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  1. Good stuff. Our group has a big range of indexes (+3 to 25) and we aren't going to care (too much) about slower rounds. I was surprised how many outings are already on the tee sheets for these places in September! We only have 2 possible combinations based on availability: 1) Thursday Bear Slide, Friday Purgatory 36, Saturday Prairie View $254 total 2) Thursday The Fort, Friday Bear Slide 36, Saturday Prairie View $269 total Sounds like Purgatory has a better food/drink situation if we opted for 36 there. Is Bear Slide's food/drink situation good enoug
  2. You guys are clutch, thanks. And @DrOldSchool your google sheet is awesome. Wood Wind was only on my radar because it's Prairie View's sister course and they offered us a deal to play both places. Happy to skip it though. We're staying in Carmel. Based on your feedback I'm going to add Bear Slide and Purgatory to our lineup (I'll tag The Fort in if either of those places have outings). Our normal format for this trip is 18, 36, 18...this is pretty minor, but curious if you guys have a preference of same-day 36 at Bear Slide vs Purgatory. Sounds like I'll have to ma
  3. Hey all - I'm bringing a group of 16 guys down to northern Indy (Westfield/Carmel specifically) in the fall for a Ryder Cup style event and would love some course recs. I've locked in Prairie Dunes so far, but any help ranking the rest of the list would be appreciated. Brickyard has outings/events on the days we would play it, so unfortunately that's not an option. I ruled out Trophy Club because it's about 45 minutes from the house we're staying at and that's farther than we want to drive. Thanks in advance! The Fort Purgatory Bear Slide Plum Creek Wood Wind
  4. Lots of good info on here guys, thanks. I'm bringing 16 guys down to Lousiville (from Michigan) in the fall and I had a friend rank the courses he can get us on from "most enjoyable golf" to "least enjoyable golf". They are the 6 closest courses to where we are staying. Do you guys agree with this ranking? 1 Lake Forest 2 Cardinal Club 3 Polo Fields 4 Midland Trail 5 Persimmon Ridge 6 Long Run He said Persimmon was usually in very good shape, but can play really hard. Our group is mostly 8-15 handicaps, but we have a few guys that are 25-30 handis Thoughts? Opinions?
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