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  1. Tour AD tp6 stiff 42.5 in PXG sleeve 128 sold Tour AD tp7 stiff 41.75 in PXG sleeve 128 sold Tour AD GP7 stiff 41.75 no sleeve 128 obro Attas T2 7x 43 5/8 in TM sleeve 110 obro Rip X 65 TX 45 in TM sleeve 175 obro Kuro Kage XD 60 xflex 44 TM sleeve 135 SOLD Hzdrus yellow Small batch 60g 6.5tx 44.25 in TM sleeve 135 obro Kiyoshi black 65 xstiff 43.75 in TM sleeve sold Tensei 60 stiff 42 in PXG adapter 135 obro Tensei 60 stiff 41.5 in PXG adapter 135 obro all measure from end of shaft/or grip to end of adapter Take what
  2. P790/770 combo set 5-6 790 7-p, Aw 770 All with Steelfiber f5 115fc these are between stiff and Xstiff imo. Play off a 38.25 5 iron and have standard MC grips. Built by club champion. See spec pics from prior owner. Looking for 995 obro Titleist 818 h2 21 with raw white 90 hy stiff plays app 40.5 looking for 110 obro. No headcover sorry PXG gen2 5 0311x with smoke 6.0 80hy Used maybe 1 round. 120 obro
  3. Sorry was on vacation with horrible service. Yes we agreed on a price and then I paid about 20 hours later I got a refund and a lame excuse I can get more else where. the PayPal refund still has not cleared but that is PayPal being PayPal. thanks Chris
  4. DI tour AD 85x 38.75 DI tour AD 105S just a touch under 38.5 with Titleist hybrid adapter 250 shipped for the pair. Tour issue rogue 3 wood was hot melted fade bias Don’t have specs but if I recall it’s 14.5 and it’s flat Plays app 43 inches with an Oban devotion 75 xflex tipped about 1 inch. 225 obro. Tour issue DHY 3 plays app 40.5 with Ventus black 9tx and golfpride mid grip 315 obro Cleveland zipcore rtx4s tour racks 50m-54f-58f ( bent to 59) all one flat With custom KBS black shafts and mid MC grips. 375 obro. ( rea
  5. Used for about 1 month by my brother. Went back to his Callys. 4-pw looking for 900 obro.
  6. Bought a 3 wood from him paid full asking and then the next day refund my money because he can get more else where. Not my issue people can’t price there stuff. CR
  7. Callaway combo 2019 apex 5-aw 5-8 are apex 9,w,a are pros all with Steelfiber 115fc play off a 39.25 5 iron see pic for length. Gripped with Winn mid on the 5 and Winn mid lites on the rest. Took in on trade and not my cup of tea... How about 775 obro.
  8. trades list gen4 PXG irons TSI3 8 head only thanks bag is set so just looking for stuff my pops Tour issue sim 11.7 hot melted to app 200g. Going with another driver hot cor 247/249 Sold $-taper lite 100 5-pw no grips 36.5-34 120 obro Oban Kiyoshi purple Xflex 65 tipped 1 inch 43.75 in Taylormade 1.5 tour adapter 210 obro Tensei white 1k 50x tipped app 1 inch 44 .25 no grip. Graphics aligned in lower position in Taylormade adapter sold Gost 370 tour x 39.5 inches raw 130 obro
  9. looking for 300 obro. Specs 10.4 .5 open 247 ct Lie looks to be 59 hot melted neutral low to app 199 grams now the bad screw for back weight broke off so I had to re-tread the hole. Drill bit slipped a little to on the blue. From address looks like new. After about 7 holes weight came lose I was going to try red lock tight or expoy but I don’t like the head so passing it so someone who can save it my selling as is so ask all questions before you buy. thanks Smitty
  10. Oban devotion 75 05 flex 44.5 in tm adapter 125 obro Tensei raw orange 65 x flex ping 425 44 in 120 obro Ventus black 6s tipped 1 inch TM adapter 43.5 sold Tensei white pro 6OS boron PXG 42 135 obro Tensei blue pro 60tx boron PXG 42 135 obro Hzdrus yellow 60 stiff PXG 42 85 obro Fuji speeder 869 8.1 stiff raw 41.25 100 obro Fujikura pro 2.0 7s 41 raw 80 obro Evenflow white t1100 6.5 75g 40.5 in pxg adapter 85 obro Remember most grips add 1/8-1/4 inch all shaft are measure from then end of the grip to the end of the shaft.
  11. 1. Retail Taylormade sim which I hot melted when I added the hot melted apparently it was super hot and melted the rubber speed pocket used for a year with no issues added some lead take to try and cover it up. 145 Obro 2. Rare Kitty Bettinardi Ultra violet ss38 tour fat cat putter and COA only. Not sure where to price this it a mid mallet guy 1600 obro. Trades for pxg gen4’s and circle T’s only Thanks Chris
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