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  1. This is the first release of Itobori, about 4 years ago, in black copper finish. Used to be around $500/piece.
  2. A very rare JDM set from JAPAN. Just one of the very few sets in USA! Romaro Ray H Forged Iron Set from 4-P. Made in JAPAN. Standard loft/lie/length. WITH Shimada K's 3001 constant weight, stiff shaft (weight 98 grams), authentic red Romaro grips. Condition is used but in very good condition. $650 shipped from New York city by USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours after receiving payment! International shipping considerable!
  3. It is from Honma: The X typically signifies the club is a demo club or set. The only difference between a demo and non-demo is the X on the serial, they are all the same materials.
  4. I have a set of Honma 747V bought in the United States from a respected dealer who has sold a lof of Honma sets and other golf items. The serial number inside the blackbox (52158110) on the shaft is a little bit different to the serial number on the hosel (X2158110). "5" and "X" indicate something or is it not authentic? Thanks.
  5. A set of Romaro Ray H irons and 3 sets of Honma 747V
  6. Brand new JDM Honma 747V FORGED iron set 4-10 (10 = PW). Standard lie/loft/length/factory specs. NSPRO MODUS 3 TOUR 105 stiff shafts. Honma authentic grips. All still in plastic. Same serial number on all clubs. $635 shipped CONUS to your door by USPS Priority within 24 hours after payment received. PAYPAL only.
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