afraid to tell you at all. I am at point with my kids that I can either stick with the coaches or look elsewhere to attempt to learn more. I am afraid that based on the coaches I seen there is not much more to learn out there.We seen a few big name coaches with players who are winning PGA and LPGA tournaments and given good advice. But truthfully sometimes they struggle to find something wrong and will then tweak something one week and then tweak it back the next week. I feel like an idiot for dumping spending money on lessons when that happens. When you start to see that you start to think instruction has limitations too and cutting down lesson to a few times a year may actually be better then on a regular basis. What kind of scores is she shooting? It may not be swing at all. Shoots in the 80's easily sometimes low 70's if not under much pressure. It's not the swing for sure holding her back. I been told that by a lot people who know a lot more then me that it's a very natural swing and don't change a thing. She easily drives well over 200 yards and is only 11. She is also reasonably accurate on her irons and very constant. Her issue is mostly short game. She needs to get better on up and down to be honest more importantly nail more 10-15 foot putts for birdies which would solve both problems. She actually very good putter what is agonizing is most of those 10-15 foot putts are tap ins which can add a lot points to a round. If she figures out her short game she will unstoppable. Not sure if I need to add a short game specialist or just let her practice more and be patient. This is the area where I see the most intructors struggle with and where technology may help more then technique. So she is a really good driver of the ball, good and concsistent iron player, and a very good putter but struggles breaking 80? Listen to what you are saying Tiger! The best players in the world have teachers, find an instructor who can help her our
  15. not a good activity for kids https://www.usatoday...udy/1486188002/ Everyone here in the junior section is so concerned with making sure their kids aren't growing up too fast and that golf is kept 'fun' but then they'll let their nine year old play a game unsupervised that's rated TEEN (for Violence) by the ESRB. If you're cool with people building weapons caches and shooting down from others from up above why not just let them watch the cell phone videos from the Vegas shooting from the Mandalay Bay? Cmon now, we both know that this is an EXTREME comparison..
  16. They basically have a 1st round bye every year. They never are in the wild card game and have won 5 Super Bowls.. playing well in the regular season helps
  17. Why "thank goodness" that it is a draw? Just wondering
  18. And North Florida. Don't forget all his comments about North Florida. That defines everything. Of the thousands of students he's sent to D1, it comes back to the four short hitters at North Florida. Distance gives everyone an advantage, there is no denying that. But it is overrated as there are many ways to overcome not hitting the ball as far. It is also crazy to think that 70/100 top junior golfers swing it over 110 MPH. The average tour player swings 113MPH. That would be saying that 70% of elite high school junior and senior golfers swing just about as fast as PGA Tour players. That also would mean that in their last year of highschool, all through college and then making their way onto the PGA Tour, they only gain an average of 3MPH clubhead speed. I don't buy that at all http://www.swingmangolf.com/average-golf-swing-speed-chart-2/
  19. I have gone 5 majors in a row now. Started PGA 2017-Present! Thanks for the support!
  20. If Tiger dominated a bad era then what was Jack’s? The Golden Bum
  21. I say make them walk off the yardage’s. I didn’t get a rangefinder until my junior year of high school! It will teach them the game
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