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  1. I don't understand it but if someone is needed to poke the bear I'm pretty sure I'm safe from prosecution ?
  2. Recently I've found that a good driver can reduce your scores by more than I thought. Good putting surely helps as well but eliminating most recovery shots from your game counts for a lot. Sadly the darker evenings mean I haven't been playing as much and my old swing habits are in danger of coming back but experiencing a month in which GIR was the order of the day was a revelation for me.
  3. I got 'it' back on Sunday..for a while. Played a course I know really, really well. Quite a long course and one I've only broken 90 on once. Sunday though started out with a par which is practically unheard of for me and my mate. In fact despite playing that course for over a decade that might be the first time I ever parred it. It's a 430 yard fairly straight par 4 but for someone whose drive rarely finishes much beyond 200 yards, given the hazards around the green (including no space off the back of it) and it being the first swing of the day it's a challenge. Driver, 3w then an LW that left
  4. When I lose 'it' it's usually because I stop doing a full shoulder turn. Shortly after that my confidence fails and I start being unable to chip or putt. Sometimes I can recover but it's not easy.
  5. Yeah, just mental. Played my club today and despite getting a bit tired on the back (missed lunch, basically) went round in 86. Got Captain's Charity day tomorrow so we shall see ?
  6. * Target not visible from tee box, due to downward slope starting several yards ahead of tee. Several of the fairways I played at the weekend were like that and two were dog leg lefts. So if you're new to the course you're unsure if it's safe to use your driver and you can only guess at the direction. * Target visible but steep upward slope. So you're not sure how much distance you're going to lose. I found these messed with my head quite badly. I didn't lose any balls but I topped a couple off the tee and put a strong fade on most of the rest.
  7. I don't. I've learned a lot of about the mental game this summer. Still struggling with aspects of it now.
  8. So I had a great August (went from playing off 22 to 16 which was a revelation). But then I played a local course called Staverton and it all came tumbling down ? But it has educational value. Staverton is intriguing to me because despite having played it four times now I still struggle to walk the course in my mind. I can remember a dozen of the holes and the sequence between some of them but that's all. It's odd because most other courses I only have to play once or twice and I can describe them to anyone. It's a very hilly course and the slope varies along the fairway length. T
  9. Well that answers that question. Had a poor round today, 95 gross for 79. Driver was okay but had a couple of shots that 'just went wrong'. Wasn't really concentrating for most of it. We'll see how tomorrow goes as I'm playing with my buddy at a course we've only played a couple of times. One thing today did confirm - having to play recovery shots costs strokes.
  10. I started August at 22.7, by end of August after four comps (two counted as one because they were a double event) I was down to 16.0. Played with my mate last weekend and scored my lowest ever for that course. So it appears my form change is here to stay. Will know more tomorrow as it's a medal at my club. I think I've fixed two problems: * My mental attitude. I'm no longer self-conscious so am using my normal swing not an 'armsy' one. * I now use a lower tee with my driver. This has reduced my fade and dispersion and means that bad strikes are rare and only fairly safe t
  11. Pink seems to be the most popular height for drivers. I use red for irons and blue for my 3 wood but given how poor my 3w is off a tee I'm considering using red for that as well. I do have concerns about them being..well..plastic but at least the white ones seem to last me longer. The reds are the most annoying - I rarely get more than two shots off one before losing it so I often recycle other people's broken tees for irons instead. I'm going to take a look at wooden tees with a height band on them eventually (what with the war on plastic and all) but it's going to tak
  12. Same down here in England. I'm pretty sure it's people who have dabbled a bit in the past but then gave it up and who now have few other personal sport options available to them. It's become a bit less busy of July/August but getting a tee time in the evening has been tricky ever since courses re-opened. It's now irrelevant because with the shorter evenings I don't have enough time for 18 and don't feel like only doing 9. Luckily my experience of these 'tourists' is that they understand golf etiquette and whilst it's harder to get a tee time when on course they let us regulars thro
  13. I started August with a handicap of +21.7. It had been rising for the last twelve months because, basically, it seems I cannot play in competitions without feeling self conscious which manifests itself as little to no shoulder rotation. I've been that way for a couple of years (all the time I've had an official handicap). I started at 24, dropped to ~20 after I won a medal then just went up from there. Then I won this August medal. I'm still not entirely sure why but sometimes it seems my brain lets me swing my normal swing, so that dropped me down to 20.3. And then I d
  14. We don't have a parking space reserved for the champion. I don't believe they've ever asked for such a privilege. They are after all just a gifted/talented amateur. They have won their accolade in exactly the same way as other clubs. We just chose to encourage other members to participate in the event by running a net competition alongside. Exactly as it seems most UK clubs do. A very sensible arrangement. I'm not the one in a snit. I think we have a very sensible arrangement that I think operates for the benefit of the entire membership. The only people here who are upset are thos
  15. FYI - as it happens I played alongside the third placed gross player on the first day. He was polite, friendly and offered encouragement. Commiserated where appropriate. A +3 playing in the same foursome as a +21. I enjoyed the experience and felt part of the group. That is what this sport needs. Not some stuck-up prima donna who thinks they own the course and should be given exclusive access to strut their stuff. From the sound of it I would never want to join @toypor's club. But I love the club I am a member of and would happily play alongside the +3 who almost won again. I'm pre
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