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  1. Shuttle meadow is incredibly difficult to get on so I would play there. Conditions are fantastic. Torrington is also very nice. The others are nice but not as nice as the two I listed, imho
  2. Understood and thanks for the feedback! I'll take a look at those
  3. With all the positive comments regarding Shady Rays, it has me wanting to get a pair for the golf course. Can you please recommend which style from the company works best for the golf course? Thanks!
  4. You bring up a fantastic point, but unfortunately the option of exploring the possibility of how a new ball will work with the clubs I'm being fitted for, is not an option with the fitter I go to. Sometimes I feel that getting a club fitting is a process that you have to resign yourself to the fact that you might not get exactly everything you're looking for.
  5. My g400 driver will stayput but I want to replace my Callaway rogue 4 Wood. it's been nothing short of awful over the last two years since I've had it. I also want to replace my srixon 785 and Z-Forged combo irons. There's just something about the sole I'm not pleased with and I think I want to replace them with the Mizuno MP 20 blades. Finally, I want to get fitted for a putter that I can have in the bag for a while, along with replacing my md4 50 55 and 60 wedges.
  6. Well the hell with it..that's the place I'm talking about also
  7. I appreciate the feedback and as per the feedback received, will definitely bring my own golf balls to the fitting. In a perfect world, there would be a facility nearby where I can hit off of grass but unfortunately that isn't the case around here
  8. I appreciate the feedback. Surprisingly, the fitter I go too does not offer such a thing and it is usually a generic golf ball model that is available during the fitting.
  9. I will be getting a fitting this spring and my favorite Connecticut facility conducts their fittings indoors. I was thinking about bringing a dozen of my favorite golf balls to the fitting, so I can test the clubs on the golf ball that I use. I would like to know if you consider this a faux pas or good idea? Thanks.
  10. Thank you! I really wanted this combo to work, but I think my Bridgestone J33 combos want to reunite in my bag
  11. I purchased these irons brand new back in April and it has been a failed experiment. Let my loss be your gain! There is zero face chatter and the condition is excellent. Srixon 785 6 iron, 28 degrees 7 iron, 32 degrees Srixon Z forged 8 iron, 36 degrees 9 iron, 41 degrees PW, 45 degrees All clubs are 1 degree upright from factory Dynamic Gold S300, standard length Grips: Golf pride tour velvet super tack, no additional wraps. Asking $750 obo including shipping to cont US. Pm me if you are interested.. Thank you for looking!
  12. I've been playing a Srixon combo since April, with the 785 6 and 7 iron and 8/9 and pitching wedge in the Z forged. I am not too pleased with them thus far. I had them fitted with the dynamic gold s300 and 2 degrees upright, but the lies were terribly off when they arrived from Srixon and the shafts feel like absolute boards. On the positive note, I've been getting very good distances from them and the distance control is very solid as well. However, I have a feeling my irons will go to the bst any day now.
  13. > @PatsNation said: > > @Fairwindsgolfer said: > > I have the Hot metal pro in four and five iron. before I am straight address and I have a paired with the DG s-300 shaft. I made the mistake of having it bent 2 degrees upright as that appears to be a little too upright for me. > > Once I get it bent one less degree upright, I'm sure it'll be a winner for me > > How’s the gapping with your other irons? 4 iron 21 degrees 5 iron 25 degrees Srixon 785 6 iron 28 degrees Srixon 785 7 iron 32 degrees Srixon Z forged 8-pw 36, 41 and 45 degrees I have been playi
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