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  1. Mizuno M Craft VI 34” with Headcover and weight kit. SOLD shipped FedEx. Callaway White Hot Og #7s 35” with Headcover $SOLD. both clubs mint, look brand new, rolled inside. "
  2. Maltby TS2 iron heads. 5-pw in good condition. Standard loft/lie. Maltby TS1 Gap Wedge head. 1* upright. Sold shipped CONUS.
  3. According to TXG, Mizuno st200G is the most fade bias of this years drivers.
  4. Thanks, there is a used one on eBay right now that has the issue, just wanted to make sure.
  5. Anyone experience this problem the guy who tested the putter on golfalot encountered. I’m trying to decide on finish and I’m picky.
  6. i had a Memphis with stroke lab, feel was weird, dead, too light, just yuck compared to my toulon Austin. Both were 35. Memphis went back to Callaway.
  7. I do not visit the other sight nor read their reviews anymore. They are total bs, if you post anything they don’t like about their test or ask hard questions Tony instantly responses telling you why you are stupid and they are not. The sound like our supreme leader. They Had a promising launch using “real people” to do their tests, they had names and handicaps and player profiles, like Golf magazine used to do. Maybe you believed their reports, maybe you didn’t, But now like Golf magazine, this approach had proven to be too expensive to produce content. It’s all about low cost content production, not quality. You want to know of if this or that is true. Get off your couch and go test Yourself for your swing and your game. Not someone else’s. And don’t get fitted unless the person has a real verified ability to actually fit you and not just sell you cool clubs. For my game, I find cromsoft to be short and expensive, if i’m going to play expensive it’s titleist prov1x. Since i’m 68 with a 87 mph driver speed I like a soft ball so my fibromyalgia behaves. They are all about the same but Callaway supersoft and Wilson duo spin + work nice for me.
  8. thanks I knew that when I bought it, just wanted to know what a regular weighted st200 is. I’ve been playing a 343 total weight driver for the last 3 years, my joints have been getting worse so I wanted to try something lighter. The st200x is 274 grams. Initial test At recently opened driving range was that it was way easier to swing. It went straight to a slight draw. I use an sc200 for carry distance and it was about 10 yards shorter than my fusion fuji 3 661 stiff. Way higher flight, want to get it on the course, On the you tube TGW test the pro said It was lower launch and had way more roll compared to the st200. I can’t really go after it which is a good thing, nice easy swing and it is very straight to slight draw.
  9. Thanks I did a chat with Mizuno USA, they said 197 for 2oox and 204 for regular St200. Way diff than mine and yours.
  10. I have a 200x and it’s 187, anyone know what the regular st200 is?
  11. Drivers,I don’t switch putters often but drivers I buy at least 1 per year trying to unseat my 2016 fusion, but none have. This year is the Mavrik, we shall see.
  12. To all the people who recommend go get fitted, I say bs. Especially a 30 handicapper. Single digits, yes, it might help you but has to be a good fitter. There are very, very few good fitters. Get some lessons first, then learn about gear which it looks like your doing. Then learn about fitting and fit yourself. Equipment is really a small part of getting from 30 to say 15 handicap. And do not buy new, buy 1 to 2 years old, on eBay or off here. 50% of the cost at 95% of the performance. Or buy that shiny new $550 driver every year to be cool, it ain’t going to help your game that much.
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