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  1. PXG 0211 4-pw Play off 38.75 5 iron Ordered stand loft and lies not sure but feel about that way. I traded for these and they are just sitting so these need a new home. PXG midsized grips. 7 iron had Winn wrap and I will include a lose PXG mid grip Kbs Ctaper S+ shafts Looking to net 525 so get a zip code and I will get you a total shipping to your door.
  2. Nothing sorry looks a tad flat and goes a country mile so loft is pretty true.
  3. PXG lucky D 34 inches used on indoor putting range only. 215 obro Putter only Tour issue Sim DHY 2 head only. Used for a few rounds. 300 obro Bettinardi tour stock BB5 picked up in bundle deal not my style of putter so needs a new home sold
  4. Tensei pro blue 70 stiff boron tip 41 5/8 raw SOLD Tensei pro white 70 TX 42 5/8 raw 150 shipped Tensei pro orange 60 TX 42 5/8 raw SOLD Fujikura pro 2.0 7s 41 to end of grip 65 shipped Tensei RAW 65tx 42.75 in tour tm 1.5 adapter (end of adapter to end of grip ) played 44.3/8 in my m6 210 shipped Ventus black 7x tipped 1.5 and has 1 inch extension ( experimenting) 43.5 from end of grip to end of adapter 175 shipped Take the lot of 5 left for lot for 485 shipped someone can make some money breaking them up I don’t have time. V
  5. Neighbor need a cheaper light weight regular or senior shaft driver length. PXG tip would be nice but not necessary. pm if u got anything Chris
  6. Vessel Sunday bag black remove the full length divers so u can actually get 14 clubs in there with midsized grips. Carry 2 times. Now have my pushcart so no need for this. How about 125 plus shipping ?? Tour issue Nike X3x 56 and 60 have ACxxx serials. Got these from my buddy in senior tour just never shafted them up how about 75 obro. Selling a set only PXG gen2 heads Gen2 0341x 15 185 obro Gen2 0317x 19 165 obro (22 sold) Heads only Take the 15 and 19 for 335 shipped More pics per your request Only trades Gen3 0311
  7. Worse case if the usps tells you to pound sand they might do something worth a try.
  8. Call cobra they are super easy to deal with. My guess is the usps damaged it in transit and look for dents or creases where the head was in the box. best of luck
  9. Good peeps I have bought a few things from them. Super fast shipping and great prices
  10. Pxg milled wedges 54 sugar daddy and 58 Zulu head only used for about 20 rounds in AZ so face look worse than they are. Still can rip back a Prov1 and stop on on a dime. Looking sold amp Pxg combo set 5-pw with steelfiber 95 stiff 5 is a gen2 0311x 6-p or gen2 0311xf Pw is a gen1 0311 order standard L/L\L pxg stock grips 900 obro 8 golf pride multi comps red/light red used one round and pulled 72 obro No trades pls
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