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  1. Yeah, I really feel bad for you having to walk out into the back yard to watch it!
  2. My feed was off, but it's back just now.
  3. The obvious answer is because at golf tournaments, they award prize money and trophies based on how many, not how far. (Curious how it is you know if those making the comment are long or short by the way.... assumption I suppose) Who's career would you rather have if you had to pick one; Jim Furyk's or Hank Kuehne's? That being said, I have no opinion on whether Phil should dial it back or keep trying to hit bombs. Seems to me he's done pretty well for himself by just being Phil.
  4. Great observation. Spieth won the 2014 Australian open with a course-record 63 final round in crazy windy conditions. After that performance, Rory McIlroy Tweeted that he could play 100 rounds on that course in those conditions and would never shoot a 63. Here's the Tweet 2014 was a long time ago, and Spieth was a different player with a lot less scar tissue back then. I have no idea if he'll be able to keep up his good play and get the victory at Pebble, but I'll be rooting for him to do so. Although it's certainly a weak field, Berger, Norlander, Casey and Cantlay are all pla
  5. Dave2603

    2020 US Open

    Anyone else having problems with the shot tracker on the leaderboard section of the USGA website? The shot tracks either don't show at all, or are not properly laid on top of the hole graphic for me.
  6. Overall, I think the site is nearly perfect now, but I would like to have the ability to sort posts in a thread from newest to oldest.
  7. I had a Scotty Red X lawsuit putter and an Odyssey WhiteHot XG Rossie restored at Continental Golf. Both putters originally had a satin metal look which gets really dull and scuffed looking over time and had some minor bag chatter as well. I had them coated in a flat, non-glare dark gray and they did an amazing job on both. In my opinion, they look much better than they did when new. I can't personally speak to their other refinishing processes, but as far as coating, I recommend them 100%. There is a big thread here with lots of pictures of their work on putters, irons and woods.
  8. Dave2603

    Putter Type

    I go back and forth and forth between a mallet (currently a Ping Heppler Tomcat 14), a Ping Vault Anser and a center-shafted Scotty Cameron Red X lawsuit putter that I had refinished by Continental Golf after seeing samples of their work here (they did a fantastic job). At the risk of seriously jinxing myself, I will say that currently the Heppler Tomcat 14 is working better for me than any putter has in years, particularly on short and mid length putts. I have been playing this game long enough to know that sooner or later, it will need a time out and one of the others will get it's chance
  9. Dave2603

    Ping Heppler

    I am also playing the Heppler Tomcat 14, and absolutely love the head shape, the feel, the stability and the alignment. The "runway" lights on the Tomcat 14 make it the easiest putter to align that I have ever used. Something about them just suit my eye perfectly. I know most folks prefer milled faces or inserts, but i have fallen in love with the impact feel of the Heppler's smooth, flat face. Good luck, I hope you like your Tomcat 14 as much as I'm liking mine.
  10. I don't know if this will help you or not, but I have gamed a Ping Vault Anser 2 and Voss (Vault, not Vault 2.0) and I am currently playing a Heppler Tomcat 14. The feel off the face of these two putter lines is completely different to me. As you know, the Heppler does not have the True Roll groves that both Vault and Vault 2.0 have, and to me the Heppler has a firmer, "clickier" feel. I much prefer the feeling of the Heppler line, but of course ymmv. For what it's worth, the Heppler Tomcat 14 is the easiest to align, most stable feeling putter I have ever played (and I'm past the honeymoo
  11. Such great service from Callaway Pre-0wned! Kudos to them. I had a similar situation to yours back in December. I won a giveaway here on GolfWRX for a set of three Cleveland CBX2 wedges. Knusdson81 did a fantastic job sending them out to me the same day I was notified that I won. UPS delivered them to my front door in 3 days, and I got them off my porch within 20 minutes of them being delivered. I found the box damaged (the top was torn open and the 54* wedge was missing from the box. I filed a claim with UPS, sent pictures of the damaged box, provided shipper info, proved va
  12. Pages load much faster, search function is improved, appearance is cleaner and the removal of in-line ads. Great job!
  13. City, State: Stuart, Florida Handicap: 11.8 Current Putter: Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 Biggest struggle when putting: Distance control on mid-length putts (my miss is usually on line but short on these putts) What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test: # 10.5C Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos: Yes, absolutely! Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website: I'd love to.
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