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  1. 1. Hickory, NC 2. Current index is 3.7 3. ZX7 4. Yes, I play multiple times per week even through the winter months. 5. I have been playing Srixon Z 565 irons since 2017. 6. The most exciting thing about the ZX7 is what I expect to see in terms of feel and forgiveness with added workability from my current set. 7. Will definitely post updates frequently—WRXers are clearly intrigued by these irons, and I would be happy to inform and answer questions.
  2. I make sure to clean all of my white FootJoys thoroughly after every round. I clean out those creases with a damp towel to make sure any embedded dirt is out (can also use leather cleaning wipes). Put shoe trees in and let them dry completely. Then I will usually treat them with white shoe cream. Brush and then buff them out and they are as good as new.
  3. Was able to get my hands on a friend’s new unworn pair of these today. Can’t speak to comfort as they weren’t my size, but the thing that stood out was how soft the leather uppers were. Don’t see these requiring any break in period at all—should be comfortable right out of the box. I am also a fan of the VersaTrax tread pattern that is similar to the Flex line. The grip in my Flex XPs has been great.
  4. Went through a succession of mallets and mid-mallets with oversized grips over the past few years, but never found anything that I loved. Decided to give a look to the Scotty Special Select 2.5 once he went back to the milled faces, and along the way got my hands onto the Mizuno M-Craft 1. Totally different from what I had been playing, and even moreso when I put the Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star grip on it. Have loved the adjustability to find my preferred weighting, and the milled face is fantastic (beat the Scotty hands down for me; putted with them side-by-side, and there was just no com
  5. Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star for me. Really like the responsiveness/feedback. Given the number of posters singing the praises of the cord version of this grip, I may have to give that a look.
  6. Looking forward to giving that Squareback style a roll, but highly doubt anything can knock my M Craft 1 out of the bag. I just love that putter.
  7. I had my club guy do it. He has a device that injects a solvent under the grip that allows you to slide it right off.
  8. Very helpful topic. I, too, walk the vast majority of my rounds and have developed some of the same issues with foot/heel soreness that usually starts to become plainly noticeable in the middle of the back nine. I have about a 15 minute drive home, and my first steps when I get out of the car could best be described as hobbling. It hasn’t been enough to dissuade me from playing, but I’m concerned that it will if it worsens. I don’t think it is a footwear issue—I rotate through multiple pairs and styles of FootJoys, and didn’t have this problem prior to a couple of years ago. Sounds like i
  9. I have the 8 gram weights in. The 355 gram total head weight seems to work best for me.
  10. I liked the stock Lamkin cord grip, but I had put the Golf Pride Red Star Pro Only grip on a couple of other putters and wanted to try it on my M-Craft 1 as well. I kept the original grip, but haven’t felt compelled to put it back on (I really like the Pro Only). My personal experience has been that I like the feedback better with the Pro Only; that combination has resulted in the best feeling putter I think I have ever used.
  11. I carry the RTX-4 in 50, 54, and 58 degree lofts. Super wedges.
  12. I bought a Mizuno M-Craft I back in the spring, and it has stayed in the bag ever since. Even as an avowed putter tinkerer, I have no plans to change anytime soon.
  13. I have an original Huntington Beach 8 that I had the same issue with. When I pick it up it feels great, but with that heavy head (370 grams) I have just never been able to get my distances dialed in.
  14. The 8 gram weights are perfect for me in my M-Craft 1. Heavy enough that the putter is stable, but not so heavy that it feels like a sledgehammer. Best feel off the face of any putter I have owned!
  15. Agreed on the no cord red star. Fantastic grip. Will definitely give this a look as well.
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