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  1. Only trades would be your issue Sim/sim fairways or stealths. Ventus Blue velocore 5s hair under 43 raw no tip no grip. Few bag marks. 220 obro Ventus red velocore 8x 42 7/8 raw no tip no grip.sold Ust Attas T2 7x 43.5 in tm 2* with Mc grip 100 obro Rogue silver 60TS 43 Cally Mc grip 110 obro La golf prototype TPOC ZW 75tx 43.25 raw no grip or tip 250 obro 495 takes what is left if you want a steal of a deal
  2. Tour issue ZX7 4-pw heads only ( shafts will be pulled prior to shipping) Great clubs just like my 785 better. Sold and shipped Tour issue XXIO X 3 wood head Specs Head only Sits .8 open 14.5 loft This is a cannon play the same head with LA golf shaft and it’s a monster Looking for 240 obro Tour issue Scotty Cameron made for a 2 time major champion used by GN on tour. Looking for 6500 obro. Not sure where to price this so make offers.
  3. Swag Yippee Ki Yay Handsome one putter 900 obro. Putter and sticker only. 35 inches standard L/L Slightly used Tour Issue Naked Stroke Lab Ten Putter With ID Label And Hosel Punch. I got this off a tour buddy came with some lite staining on face, and feels and putts wonderful keep the same one with a site dot. So this one needs a new home 300 obro Rare Custom Tour Issue!! NIKE OVEN Method 004 Milled Putter see pics for detail. This came in a huge lot of tour issued items I just acquired. Has a super stroke flat side installed to the Side for a claw grip 350 obro
  4. Cleaning out the office extras. Hot melted Tsi3 8 True loft 8.1 Hotmelted low neutral Has some light scratches on the crown can’t be seen at address just when club is up close no clue what happened 345 obro The last two are both McGregor VIP TFP 90-02 putters from Greg Norman’s collection, however they are not personalized for him. Either way online they are limited addition and only 1000 were made. The odd thing is the ones online which were manufactured for retail or stamped with the individual number but since these were made for Greg before a retail version was made these have no number on the heel. Online they go for between $200 and $300 each for the retail ones. One is cut to 35 inches and gripped the other is uncut and ungripped. Looking for 220each for 340 for the pair. The next one is a prototype of what is now the Wilson KC V Kirk Currie mallet putter. The ones online are stamped with Wilson logos, etc.… As you can see this is a rough version. It was made for Jesper Parnevik when he was playing. I grabbed this one just cause it was odd. 400 obro no clue where to price this make offers Tour Issue Cleveland wedges 2 60’s made for Greg Norman. See hosel. 300 for the pair OBRO Tour Issue Cleveland 60 made for Roger Cleveland himself. See hosel (RC) 125 obro.
  5. Rogue white 130msi 60tx no adapter 44.5 125 obro Tour AD tp-7 No grip/adapter 43 inches Sold Tour AD GP 7s 41.5 sold Accra tour Z RPG 472 5+ TM adapter 44 3/8 200 obro Ventus blue 5s velocore call adapter untipped No grip 43 5/8 210 obro Rogue silver 130 MSI 60TS Cally adapter 43 inch 120 obro Take what is left for 490 shipped Sim2 9 hot tour head I don’t have the spec sticker , just a pic but I used this on and off this season head is super hot 685 obro
  6. Scotty Cameron studio MB 5 35 inches has a few bucks but a great gamer or refining project. Putter only 400 obro Swag Defaced Joker T shirt Large new put out of bag 65 obro Swag SnapBack Bomb hat new 100 obro Swag Don’t give a putt bag tag 60 obro 190 for all 3 if some wants it all. Tour issue Srixon Z h85 16 2.5 flat 16 loft Sits open and don’t go left with black hzdrus 85 6.0 140 obro. Tour issue mini 300 13.5 head Loft 12.1 .9 open Lie 57.8 Ct 234. There is no plus on the hosel I got it from my tour hookup not sure why no +. Selling as is 500 obro
  7. 5-p play off a 38.25 5 iron not sure if specs took them in trade mcc plus 4 mid grips kbs 130 $Taper shafts 5 is a 790 6-p are 760 how about 565 shipped in the lower 48. Will listen to offers too.
  8. Saved the best for last. Just a few goat putters. Prototype Nike made for tiger when he was using Nike putters. I don’t know much about the model see pics for details. Not sure where to price this, have a feeling it will wined up on the bay. Let start at SOLD. Other Oven tiger putters have sold for 5-10k they where not one off prototypes Taylormade Ardmore 3 Taylormade won’t do a COA. This came from Tiger to a personal friend who I bought it from. This model was never released with tigers neck, tigers grip, tiger site dot, light weights, and the flat black/ gray color. The one he used had the short white line. He requested one made with a site dot. This was the prototype for him, he ended up going back to old faithful Scotty. Hope this helps anymore questions let me know. 3500 obro. Only trades circle/tour Scottys and high end watch’s Rolex, Omega, etc. can add cash to right watch. Thanks Chris
  9. Clear out some goodies. The first 2 are made for a 2 time major winner with a Nickname of the shark. Kevin burns and TP mills both hand made proto for GN. Looking for 650 each or take the pair for 900 Handmade welded neck laugna style Scott Cameron this putter need to go to a nice collector your won’t find another like this. 4000 obro Next are a few putters made for Ernie Els 1st is a very rare prototype ping anser PLD tri sole with a black out shaft. 1400 obro. Not to sure where to price this so will listen to offers but this is a one off for sure. 2nd is Odyssey belly putter white hot XG1 400g belly proto. Winn Grip is crap and has the tour ID shaft band. 700 obro 3rd is a Odyssey prototype milled putter with extra weight added to the sole see the plugs. Tour ID band 700 obro
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