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  1. Worse case if the usps tells you to pound sand they might do something worth a try.
  2. Call cobra they are super easy to deal with. My guess is the usps damaged it in transit and look for dents or creases where the head was in the box. best of luck
  3. Good peeps I have bought a few things from them. Super fast shipping and great prices
  4. Pxg milled wedges 54 sugar daddy and 58 Zulu head only used for about 20 rounds in AZ so face look worse than they are. Still can rip back a Prov1 and stop on on a dime. Looking sold amp Pxg combo set 5-pw with steelfiber 95 stiff 5 is a gen2 0311x 6-p or gen2 0311xf Pw is a gen1 0311 order standard L/L\L pxg stock grips 900 obro 8 golf pride multi comps red/light red used one round and pulled 72 obro No trades pls
  5. 2020 Taylormade P770 set, used 3 rounds look great Set makeup: DHY 4 Sold already 5-Pw Iron Set Play off a 38.25 5 iron. KBS Tour S Taper Lite Shafts. (no Labels) Zcord mids with 2 wraps so they feel like standard tour velvet midsize. When I got the club they had stock grips rips those off and but on the zcords mids. Combo set sale $975 obro PXG proto 9 head. Has a 70tx White tensei that play 44.75 HEAD ONLY SOLD Tour issue callaway flash Loft is 9.1 Ct is 251 Sits open Fujikura p
  6. Only trades I want are Circle T putters, Bettinardi hive/tour putters sim DHY 3 and 2 iron heads. Nippon stiff 105 4-pw Small rub mark on the ow see pic with finger 37 3/8- 34.5 Looking for sold Scotty Cameron circle T t5mb with light blue paint fill. No label and matching light blue Iomic grip. No headcover off Korn ferry tour so no COA. Priced according 1300 obro. Taylormade 2020 p790 3 iron head only hit a few balls how about 130 obro Taylormade 2020 p770 AW head only sold Gen3 PXG 0311p
  7. All came off the KornFerry tour mods this is different PXG then last set I listed. Other sold on the bay. gen2 19 hotmelted neutral head only 165 obro gen2 5 wood hotmelted neutral head only 180 obro gen1 54 black forged with nice grind used a few rounds. 150 obro gen2 0311x 4 head only 150 obro will do combo deals if your interested
  8. Looking for the pair pm what you have. Thanks Chris
  9. tour issue Sim straight off the tour van hot melted neutral fade bias to app 198 Loft 9.0 or 9.1 ct is 248 fa .9 open 635 obro Nippon tour105 stiff 7 shafts 36 5/8 to 33.75 135 shipped Shafts Ventus blue velocore 7x 41.25 no adapter Ozik mfs 80m black tie 40.5 no adapter Fujikura pro 2.0 7s 41 in no adapter Ventus black 7x 43.5 in tm 2* adapter Has app 7/8-1 in extension Tensei pro mr70 60 stiff 43.75 in tm 2* adapter lot only 550 obro.
  10. PXG gen2 0311xf 4-pw Play Off 37.5 5 iron Mmt80 stiff 975 obro Heads only 800 obro PXG gen2 5 wood head 195 obro PXG gen3 0311t PW head only 225 obro PXG 2020 black/white hybrid bag. Never seen course just be sitting in home office. 350 plus shipping
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